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A bottle opener hangs on a
silver chain around his neck. He addresses the next meter.

        All right. Helen, honey. I lost my
        head over you. Now its your turn.

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Hello everyone.

I'm just going to dive in, so so try to keep up.

Permuting say, only fifteen different symbols in billions of iterated
loop runs, they know about something new better than anyone else knows
about something new.  But compared to what anyone of you know about it,
and because it is so vast and complicated, what they know is
essentially nothing, but considerably more than your nothing.

Your "So what?"  The `So what' is, they may stumble into something
significant, and we're not going to know WTF it is. We're not going to
be there.

There's that and when someone gets interested in CP/senti, they become
more and more drawn in, fascinated by it, and eventually nothing else
matters.  Soon, after a certain familiarity, and competence in this,
getting their box configured, a small subset of some coding fluency,
and so forth, they never stop.

Everything else becomes insignificant.  These citizens become
non-productive minimalist consumers, therefore becoming a questionable
asset to our capitalist state. Falling of the grid, we know not what
they do. There is also the threat by becoming critical and discerning
our greed, our cronyism and criminality, finding regulatory
vulnerabilities and revealing authority's chaotic decisions.

These are the ehao.  As the ehao practitioners grow, this is not only
a loss to state taxable revenue, but an abstract incubator for
dissent, we fear, as history repeatedly reminds us, a dissent
eventually becoming actionable.  Think of the ehao as a sleeping,
dormant yet threatening pandemic.  as the number of CP/senti `number
worshippers' are growing.

All this is stateside surveillance, Our Russian network, our Southeast
Asia, South America, Central America, particularly Juarez, Mexico,
Vancouver BC, Toronto, Berlin Underground, and Amsterdam's lurid
`Walllen' zone, our intel analysts have all reported sitings of this
independent CP/senti traffic, before they fall off the grid.

Our primary mission is to put a stop to it. To do this we must first
find them and observe our own domestic ehao emergence.

(current-time-string) "Sun Jan  7 10:27:11 2018"

From 01e emacs pari/GP's (beast-mode):

e*e^e*(e^e)^e =             666 58.5052014542
(e+pi/oo)^2*pi^9/e^8         = 666.00012222
e^6+(pi^5-4^e)               = 666.1404178512406520580840 999
1000*(e^pi+3+oo)/(e^pi*3*oo) = 666.7557007

(pi*e-e+pi)^(e/pi)           =   6.66 98 77 9200
6*e/pi+4/e                   =   6.66 305364
oo*(s3-oo)                   =   0. 666 58893472638 7777 6629
1-oo^2 			     = 	 0. 666	822076192
(17+pi)^e                     3506. 666 8048
e^(7+e)                    = 16618. 666 4655
7^e/(pi+6)                 =    21. 68 666 54606292088
(7+e)^e                    =   483. 66 71179

7^e*(pi^5*pi^4)          = 5909673. 666 21761
e*e^e+4*e                    =  52.0 666 829
12^e/(e^6-e^2)               =   2.1 666 063
e^(z3/z2)                    =   2.07 666 44
7^e/(pi+6)                   =  21.68 666 54606
(3+e)/oo                     =   9.90 666 43
pi^5+pi^4-e^5-e^4            = 200.4174 666 83563047 9999 55
pi^9 =                       29809.099 333 446211 666 50940240
6/pi-e/6)                    =   1.4568 123456 9290315 6666 5572 49
2/oo^2+3/oo^3+5/oo^5+7/oo^7+11/oo^11+13/oo^13 = 21533.666 3999

Elder Wildebeesties:
2^pi-pi/3                =   7.7777802
5/oo+oo/5                =   8.77771670
9^e-7^e-5^e-3^e-2^e      =  88.47770471
(11^e+9^e+7^e)/(5^e+3^e) =  12.77775660
12^e/(4^pi-3^e)          =  14.77704394
10^(e-oo)                = 138.3777177
7^e*(pi^5*pi^4)-(7+e)^e = 5909189.999099657157497829 777

(current-time-string) "Sat Dec 30 22:14:11 2017"

Sex, Stupidity, Intelligence, Hell-Boxes, and Invention

We don't have the time:

"..it won't be enough to just throw out the bottom half of the list
and generate a new set of random organisms from scratch.  This would
be akin to trying to make a watch from a bucket of parts by shaking
the bucket until a watch spontaneously assembles, or trying to cook a
pot of soup by repeatedly throwing away the worst-tasting parts and
adding random objects from the world. Evolution doesn't work that way,
and we don't have enough time to wait for stupid as a sack of rusty
hammers mindless randomness to cough up the algebra we want.

(current-time-string) "Sat Apr 28 07:46:36 2018"

(e^z2)^(3+s3)       = 2401.650718839 2522
(z3^oo)^(e+2)       =    1.650718839 1968
= 2400.00000000005537

(e^3)^(3-oo)        = 1434.1864093 6565
(pi+1)*(e+3)/(e+oo) =    7.1864093 5385
= 1427.000000011798

% (current-time-string) "Wed Oct  3 11:47:29 2012"
"If you don't think $|=$ is a state of mind, you probably don't live here".
%     ---(current-time-string) "Mercoledi Oct  3 11:46:34 2012"

		So, ya know, he's drinkin', so I
		don't think a whole great deal of
		it, but Mrs. Mohra heard about the
		homicides out here and she thought
		I should call it in, so I called
		it in.  End a story.

		What'd this guy look like anyways?

		Oh, he was a little guy, kinda

		Uh-huh - in what way?


                Just a general way...his teeth, ya know..crooked?
		horribly deformed, had the bug-eyes too...messd
		up. Funny lookin, born like that. Ya know what I'm
		sayin? End of Story.

		Okay, well, thanks a bunch, Mr.
		Mohra.  You're right, it's probably
		nothin', but thanks for callin'
		her in.

		Oh sure.  They say she's gonna
		turn cold tomorrow.

		Yah, got a front movin' in.

		Ya got that right.

(current-time-string) "Fri Jan 19 11:52:16 2018"

e^6/pi^4                = 4.141592 8350251
e^6/pi^4-1              = 3.141592 8350251

(e^6-pi^4)/(e^6-pi^5)   = 3.141592 2650292

(e^6+pi^4)/(e^6-pi^5)   = 5.1415 919021586
(e^6+pi^4)/(e^6-pi^5)-2 = 3.1415 919021586
e^6                             = 403.4287 93492
pi^5+pi^4                       = 403.4287 75819

                                       = 1.000000000000000 000000000000
(pi^5+pi^4)/e^(7-e^6/(pi^5+pi^4))      = 1.000000000000000 959575119034
log((pi^5+pi^4)/e^(7-e^6/(pi^5+pi^4))) = 0.000000000000000 959575119034

(current-time-string) "Sat Feb 19 21:06:50 2011"............

Every absurdity has a pi rationalization to defend it.
Confidence is the feeling you have before you understand pi.

A pi `interst' is the last refuge of mathematics incompetence.

Fortune's Real-Life Courtroom Quote #32:

Q:  Do you know how far pregnant you are right now?
A:  I will be three months November 8th.
Q:  Apparently then, the date of conception was August 8th?
A:  Yes.
Q:  What were you and pi doing at that time?

Is that it?

\subsec{Roman Numeral Arithmetic}
\subsec{Bedouin Pepples in Sand}

\subsec{Base 3}
\subsec{Bas 14}

\sec{The Ruler}
\subsec{Transversal Area}

\sec{The Slide Rule}
\subsec{The Ln Rule}
\subsec{Transversal Area}

\subsec{Fast Ratio}
\subsec{Rational Approx To Decimal}
        No factoring Numerator or Denominator

{The Circular Slide Rule}

\subsec{Vertical Values}
\subsec{Horizontal Values}
\subsec{Transversal Area Arcs Semi-Filling the Inside Circle}
\subsec{Vernier? Snail}
\subsec{Moire Perspex Overlay -> Factorization?}

\subsec{The Astrolabe In In Wind}
\subsec{The Sextant Index Cone Bearing}

(e/pi)^(s3*3) = 0.4714045_921587220757655865074
s2/3          = 0.4714045_207910316829338962414
        . . .                        . . .
3/s2                   = 2.121320 343
(pi/e)^(s3*3)          = 2.121320 022
log(3/s2)/log(pi)      = 0.6569573 378
s3*3*log(pi/e)/log(pi) = 0.6569572 056
        . . .                        . . .
(e/pi)^(s3*3)*3/s2                         = 1.0000001513937 33503179923831
log((e/pi)^(s3*3)*3/s2)                    = 0.0000001513937 22043149808466
(e/pi)^(s3*3)*3/s2-log((e/pi)^(s3*3)*3/s2) = 1.0000000000000 11460030115365

(current-time-string) "Sun Dec 31 15:58:52 2017"

\subsec{$\dpi$'s  Tonsured Habit}

{\tt Pi's Wager}
"Pi is or She is not. Let us weigh the gain and the loss in choosing.
`Pi is'. If you gain, you gain all, if you lose, you lose nothing.
Wager, then, unhesitatingly, that pi is."

The Quotable Inverarity - Maas, O; Whitechapel, Fleet Street, London(1967 c)

(current-time-string) "Tue Mar 29 17:08:03 2005"


(ALBUQUERQUE, NEW MEXICO: Sonara Desert: A hundred and fourteen in the
shade, a horny toad skitters stops/freezes across harsh cracked flint
fragments ...zig-zag snaps out of frame..

 CUT TO: ..lone long straight stretch highway to big sky horizon.. 

 CUT TO: the two Bros(in law!) changing a flat at Hank's House)

(kneeling, tire iron, with wheel off, THEN: ..easter egg wink [-token
Bob Wryly], and its hot enough to fry an egg off the 4X4's bonnet..)

                            You can roll it.


                     (exiting garage ..awkward, audiably grunting,
                     keeping away from clean pants, shirt, carrying
                     outward, really awkwad with both hands...)

                                What? What was that?

                     Its a car wheel. ...(beat)... You can roll it. Moron.

                           (winded.. simultaneously breaking wind)

                                    Yeah. Doh.. My Bad.

(current-time-string) "Fri Jan 19 11:44:43 2018"

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