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                I thought, geez, is that Margie
                Olmstead?  I can't believe it!

                Yah, that's me.

                Well, how the heck are ya?

                Okay, ya know.  Okay.



                Yah - how are you do'in?

                Oh, pretty good.

                Heck, it's been such a long time,
                Mike.  It's great to hear from ya.

                Yah...  Yah, yah.  Geeze, Margie!

(current-time-string) "Fri Jan 19 10:53:57 2018"

355/(113*pi)                   = 1.00000008491367 865837086258
log(355/(113*pi))              = 0.00000008491367 505320465502
355/(113*pi)-log(355/(113*pi)) = 1.000000000000003605166207563

(current-time-string) "Sun Dec 31 15:57:01 2017"

# (current-time-string) "Venerdi Febbraio 23 19:21:15 2018"
# /0.lang/0.0.perl/0.books/0coz/jokeMach.pl
# /0.lang/0.0.perl/0.books/0coz
# coz.beginPerlWrox2000.txt
# joke2.plx ch3.97

        use warnings;
        use strict;
        my @questions = qw(emot pi pi cp cp);
        my @punchlines = (
"None. Change it once, and by d^\$ae^z/dt^\$a = e^z for every \$a,
it's the sam\e everywhere.",

"One. He just stands below the socket and the world revolves around

"One. He just stands below the socket and the world daily revolves
2\*pi radian\s.",

"Change? You mean what's the processes, or the constant, or what's
constantly p\rocessing?",

"A million. One to change it, the rest to get \$expr in fewer
        characters with an equal or greater nos of zeds."  ); 
        for (0..$#questions) {
        print "How many $questions[$_] ";
        print "programmers does it take to change a lightbulb?\n";
               sleep 3;
               print $punchlines[$_], "\n\n";
               sleep 5;

(current-time-string) "Fri Feb 23 19:50:18 2018"

log(pi^4)+(e^6-pi^5)/pi^4-log(e^6-pi^5) = 1.00000000000001645938
(e^6-pi^5)/pi^4-log((e^6-pi^5)/pi^4)    = 1.00000000000001645938
log((e^6-pi^5)/pi^4)    		= 0.000000 1814353 20268
(e^6-pi^5)/pi^4         		= 1.000000 1814353 36727

(current-time-string) "Sun Dec 31 15:57:11 2017"


[1944: Berlin Abwher HQ Burning Bunker]

REICHFUHRER Adolf HITLER's florid moustached face and palsied hand
behind his back involuntary herky-jerking a wayward Parkinson's ruled
extremis tremens --maniacally flaying -as an out-of-body daemonic Labrador
leashed wildly chaotically bouncing puppy-- like really going at it--
and ..the teutonic arched kneck, shouting --leavened severe steeped
layerings of Bayerisch massive ZWEI KRUPPEN KUGELEN `Heidelberg Tun'
heavily uber-testiculary ladened loden lederhosen's loadings of
tensiled tonsil gravitas' iconic Gestapo apoplectic shrieks:

Fegelein..    FegeL E I N !     Fegelein!...   FEGEL E I  N!!..    

                   F E G E L E I N !!! 

-Bruno (aka: `Sesso Stern', `Orgasmo', `Glans') Ganz. The Fall

(current-time-string) "Fri Oct 28 13:11:27 2016"

Spastic Grace

"I say it was some four decades ago in the Seattle U District one
summer warm evening, where I witnessed that cerebral palsied spastic,
brachiating (-or does one dare say, `flay-iating') on the sidewalk
advancing away from the College Inn Pub westward on up to the
University of Washington campus. His body -each step- slowly tensely
coiling into a kenisiologic contained spasm of knotted gnarl-bent
limbs a-twisting beyond test-strength as a large displacement vessel's
hawse in a gale. Lurching fore, releasing this taut bolt, flew this
unnatural figure into spiral of arm and counterweight cane into a
balanced, graceful violently convulsive pulse-train equilibrium.

Need I write large? To witness vision of greater angst life-long
struggle beyond any pigment residual of an intemperate Van Gogh, far
more graceful than blue Heron on wing, Giraffe necks in courtship, or
any effete affection in a Bolshoi Swan Lake?!

This coiling and explosive aghast had yet another more dramatic
counterpoint spriting -- `ello -- perhaps every five consecutive steps
or so.

After a few of these keenly focus adroit steps abruptly stopping, the
pensive knitted brow paused with physically graved furrow brooding,
collectively regaining its owner's center, his memetic wire-frame
bespeckled bearing asserting the one fixed point of the tip of his
perfectly and consistent aligned - or `belonged' to it's owner's
challenged very own brody- varnished cork-branch screw-twisted cane
when sudden alightighting --a violence-- `Dirac-delta' exploding,
continuing onward with these five steps then almost aperiodic staid

Vicariously obseverving behind the bricked corner entrance well,
desperately to gain every advantaged vantaged of this passing
wonderful gift of the Christ, punctuated by the epipoeieac brightly
varnished cane itself mimicing exactly the consummated corpus of the
intensely animated fantastic vision of constant critical struggle, the
large-diameter cane while naturally tapering as a loosely coiled
crazed boa, assymetrically veering to one side, twisted-knotty
organically spiralling from bronze ferrule captive-end to its misaligned other
hand-polished globular safe anchor in an otherwise terrifying world.

It was this organic preternatural spiraling external appendage,
aligned and onomataepoeic homogenously emplotted, ie holomorphic
living representation of its phenotype biologic mimic, itself as well as the
radial concentric pain-hunted augeringing, a large dithering sinusoid
radial spiralling-down throughout each leaded-club-footed step's stochastic
struggle and coiled released monstrous spasm, much as the aproned
cobbler's boring gimlet circling in an arc of diminutive radius,
sinewy forearm muscling down to penetrate heavily weathered saddle

This arrived holotrope mimetic, this perfect fuqued spasmoidic dance
balanced upon a superpositioned gnarled wode-sport artifact
super-attentuating harmonically the beflayed sentience and augered
spine of this blessed St Vitus incarnate, puerile to surreptitiously
witness with fixed fascination the celebrating triumph at every moment
of this challenged owner's life-long victory overcoming a constant
convulsive ...  if not violent affront bombardment of relentless barrage

ST VITUS Chromo Chording Fuzzies:


CCCCCCCAAAAA <------------..CC.CCCAAA.  

(current-time-string) "Mon Jan  8 21:23:38 2018"

pi/3           = 1.04 71975
log(pi/3)      = 0.04 61175
pi/3-log(pi/3) = 1.00 10799

sqrt(10)/pi                    = 1.00 65 84242
log(sqrt(10)/pi)               = 0.00 65 62660
sqrt(10)/pi-log(sqrt(10)/pi)   = 1.00 00 21581

pi/(e+1-oo)                  = 1.000 1676 15072
log(pi/(e+1-oo))             = 0.000 1676 01026
pi/(e+1-oo)-log(pi/(e+1-oo)) = 1.000 0000 14045

22/(7*pi)                      = 1.000 4024 99434
log(22/(7*pi))                 = 0.000 4024 18453
22/(7*pi)-log(22/(7*pi))       = 1.000 0000 80981

355/(pi*113)                   = 1.0000000 8491367 86583
log(355/(pi*113))              = 0.0000000 8491367 50532
355/(pi*113)-log(355/(pi*113)) = 1.0000000 0000000 36051

(current-time-string) "Sun Dec 31 15:56:49 2017"

To get something done, a committee should consist of no more than three
men, two of them murdered.

pi*e^6-pi^4 = 1169.999 84 2849368007428280269

pi*e^6-pi^6 = 306.0197 40 3080660076345011583
e^6-pi^4    = 306.0197 02 4587326853719468478
2*e^6-pi^5  = 500.837 90 22001887919540330510
e^6+pi^4    = 500.837 88 45267375598448275132

3*e^6+pi^4-pi^5 = 1001.675786726926351798860564 

= 1.000000000000000622613281648

2*e^6-pi^4 = 709.4484 95 9514678079803340284
e^6+pi^5   = 709.4484 78 2780165758711284906

(2*e^6-pi^4)/(e^6+pi^5)       = 1.000000024911535 894764983383
log(2*e^6-pi^4)-log(e^6+pi^5) = 0.000000024911535 584472678217
                              = 1.000000000000000310292305165

(current-time-string) "Sun Dec 31 16:00:39 2017"

\subsec{My Favorite Martial Order Out Of Chaos}

The puppetmasters create ``disorder" so the people
will demand ``order". The price of ``order" always
entails a handing over of control and loss of
freedom on the part of the citizenry.
Out of ``chaos" comes ``order" - THEIR order -
their new WORLD $\dpi$\ order.

Hegelian Dialect
PROBLEM -- REACTION -- SOLUTION firstly you create 
the problem; then secondly you fan the flames
to get a reaction; then thirdly (like Johnny-on-the-spot)
you provide a solution. The solution is what you were
wanting to achieve in the first place, but wouldn't
have been able to achieve under a $\pi$ numerate pirate electorate.

(current-time-string) "Wed Feb  7 02:22:12 2018"

The twitter of early morning birds. Gar's voice, though not projected,
          stands out in the pre-dawn quiet:

          Let's see some hustle, Mitch.

(current-time-string) "Mon Jan 22 05:19:31 2018"
Engine noise brings LARRY's look around. A car is arriving.
It is the Brandts' car, oddly burdened. As it pulls into their
driveway we see that there is a four-point stag strapped to the hood,
its obscenely huge -lobulating- tongue -lolling- over the grille.  Gar and
Mitch get out of the car in their hunting fatigues. Blood is smeared
on Gar's shirt.

          Go scrub up, Mitch.

(current-time-string) "Mon Jan 22 05:19:26 2018"

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