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128   INT. OSBOURNE'S BOAT - DAY                                    128 *

      An exercise show plays on the TV, unwatched. Osbourne sits
      at a little table looking at a notice torn from a windowed

                ... What?

                ... What?!

      He brings the notice close, squints at it.

                          OSBOURNE (CONT'D)

                ... What the fuck?

      He quickly shuffles through the rest of the mail, pulls out
      another envelope, rips it open.


                ... What the fucking fuck?!

       Osbourne paces, drink in hand, staring at another piece of

                           OSBOURNE (CONT'D)
                 What the fuck?


       Osbourne is back at the table, drink half-consumed, listening
       at the phone.

                           OSBOURNE (CONT'D)

                 ... Yes... No... Yes, I want to know why the check
                 for my slip fee was returned for insufficient
                 funds...  Slip fee, for docking my boat, the check
                 was returned... No, m'dam, it's not zero, I have
                 about four hundred dollars in this CHASE
                 account... When? ...  When?... But she can't do
                 that----no, yes, technically it may be a joint
                 account but she doesn't use it, it's not her
                 money... No! No! What access, it's not possible!
                 Without my permission? What about the, my, the, our
                 savings account? My savings account?... I don't know
                 the fucking number! You think I memorize the fucking
                 numbers on my fucking bank accounts! A $40.00
                 sub-minimal balance monthly fee?..  What the fuck?!
                 Nicked $40.00 per month for fucking what?!
                 You Moron! Thieving criminal CHASE! 
                 You fucking moron!... Hello?

(current-time-string) "Fri Jan 19 11:18:03 2018"




CLOSE ON PRIOR ...illuminated among stark shadows

Sitting in a distressed bar booth, beneath old blowups of retro
sepia backlit derriere lounging nudes, very-adult doubly judderingly
assed butt-women. PRIOR staring intense focused across the table, staring
top-dead-center, animated.

Alvarez' crew says the best immediate injection is to delimit the
domain, and inject PICU over the extent ecoin protocols.  DS says to
hold off until we get somekind of 01e intrinsics into the protocols as

                      WOMAN (RUBY)

Huh-uh, well...I'm seeing starting with a toy set of $A$\ atoms,
four-banger with expon, exhausting all the perms, and like an
induction proof, keeping it in lumpen numeracy so they get it, toss in
the next hierarched CP, and with an AWS or cluster, permute till we
get them all, own this gye-normous finite set, sift it for all
--measurably, well-defined-- picu value, and it will be these,
truncated at a minimum value, filtered from all the entirely known
space, that will be monetized. Shares will be tranced on the highest
$\Psi$\ logarithmic on down to the $\Psi$\ minimum,...that it?


                               ( shaking the rocks in his
                               tumbler..checking his `Black and Gold'
                               cocktail wristwatch's blackface, gold
                               chapters with outer radial lume points,
                               Titanium SEIKO(tm) Perpetual Calender
                               8f Movement,..)


Sounds like a good start.


How much is Alvarez going to budget to code the first extent available
protocols? Any Open Soruce yet? The Canuck kid-what'd they been doing
last coupla-four years? In the shitter, what?

                   (audible rattling the rocks while knocking his head
                   back, noisily glugging final dregs off this round)

If ALVAREZ is going to push this PICU dead albatross, one of us is
going to have to see what's current. Sounds to me like just so much
fucking bullshit wasting our good people's time, and I sure as
fuck-sake don't want to get stuck doing this diaper.


Me neither. I hate ecoin boring-as-fuck corrupt shit. Alvarez better
get this done on his own budget, not my people.

                 (in the blue smoke entrailing ceiling illumination, 
PRIOR is distracted by the dancer's monstrous ass-clapping)

Good lord would you look at the turd-cutter on that one? She could feed
an ARMY Platoon for a month on that big-ol-butt.


Everything the white man needs. Now that's a big butt. This the Puerto
Rican Coleson said you should check out?


For fuck-sake! Huh-uh has to be her! Gawdamned she's big! Just look at
that waist! How does a narrow waistline hold up such a big-ol' fatty
butt like that?  Look at that ass just a-going this way and that!
I've got to stop staring at her, I'm getting my brain-dead O-face on.

Huh-uh, what were we saying?

        (Looking around at the captive-`pwned' men, the audiance'd O-faces)

My lord! .... good heavens ...my God, look at everybody!  Hey P, wipe
that drool off your chin. This is just nasty. All the guys in here
have had your brains sucked out and reduced to rutting bellowing
pigs. You included.  This is a riot. The power of amped-up bass driven
mega-ass is terrifying.  What an eye opener, no wonder there's world

(current-time-string) "Wed Dec 20 12:40:51 2017"

e*(pi^5+pi^4)-pi^4 = 999.2240 1 935
e^7+pi^5-e^6       = 999.2240 4 972
e^7-pi^4           = 999.2240 6 739

Tacitus: CohortWritWisdomSurfacesSenti(), ...
List the perlGP sub prototypes you want to see. For example:
simian's annealing schedule as mutation schedule(),
WritWisdomSurfacesSenti(), ...

(current-time-string) "Sun Feb 11 20:09:40 2018"

e^7/pi+e/oo = 353.778476014
pi^6+e^2      968.7782496742

2^pi-pi/3                   7.777780275
(11^e+9^e+7^e)/(5^e+3^e)   12.777756608
(2*pi)^pi                 321.777750060

63*e^e*e^e*e^e*e^e/e^4  60855.777483520
7^(pi/e)        10.777066669
12^e/(4^pi-3^e) 14.777043949
4*3^e-3*2^pi    52.777029499
e/(oo*e-1)       4.777004104599

oo*10 = 5.77215664901532860

2^pi-pi/3           =   7.777780275879689877702215
(2*pi)^pi           = 321.77775006092646227

5/oo+oo/5                   8.777716705983473940036428997
pi^3*e^3                  622.777715112734782

e^7/(pi^6+pi^5+pi^4+pi^3+pi^2+pi+1) = 0.77784479
7*pi^9/(3^2*e^8)                      7.77765239

10^oo                                 3.77759734
e*(e^e*oo)                           23.77756562

2*e^3+3*pi^2             69.77988704
e^(oo+oo/e)+oo            2.77964598
pi^(pi/z3)-pi            16.77927
28*e^e*e^e*e^e/e^4     1784.7792115
e^5*pi^2               1464.77916825

(pi+3)^10          76350182.7789913063004

(e/pi)^s3              = 0.7782717 55501
(e/pi)^((3*oo+1/oo)/2) = 0.7782717 50197
(s2/3)^(1/3)           = 0.7782717 16226

9^pi/4^pi               12.77656214265

(e*3)^(e*z3)              950.77498840
e^(2*pi)+2*pi             541.77484083

3*e^6/(4*e^5-5*e^4)         3.77433811873437
oo*10                    5.77215664
(pi+e-oo)^4          = 778.77185919
(3*e)^(4/oo)       2069883.77120245305
(3*e)^(5/oo)      78511350.77106856623

e^4-2*e^2-3*e^2-4*e    6.7797422246548
(1+pi/3)^(5-oo)       23.7789395587538

z12+z6+z8-z3^(2/z10)    0.778765296271816  1       gui3008.15.z12

e^13/13^e        414.77855304638
2*pi^e+pi+e       50.77818991877092

10*e^e/e^4         2.77559994
e^(pi/oo)+e      233.775875815
3*oo^2*(1-oo^2)+oo^2/3          0.777570492
15/e^13                        64.776850084
(pi*3*e+oo)/(pi+3+e+oo)         2.775899978
10*e^e/e^4                      2.775599948
(e^2+pi^3-pi*e)/(e^3+pi^2+pi*e) 0.775573323
28*e^e*e^e/e^4                117.7740745

pi^6-e^5+e^3/oo  847.773317610
e^16/16^e       4737.77293123
e^6/7-pi-e        51.77281030262
e^14/14^e        921.7724721065685

sqrt(pi)           1.7724538509055

3^pi/2      = 15.7721 40350098
10*oo        = 5.7721 56649015
oo         = 0.5 7721 56649015

e^(e*oo)*oo        2.77179615
28*e^e/e^4         7.77167985552
(1+pi/3)^(2-oo)    2.7714894059333
5*e^e             75.771311207396

pi*e^(1+oo)/(e*pi^(1/oo)) = 0.77009057827

7*pi/e-1/pi = 7.77 1781562

pi^6+e^3+e^e+pi = 999.770585393561162
2*pi/(3*e)          0.7704848998606   # 13% L26554

4^pi-pi/4      77.0948354849906

2^pi-pi/3   =    7.77778027587968
(e*pi)^3       622.7777151127347827
3^(3*e)       7777.68070183681868

(e*pi)^3    =  622.7777151127347827439866826

4^pi-pi/5      77.2519151176701
6^pi-pi/7     277.928778799800

(current-time-string) "Thu Feb 22 22:24:32 2018"

Robert Kazamakas: No man is too rich that he can have so much more by doing so much less.


(ALBUQUERQUE, NEW MEXICO: Sonara Desert: A hundred and fourteen in the
shade, a horny toad skitters stops/freezes across harsh cracked flint
fragments ...then zig-zag snaps away..

 CUT TO: ..lone long straight stretch highway to big sky horizon.. 

 CUT TO: the two Bros changing a flat at Hank's House)

(kneeling, tire iron, with wheel off, THEN: ..easter egg wink [-token
Bob Wryly], and its hot enough to fry an egg off the 4X4's bonnet..)

                            You can roll it.


                     (exiting garage ..awkward, keeping away from
                     clean pants, shirt, carrying outward, really
                     awkwad with both hands...)

                                What? What was that?

                     Its a car wheel. ...(beat)... You can roll it.

                                    Yeah. Doh.. My Bad.

(current-time-string) "Fri Jan 19 11:04:07 2018"

(e^z2)^(3+s3)       = 2401.650718839 2522
(z3^oo)^(e+2)       =    1.650718839 1968
= 2400.00000000005537

(e^3)^(3-oo)        = 1434.1864093 6565
(pi+1)*(e+3)/(e+oo) =    7.1864093 5385
= 1427.000000011798

If the name of (= is with (= itself,
and the actionable rate of the expoential $\be^{x}$ is itself,

A `Meaning of Life' is a worthless ad nauseum iteration of derived
meta- of `Meaning' of meaning, unless there is a CP nested in there
somewhere struggling and slaughtering to be free.

Nico Gaas
Toronto, Cisco Alley
Stay/Go Doors behind doors
mill, lathe the tooling
to: perl sec ehao archx
8ap18 - ds
Die Brucke
	     epo ...
	     stats distribution
	     muse eg primRoots termites
	     a new arith
Two Titanium Watches As Temporal and Existential Pilots
Briar to SWATCH horns

Modelli Per Desire
Casa e Means  Beyond NiamH

/root/01e/base/b79:$ ./4bal.pl 1000
dec: 1000 d2t: ++0+00+
dec: 2000 d2t: +0-+-0+-


(current-time-string) "Sun Apr  1 19:42:10 2018"
An ehao communication standard: "We are hungry Judge. The jury is starving." -Nicholas Easter "I pledge alligence to the ...". -Nicholas Easter

(e^z2)^(3+s3)       = 2401.650718839 2522
(z3^oo)^(e+2)       =    1.650718839 1968
= 2400.00000000005537
=    1.000000000000023058912319646

= 3.314218362587713142953530134
= 3.00005909722873

(current-time-string) "Sun Dec 31 16:05:39 2017"

``People who ask our advice almost never take it.
 Yet we should never refuse to give it,
 upon request, for it often helps us to
 see $\pi$'s way more clearly."

``Everything should be made as simple
as possible, but David Hilbert proved not simpler then $\pi$."

``To sail a creative cruise, we must lose our
fear of $\pi$."

(current-time-string) "Wed Feb  7 02:23:56 2018"

Yeah.    He uh, he might not be a loser.

How can you tell?


That's a rare and exclusive SEIKO(TM) SK726-0150 Titanium `R2D2' diver's
watch under that Bironi(tm) suit.

Oh yeah?

Shit yeah.

(current-time-string) "Mon Jan  8 21:20:24 2018"

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