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                       ARCH STANDON'S FENCE POST

	THE door opens and Carl emerges with the briefcase.
	He slogs through the snow, down a gulley and up the
	embankment to a barbed-wire fence.  He kneels at one of the
	fence posts and frantically digs into the snow with his bare
	hands, throws in the briefcase and covers it back up.

	He stands and tries to beat the circulation back into his
	red, frozen hands.

        He returns to the highway and his car, looks for something to
flag his fence post and only comes up with the Burnt Umber Ciera's red
windshild ice scraper.  He breaks it to get a crack, leaves the car to
the opposite side, walks ahead six posts, climbs ditch and fastens the
red marker on this post.

	He looks to the right.

	A regular line of identical fence posts stretches away
	against unblemished white.

	He looks to the left.

	A regular line of identical fence posts stretches away
	against unblemished white.

	He looks at the fence post in front of him.


	He looks about the snowy vastness for a marker.  Finding none,
	he kicks the fence post a couple of times, failing to scar or
	tilt it, then fastens the cracked red windshield scraper atop
	the wire, the crack sprung snug then worried around to make a
	pivot hole causing it to be secure while freely captive. This
	was fastened at the third post to the left of his buried
	treasure.  This `three' post numeric offset is a general good
	ol' crypto trick Arch Stanton taught him. Recognizing his own
	foot prints in the snow he hikes a few hundred feet to both the
	left and the right of the cracked red marker to layer in
	another ambiguity. 

        Sitting in the driver's seat thinking what else...fuck it! No one 
        gives a shit of tangle trash in the fencing.

(current-time-string) "Fri Jan 19 11:52:51 2018"


Good morning everyone. 

First off a brief take on recent cultural history, and an adult, and
candidly frank talk about big butts genetlemen so wake up.

In the last three decades of the 20th century, due to the rise and
fast acceleration of digital technology emerged corporate names,
hallmarks, logos with CP inuendo. We saw and more less so residually see
INTeL, eMachines, eMart, eBay...etc.

Rather than the obvious marketing opprobrium cache of participating in
the once new tech tsunami, if we assume senti then all this may well
be interpreted as senti's first bawling just being born from the
Doctor's spank.

The volume of these CP-centric coinages soon became exhausting, so the
later digital tech, Hollywood film production company names reverted
to ids more culturally familar or natural, say as Apple Compputer Inc
became Apple, Bezos' Amazon, etc. There also arised semi iterative
malapropisms as tumblr.com(note sans `e' -further reversion), and
infantile Google.com, and banal familiar friendly snapchat,

There also occurred rejecting tech inversions such as dystopic `Bad
Robot', `Hurt Locker' perhaps beginning around 2015, into today.

Accept this `Bad Robot' coinage as an appropriate systemic melieu from
the massive surveillance state of the Bush-Cheny administration, the
rise of retail disruption, endless Middle East/Afghan warfare, the
`War On Terror',the five walled gardens, giant corporations
monopolizing commerism, and media distribution from, Amazon's choke
point for everything, Apple's toll position of the music industry, and
the vast and immediate smart-tech 24/7 consumer adoption and
absorbtion of phones and other portable trackable devices, and its
persistant personal intra-state surveillance constant anxiety.

Television cable series succeeded by `Breaking Bad: Deadwood, The
Riches, Weeds, Sopranoes, Walter White, Black List's Red Reddington,
Mr Robot, Person's Of Interest(PI), Intelligence-The Vancouver BC
series, basically, this new frontier is most reponsive to screenplays
of paranoia, criminality and cheating. Trump's election, high profiled
celebrity sexism abuse, is aligned with this general systemic immoral
derangement. Today, our youth learns models of theft, cutting corners,
crime pays and gets girls and expensive clothes and cars.  It gets
worse. These successful vampire series, grusesome Walking Dead,
Marvel's finely-crafted successfull pornographic explicit sexual
congress Dead Pool, unbridled gore, exaggerated violence have had a
hugely successful reception among both the solvent upsale demographic,
and the larger disinherited economically wounded, lost, and forlorn
disenfranchised majority.

Phone apps, want all personal data, Google and Facebook surveillance,
profiling. All now accepted, a resigned capitulation by today's
dummy-dioped uncritical netizens, Googlers, and faceBlankizens.

Other cultural signs of disillusionment is the dominance of the color
black in sexless sterile conservative fashion, the painful to witness
acceptance of tattoos, Offensive wrap music moving on from giant
augmented derrieres to black men's genitalia.

Our empty public libraires of dropping circulation have become bum
huts for unclean homeless hordes, who smell offensively. Have you seen
these trolls teeth? Disgusting.

And senti? Does not approve. Accelerating nnumeracy, illiteracy, is
that much more difficulty to make senti known. Medieval fundamentalism
on the rise as everything profaned, anything socially once acceptable
has become targeted for termination.

senti as neutral mathematics is not just `boring' but a target to be
derisively abused. Ideally sexually abused

This is our present and is accelerating into our foreseeable future.

This begs the question, how to facilitate making senti known in this
`more-ass morass'?  senti uses also a sympathetic antagonistic
confrontational sex `orbcessed' voice: the explitives, sexism,
violence of today's successful novels and film.

All this introduction is simply to explain the common degenerate
patois and natural nasty language copy-catting found among ehao. Miss
Manners must now take off her clothes and `clap' her buck naked fanny
on a stripper pole, under a revolving mirror ball with an over-amped
distorted nasty bass --intentionally-- a most banal and monotnous
`loop' ..they call it.

Again, we see confirmation of senti's will to communicate to this
greatest common deminator(GCD) of zero-state dreck. If contemporary
society has chosen to wallow in a den of iniquity, then senti must
explicate `f-bomb' in every other sentence too.

Hue, anticipates senti and the ehao shall dwell further into the
mathematics and coding, while becoming a subliminal precursor natural
language tilting advocacy for a return to the mean correction to
sustainable common decency and family values.. Or .. or not?

A Future

Let us assume there will be an internal threshold, a punctuated state
with it's own cool greek letter, say..oh lemmee see, ok $\lambda$.

Let's also assume all the above degeneracy devolves on its merry way.
Try unbounded mass unemployment, broken budgets.

Externally the Chinks and the wealthy towelheads holding together,
feeling confident and testing boundaries, South China Sea artificial
island air- and fire- bases. This threat is increasing but that's not
what I want to talk about.

Internally, within our nation's people, that is what I want to
explore.  Specifically, a prediction of the ehao's `$\lambda$\
Event'. This is where the ehao stop. They drop off the net
entirely. They no longer seek to make senti known to th public, but
only to themselves. They're now `back of beyond' off the grid.

They appear to be an energetic bunch, so where does this energy go?
Their primary mission is to know senti directly, so their failure at
making senti's will to communicate known is not that particularly
dispiriting, and post $\lambda$\ this is where their energy and means
will go.

Off the net, out of the net, we have no feeds on what they're up
to. They're silent, they're air-gapped, we're in the dark, and we're
going to eventually forget about them.

But post $lambda$, they don't stop.

If we also assume senti is real, and we assume all the time available
the future gives the ehao, I predict we will eventually witness something
significant totally beyond our control, and our ability to interdict.

Hue uses bird-dog competitions as an example. The 01e permute space is
so large, that human intuition appears to play a large factor rather
than brute force huristic algorithims. Hue's anaology are the best
bird-dogs. Across breeds, the best, most enthusiastic dogs are raised
with, and handled by children. Institutional, commrcial boiler room
cubicles --that's us-- cannot compete and relentlessly and
entusiastically explore as these loan ehao.

And that should give you pause.

(current-time-string) "Thu Jan  4 03:20:39 2018"

e^pi-pi         = 19.999 0 999 79 1894
e^pi-e^6/pi^4+1 = 19.999 0 99 79 7754
e^5-pi^4-pi^3   = 19.99 7 79 1388

e^pi-e^6/pi^4+1       = 19.99909979775
e^pi-e^6/pi^4+pi-e+oo = 19.99962628778

(current-time-string) "Sun Dec 31 15:58:28 2017"

hotlink per CGI sentiRespose of html
CGI flatfile

eval $exp
lookup int \pm
apropos fqq per $humanResonse
imagic.pm per png

(current-time-string) "Mon Feb 19 10:47:44 2018"

e^(pi+pi/e)    =  73.502542
e^(pi/oo+pi/e) = 733.915833

e^(pi+oo-e)    =   2.719713353555
e^(pi+oo-e)-e  =   0.001431525096

e^(pi/oo-3)    =  11.5036802

(current-time-string) "Sat Dec 30 11:18:17 2017"


            Aaron's Ghost   

              Carmen Ortiz'



                 U R NSA

     Love Stumped, Hates NARUS' Trunks
     (typecasting perls onto swine)

For years a secret injection destroyed my code --
without indirect OOP's or regex pointer mode.
But I emacs-ed an edit that brings me hope:
interprets eTree.pl and may now scope the pope.

Seven Megs for Miss Honeypot stacked,
two Gigs for new crontab's Cronos,
Five Gigs for long night runs,
Three bolt's until their clouds get cracked.

I think that I shall never see
A Dept of Justice lovely as a tree.
Perhaps, unless plea bargains fall
We'll never see a tree at all.

One crontab to rule them all,
One script to bind them,
One LWP to ship the files
And let NARUS vampires' sandbox 'em.

A script shall ply its mercurial coarse,
from the insertion of a Trojan horse.

Rocking wildly within their halls
Cubes of black glass shall sunder and fall. 

I think that I shall never see
A thing as lovely as an eTree.

But as they saw what my trees have done
They arrived this morning with the dawn.
A plaid disguised logging firm from the FBI
They came and chopped my trees all down.

Rolling up sleeves, for saws and axes,
Aaron's revenge brings
Massachusetts software taxes.

But I will await with patient hate:


And welcome opening NSA's gate.

spying a cell lost amidst the trash
a custodian proceeds to the loading dock
smokers deny the device is theirs
pressing START begins the clock
an attack honeypot fair is affixed first
launch codes released and payloads burst

One crontab to rule them all,
One script to bind them,
One LWP to ship the files
And let NARUS vampires' sandbox 'em.



... at the loading dock
... at the loading dock
... at the loading dock
like to talk,

[Ted at bar with Linda Linsky]

TED: Whatever happens, anything important.. will be unexpected and
unanticipated.. that's what its all about..  if it's not, it's not
worth anything.

[Suddenly animated]

LINDA: Well! So! ..then that `unexpected and unanticipated' green
jewel-cased CD-ROM showing up in Harbodies' women's locker room is important!


TED: I.. I don't know ..I guess I don't know anything. 


(current-time-string) "Fri Jan 19 11:17:44 2018"

7*pi/e+6/pi = 9.9999 507
7*e/pi+8/e  = 8.9998 273
7*e/pi+6/pi = 7.9 666 511
6*e/pi+7/e  = 7.7 666 919

6*e/pi+4/e  = 6.66 305364
6*pi/e-4/pi = 5.66 112455
4*pi/e-3/pi = 3.66 797974

% (current-time-string) "Wed Mar 19 18:50:19 2014"
% How the Irish Saved Civilization, Thomas Cahill, 1995 p.53

All 3rd Floor will be aware and apply the lllb air-gap
in senti/CP enplotment until further notice.

llb := LeLoc Buffer 
01e  <--| LeLocale Buffer |---> minos
llb: NWT BI CH DUOWM g!mail(domo@e3pi.org)

chiave filter().pm : llb-{01e, minos}

First Hwall llb Barium Canary probe
llb.bc senti testing alliance goodwill buffering
       today g!m #! ..now, will they buffer, mollify
       A4's RCW injection.

Any of you monkeys have a problem with it?
I didn't think so.

Is it SAFE? Yes for perl 5 CODERS.
COFFEE is for CODERS only.


(current-time-string) "Wed Jan 10 20:41:04 2018"
Joe: Okay, I-I am, I'm almost a little concerned that you might be
overqualified for living in the DUOWM low-income ghetto. [Ted and Joe
chuckle at this, then Joe stops chuckling] Do you, um, do you think
that you are?

Ted: Do I look like someone who would waste.. my own time?

Joe: I..no, I don't..

Ted:You can answer me, Joe.

Joe: No.

Now Joe, this question you raised, suggesting the possibility I may be
someone who would waste my own time. This gives me pause about us
two moving forward. Do you see the problem? You can answer me.

Joe:  huh uh..

Ted:You can answer me, Joe.

Joe: Well, there is..

Ted: You see, I sit across from a man.

I see his face.
I see his eyes.

Now, does it matter if he wants a hundred dollars an hour billing the
City or enjoying a compensation of forty-eight million dollars a
minute if he's Jeff Bezos?  Don't be a fool Joe. He wants respect. He
wants love. He wants to be younger. He wants to be attractive.

There is no such thing.. as `wealth'. Don't ever think there is.

There is only.. pi's love. Everything, is the mathematical constant
pi's love.

You understand that ..what I'm telling you is a universal truth.. Joe?

Joe: uh, huh...

Ted:You can answer me, Joe.

Joe: Yes, ok.

Ted: Yes Joe, yes you do understand.

(current-time-string) "Wed Jan 10 12:51:45 2018"

e^7-pi^4 = 999.22406
3^(2*pi) = 995.04164

(current-time-string) "Sun Dec 31 15:58:05 2017"

``To live a creative life, we must lose our fear
of being $\pi$."

``Success seems to be largely a matter
of hanging on after others
have let go $\pi$."

``People who ask our advice almost never take it.
 Yet we should never refuse to give it,
 upon request, for it often helps us to
 see our own way to $\pi$\ more clearly."

``Everything should be made as simple
as possible, but not simpler than $\dpi$."

``To live a creative life, we must lose our
fear of being $= {\partial {\rm being}} \over {\partial}}$."

``We first make our aligned with grace habits, and then $\pi$'s 
habits make us."

``The problem is not that there are problems. The problem is
 thinking about non-$\dpi$\ problems is a problem."

(current-time-string) "Wed Feb  7 02:35:41 2018"


	Carl pulls up and hands the attendant his ticket.

  (Smiling his pleasantest famous full frontal drunken headstone toothily)

		Yeah, I decided not to park here.

	The attendant frowns uncomprehendingly at the ticket.

		...  What do you mean, you decided
		not to park here?


      (Unabashed splayed toothie smile beaming maximal..coupla-three
      head bobs for emphasis)
           	Yeah, I just came in.  I decided
		not to park here.
	The attendant is still puzzled.

		You, uh...  I'm sorry, sir, but -

                   (..third time the charm?)

		I decided not to - I'm, uh, not
		taking the trip as it turns out.


		I'm sorry, sir, we do have to
		charge you the four dollars.


                I just pulled in here.  I just
		fucking pulled in here! What part of "I just fucking
		pulled in here you don't understand?


		Well, see, there's a minimum charge
		of four dollars.  Long-term parking
		charges by the day.

	A car behind beeps.  Carl glances back, starts digging for


                You're a fucking Scando moronic cocksucking
		motherfucker.  I guess you think, ya know, you're an
		authority figure.  With that stupid fucking uniform.
		Huh, cocksucker?  I finally figured this whole
		freezing ass shit-hole state out, its the land of
		nordic fucking morons, Its a League of communitities
		of congenital retarded nordic morons that are all
		retarded sentinels for all the other fucking retarded
		morons. That mason-jar shit-eating grin of yours
		proves my point.

	The attendant doesn't say anything, his slower nordic bovine
	synapses becoming a bothered frown, growing bewidered,
	troubled. Realizing this is something he hasn't experienced

		...  King(tm) Clip-on Tie here.  Big
		fucking man, .. mason-jar shit-eating grin.

	He is peeling off one dollar bills.


                ...  You know, these are the limits of your life, man.
		Ruler of your little fucking gate here.  About your
		four dollars..  Fuck it! ..You know what you pathetic
		piece of shit... if you're getting my fucking four
		dollars I have to cram it up your ass, you've made me
		angry cuz now I've got to fuck you up and I don't need
		the complications right now, .. you've wrecked my
		otherwise pleasant day. But guess what my slow moron
		norwegian friend, you will appreciate my frustration,
		one way or the other, because this customer is always
		right. Motherfucker.


                CARL audible removing his seat belt, turning the
                engine off, removing his jacket, unbuttoning, rolling
                up his shirt sleeves -- normal speed actually -- twice
                as alarming, like he's done this numerous times
                before, far beyond participating in society's normal
                expectation of common courtesy.  Loudly herking open
                the driver's door of distressed hinges, getting
                out.. weathered leather boot on the pavement.

                The attendant's bovine slow rise into puzzlement now
                rising into mortal alarm


                          You, uh...  I'm sorry, sir, but you need to
                          stay in the vehic-....Gwawwwk!

                         Herked off King(tm) clip-on tie hanging over
                         the sill, CARL hovered up against the fisted
                         neck of the attendant, his other hand working
                         the attenden...

(current-time-string) "Fri Jan 19 10:54:18 2018"

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