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        EXT. TRAIN -- NIGHT

        Extended train shrill-whistle/horn dopplering while ...exiting
        the long Brenner Pass tunnel out of the darkness into night
        the train races toward ZURICH's ALLEGEMEINSCHAFT BANK(also Van
        Orton(1)'s), GmBhl Re, which services as a Suisse legally
        sanctioned confidential gateway to the once affiliated Chateau
        de Fonds Bund Grossen Haus, ignominiously publicly shamefully
        defrocked and delisted:


created solely to skirt the USA's SEC interdiction of Swiss numbered
bank accounts and to provide tranched re-issuant reinsurance against
financial losses specific to US federal investigion and any criminal


Nicholas Van Orton, Jason Bourne each have a key for the same shared
safety deposit box in this same vault. This is a junction for
particularly refined protocols whose state changes only over decades.

        EXT. ZURICH -- DAY

(dated Leica digital camera, art-nouveau shagreen deckled
saddle-stiched heay Durham leather w/ -995 silver bosses..., etc)

        Morning in the financial district.  Quite upscale, hygienic,
        staid. Deep conservative moss-back dynastic blue granite
        wealth, palm polished `27 bronzo art nouveau railings and
        gated luxury, yet silently beneath, that voracious unbridled
        sexual exuberance and exploratory fireside bear rug `Zwingly
        Position' maximal glutus celebratory loud butt pounding
        hedonism hidden behind all facades of cold and grey Swiss
        `Thurn' and `Taciturn' schizoid lifestyle.

        ALLEMEINSCHAFT BANK just one of many elegant fortresses on
        this street.  Everything just now opening for business.  TWO
        CLOWN/JOKER HARLEQUIN SWISS GUARDS with their concealed
        UZI-ROTTWEILER-PUP XOD-7, the single among the constant dyadic
        pair `It's cute!  mom.."  -sharpened and dangerous
        carbon-steel obligatory halberd unlocking the front door..

        (NOTE: the consummate act resulting in meritous citation for
        the SWISS GUARD is to disembowel or decapitate an adversary
        with the halberd rather than resorting to firearms, awarded
        with prized new cast bronze base feathered colors to the
        `Swiss Shako' dress stahlhelm)

        ..and OUR MAN IN ZURICH across the street.  Tucked in the
        shadows.  Checking for gendarme/polezei(see
        #copsInTroubleInt.com.cn).  Looks clear.  He's walking--


        --Ornate bronze garden vines trellising with basso fecundo
        orbitular high-relief nude-nik fairy Erte' nymphs as 1930's euro Art
        Nouveau motif of the marble spiral stair bannisters, Legacy
        furnishings mixed with contemporary while secure -intriquing,
        inviting, formidable and hi-tech at the same time.

                   (Can I help you?)

        THE MAN standing before her.  Looking very out of place.

                             THE MAN
                   I'm here about a numbered account.

        THE old hen(family dynasty) with cruel beak RECEPTIONIST nods
        a slow en-garde beat, likely with a full-clip Uzi-XOD-7 under
        that retro-bodice.  Pulls an early 1980's Montblanc
        `Meisterstuck' `Noblesse(tm)' gold fountain pen, keeps the cap
        to secure her desk's property, and faux parchment bank card
        with a `Cutty Sark' Font variegated Letterhead.

                        (instant English)
                   If you'll just enter your account 
                   number here I'll direct you to the
                   appropriate desk.

        THE MAN takes the pen -- off-balanced sans cap, as we --


        A BIO-METRIC SCANNER.  A piece of dated 2002 cast-chassis tech
        amidst the Baroque.  TWO SERIOUS BANK (w/o their
        clown/harlequin costume) blazered swiss guards' manning the
        monitors add further to the truly exceptional and delightful
        ferocious wetted-beak mirth of Swiss outre wealth finance.

        Our Van Orton/Bourne MAN standing there, staring down at this
        machine.  Something ominously decisive about this.  What if
        it's him?  What if it's not?

                             BANK GUARD #1
                        (they've been waiting)
                   (Your hand, sir...)

        THE MAN focuses.  Here we go -- BANK GUARD #2 guiding his
        open palm onto the mirrored scanning surface.  

        THE MAN catching his reflection for a moment before a wave
        of white light passes beneath his hand and now --


        THE MAN being led by A THIRD GUARD to a special `MAN TRAP' elevator.


        Elevator doors open.  THE MAN steps out.  MR. APFEL `Shrieking
        Zwingli' -- severe national socialist chicken-lips Zurich banker
        -- waiting there.

                   Good morning, sir.  I assume you're
                   here about your box.

                             THE MAN
                        (what now?)
                   The box.

        APFEL nods.  Gestures down the marble cerise Carrra corridor --

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objects = {
pi := {blue, e+1-oo, 3.14..., algorisms{i}, ballast, 
       flywheel, inertia, synch, cd{i},..};
e := {green, pi+oo-1, 2.718.., algorisms{i}, alg = nosIter(alg), 
      ode, diffOperator, balun(); b23()...};
oo := {orange, e+1-pi, 0.5772..., zeta(obj), ...,Mascheroni Spaghetti};

(current-time-string) "Wed Feb  7 01:15:40 2018"

(pi*e+e/pi)^(pi/e) = 13.333 27582058 666 144

(current-time-string) "Sun Dec 31 15:54:37 2017"

"IN THE BEGINNING is the Word CP, and the Word is the Constant
Processes, and the Constant Processes is Processing the Constant
Processes, and the Constant Processes are Constantly Processing."

"In The Beginning IS the Word, and the Word IS with God, and the Word
IS God."

The Bible fumbled it from the very BEGINNING:

"In The Beginning WAS the Word, and the Word WAS with God, and the Word
WAS God". Therefore, in the beginning WAS God.
Oops! The Book of GENESIS booboo-ed, as there IS God."

There WAS God? No. There IS God.

End of story.

(current-time-string) "Sat Dec 30 07:55:55 2017"

6^pi-4^pi                 = 200.497344101
e^6-e^5-e^4               = 200.417484357

5^e*pi-3^pi = 217.999 8353
pi^5-e^4-pi^3-pi^2-e^2-pi = 200.015004918

 (current-time-string) "Tue Sep 29 03:13:51 2009"

You are not what you think you are. But what you think, you
are. -Jimbo Rearden

 (current-time-string) "Thu Aug 27 15:31:54 2009"
(current-time-string) "Mon Aug 10 06:08:00 2009"....................
per semiologic dischordant onomatopoeia:
% Ononmat simuli e Simucrum

When you try to make an impression, the chances are that this trying
is the impression you will make.

                          -- unix fortuna 25au09


Its top sheet, densely covered by equations, has a heading:

   The Multiflux Plancalcul Mirabilus Mentaculus


         Costante Proghetti Florigilum


            The Clusterfugue Collider

   Compiled by Arthur Gopnik, OCS, OGO Pandeleimon
After a beat wondering what is`OCS', etc, LARRY's hand enters to turn
the page. The second page is also densely covered with equations of
unknown.. peculiarly evovled from..  once familiar canonical notation.
Bewildererd, Larry silently shakes his head side to side.

(current-time-string) "Fri Jan 19 11:40:11 2018"
Eh, Bubba-Luba-BABALUGATS.. we got a bet here! -CHL

(current-time-string) "Fri Jan 19 11:40:07 2018"

pi^9/e^8+e^5/pi^12      999     9       qq 9.999999 371
3^pi/2-10*oo            999     9       qq 9.9999 837
pi^9/e^8+e^6/pi^13      999     9       qq 9.9999 777
7*(3/s2)^(s3/9)+6/pi    999     9       qq 9.9999 510
7*pi/e+6/pi     999     9       qq         9.9999 507
e*(3/s2)^(s3)   999     9       qq         9.999 841419
pi*(s3^2/s2)^(2/s3)^3   999     9       qq 9.999 841128
pi^5/(e^2*(pi+1))       999     9       qq 9.999 839235
pi^9/e^8        999     9       qq         9.999 838
e^3-e^2-e+oo-pi/e^(1/oo)        999     9  qq  9.999 82
3^pi/2-oo*2^2^s3        999     9       qq 9.999 707666
e^3/2-1/e^pi    999     9       qq         9.999 554
e^pi-pi^9/e^8-pi        999     9       qq 9.999 2611

pi^9/e^8+e^(-e*pi)  = 10.0000 343400288109
oo*(14*pi-2)-e-7*z2 = 10.0000 192672827529
pi^9/e^8+1/(2*e^8)  = 10.00000 65291188314
pi^9/e^8+e^e/pi^10  = 10.000000 6192485717

11-pi^9/e^8          = 1.000161 202195
e^e/pi^10            = 0.000161 821443

pi^9/e^8-(e+1-oo)/pi = 9.00000 6384787
e+1-oo               = 3.141 066163557

sqrt(oo*s3)              = 0.9998 8 342247189319
(pi-oo)^(1/e)/s2         = 0.9998 6 421279220404
pi^9/e^8                 = 9.9998 3 879780488018 <====
(e+1-oo)/pi              = 0.9998 3 241301774777
e/(pi-1+oo)              = 0.9998 0 635264770227

(current-time-string) "Sat Jan 13 19:57:38 2018"

" Like immediately loosing a chessboard's knight, it's residual
shadow, leaving a sort of a negative trace; you have to infer
everything from the neighborhood, with the knight no not there."

Chicago, Ill
IISN No. 733496892
-and NWT/R49's mass of chattel 
greater than NiamH's available hull

   Du bin Im Kein Kastelle

"You are not in the castle.
 You are not in the village.
 Rheinhard Heydrich wants you.
 Then you become nothing".

    -The Castle, Franz Lisp

A measure of being systemically holed, smashed, flattened. The
question of attempting a chipboard castle or always returning to
0n20 data entry.

0n20 data entry assauages all these insecurities so is not trivial, or:

IISN := Is it safe? No.

Warsaw Ghetto Ruins
(twisted rebar, rubble ruins, rare charred paper)


-found in the forgotten vegetable garden at DEE's, covered in dirt.
This beedle, an antique wooden mallet for wood chisels, could be arbitrarily
old, or possibly specifically dated by age-hardened encaustic waxings.  A
loyal friend to woodsmiths possibly for a coupla-three centuries.

Was always there in RLD's wood shops.
Not any more.

PT := Perpetual Traveller ..Ben Tate(w/o senti)

(current-time-string) "Sun Jun 24 09:24:34 2018"

(e^(2*pi)+(e+oo)^2)/e = 200.991
e^(2*pi)/e            = 196.99637
e^(2*pi/e)            =  10.0890
per: X=b*n = 2*pi*n,
T_{p} = p^{X/p} 
...= b^((b*n)/b ) ...= p^((2*pi*n)/p)  ...
T_{p}' = b^2/2*(1-ln(b))*T_{b}

(current-time-string) "Sun Dec 31 15:59:04 2017"


``Freedom is not worth having if it does not include the freedom to make
$\dpi$\ xploratory mistakes."

(current-time-string) "Wed Feb  7 02:35:45 2018"

              Ozzie.    Sit down.

    Osbourne Cox, entering, today is a shaken near broken middle-aged
    man in a striped shirt and loosened bow tie.

              Palmer.   WTF. What now?!


Thanks for coming in. This has not been going well for you Ozzie and
all of us need very much get your particular train back on the track
on the double. Its time we let you in on a ULTRA SECURE THREAT MATRIX
ASSESSMENT that brewed up over in the Carpathian-Transylvania GRU-Balkans
Desk something like thirty-seven years ago.

All of this...the stress you have been going through the last few
months, was a necessary hazing CIA sponsored private CRS contract to
shake out both domestic and foreign agencies who were tracking you due
to the Russian Embassy interception of a few lines of one of your own
personal text files. It was their receptionist who actually was the
one who informed us they had it and sought our cooperation to frame a

A top-priority task force was formed to address the TOP SECRET op called
MEERSCHAUM, which has been quite clandestinely active for all this

First of all, the TOP SECRET CLEARANCE is ULTRA, beyond national
interest or any federal agency jurisdiction whatsoever. MEERSCHAUM is
a joint co-development bewtween some inner annexed Department
specialists of the NSA, DIS and the CIA, while remaining dark to their
respective administration.

Sigh... well good, I'm going to have Olson start this off, give you
the run down of what is going on, where we are today, ...Ozzie, you've
no idea the clusterfuck your.. your `memwah' has blown up throughout the
entire international intel community, you've no fucking
idea... anyways Olson, our pointman on this, will outline what the
MEERSCHAUM op is, what we want, and wants you to false-flag initiate
god only knows what.. this year. Ok, Olson?


Straight up? You need to understand that none of this is going to work
unless you let it. Are you going to let it?  Hint: say `Yes'.




Yes... well, well OK Osbourne.  So, where ... here we are and here we
go. We are...lemmee see, Ok, first of all its...duh, uh..complicated,
so there's that. ..you'll have to be patient. you'll have to listen
for once Ozzie, get beyond your ass-holy self-centric know-it-all of
material you have absolutely no idea you're absofuckinglutely ignorant
of, so there's that too.  To begin, the best any of us know is a few
vetted germaine facts without having any clue why others are bat-shit
going crazy over somehow related contemporaneous events as we

Intercepted intel traffic has recently spiked and stayed there on
foreign networks while we remain in the dark.  The Russians are
passing around this old greek orthodox church shit that somehow has in
it some dated work ..and somehow, some of it surfaces in a ..in a
`memwah' some sort of personal journal your keeping? ...we hope to
clear this up.. so, this journal of your own involving Russians and
other east europeans found in somekind of a manuscript of yours. We
know the Russians and the fucking Israelis embassies crypto traffic
have spiked on intercepting this and we have no idea how they got it,
how they acquired your writing.

What everyone is worked up about is this ex-priest named Ted Jenkins,
who manages a Harbodies(tm) here in DC.It looks like this civilian
ex-defrocked alcoholic boozer Greek Orthodox priest has entered
Russian classified Greco-archipelago material something like a hundred
and fifty years old among your own memoir' manuscript and it has
gained and extraordinary amount of attention among an increasing
number of foreign agencies.

Turns out the Poles, and particularly, the fucking Israelis, have been
active on some unknown matter related to this and remarkably, quite
actively for all this past coupla-three decades and a half. The
Iranians, the fucking Iranians can you believe it? .. have sent three
of their German diesel-electric subs to northerm Macedonia to the
famous monestary Island of Mount Athos. Obstensibly, the despicable
lying Isralies claim its to secretly transport some priests and
documents out from under all Peloponnese surveillance about what all
US intel services, specialists, academic consultants, have absolutely
no fucking clue - totally in the dark. The Israelies clam up when
pressed--aren't saying diddly squat--so there's something seriously
twisted going on and we have no fucking idea, no fucking ..nothing

 We -the US,UK agencies --those privileged with operation MEERSCHAUM
clearance- know pretty much zilch, nada, zero. Your career on the
Balkan's desk, as the others were completely in the dark on this for
like...an entire century...since the 1913 Pantdelimion Pandemonium,
snowballing into WWI, not the Arch Duke, as some have persuasively

This ex-Greek- defrocked- Orthodox boozer priest, What also this has
to do with you?  You've been seen entering Hardbodies(tm) talking to
Ted, and there is what we can discern are much more mysterious in the
two items of interest in your early Balkans Desk work, a few names in
your early bizarre `Rasputin's Self-Organized Emergence' thing,

..some early 20th century Russo-Greco history, and this .. this
`memwah' your writing actually touches on material of the Athenian
northern Peloponnese's Mt Athos heremetical numerous and very old
monesteries, boiling up into the Pantdelimion Event, whose then
redacted ramifications have surfaced and now are self-organized and
replete with clandestine revolutionary grassroots internet enabled
menacing networks threatening to trans-geo-political state intel
agencies today.

Why the fuck, why does everybody get .. get like .. queer-phobic' when
they say memoir, it a perfectly pedestian wor...

Pay attention Osbourne.
...I'm now speaking of the 1913 Russian Navy. We're talking about Marseille,
the archeological discoveries on Pseira, Crete. We're talking about a
Swiss horologist of erotic automaton wristwatches that have wealthy
Japanese, Russians and Saudis now interfering with our investigation,
and here we're once again talking about Nykwana Wombosi's peculiar
sexual excesses and his archive now hidden outside of Axum, Ethiopia.

Our tailed ex- defrocked Greek Orthodox monk is seen walking into a
bar with this `Hilarion's Manuscript' - a last known edit copy written
in 4th century Aramaic of all things, the Imaslavie Event the
Onomatodoxology you may or may not be aware of, Mussolini's Ethiopea
attack's true justification and Eritrea's reassigned borders... All
kinds of historic Katzenjammer historic events coming to the fore
here, at this point, we're all quite simply...exhausted, out of depth,
overworked and thoroughly bewildered. Three analysts on the task force
have actually taken leave of absence, citing `spritual exhaustion'.

Honestly, I've already become quite tired introducing you to all of
it, and ...and I've only just started.. started badly I admit.

and .. and this ..these same individuals' interest in selling
intelligence to foreign services to raise funds to help out a friend..


What? What are you talking about? WTF is all this?! WTF!  How do you..
I have no fucking idea how they got it, they called me on my unlisted
number a little after three in the morning and...  and I've no fucking
idea how these morons, these clowns got involved wi..  WTF! What the
fucking fuck!


Settle down Ozzie. We'll get to these interlopers eventually, but
that's not critical, we need to stay focused.  Right now we're
introducing you to a vast investigation of international scope that
all of our domestic agencies are completely ignorant of.  Your leaked
mem... `memwah', broke it open, getting the attention of a vast
teeming ant-hill of foreign intel services and we've no fucking clue
why. We need you to help us what could it possiby be.

We've learned that a pub in Ceylon frequented by many diverse
international agents and analysts, daily keep getting excited about
this, outbursts with actual physical brawling. DC Police repeatedly
are bothering us of foreign diplomats are creating multiple infractions
throughout the city engaging one another, ..just yesterday, three..


We need from you a verbatim copy of what was leaked, we need you to
sit in with our task force and offer anything you can. We understnd
your bewilderment but a few of the academics we've contacted and also
sit in are going to do what they can to get you up to speed.

                              (tilted head, massaging brow)

                    "...%$$$# WTF..." 


"..passphrases, allusions to something I've no clue of, I don't..


..we get that Oz, it's the same for all of us, but together we need to
reveal what has the offshore agencies animated. We expect something
meaningful will surface with all of us working together, you're a
piece to the puzzle and we need you.


Ok, I'll play..so what's the package, what are you offering me
employment wise, clearance, hours, G-level, title, compensation,
pension, benefits, what are you offering me?

We want to make you a happy camper Oz, you'll have all everything
retro-active when you left, plus a signing bonus of $100k, in
appreciation of all the stress you've been through, plus..


Just give me the contract to review and I may or may not talk to you
fuckers. It gets expensive to crucify a loyal employee and expect to
bring him back in with a smiley face, you fucking fucks.

Katie has filed for divorced, she closed my bank accounts,I'm locked
out of the house, my .. 

(current-time-string) "Fri Jan 19 11:41:14 2018"

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