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           ..Finally Batty breaks the silence.

                           I've seen things...
                                        (long pause)
                           seen things you little people wouldn't
                           believe... Eve Online's Attack ships on
                           fire off the shoulder of Orion bright as
                           magnesium... I rode on the back decks of a
                           blinker and watched green laser-diodes
                           glitter in the dark near the Tanhauser Tor.
                           (pause) all those moments... they'll be

(current-time-string) "Mon Jan  8 21:09:24 2018"


picu hash micro packet stego onto Knossos, auction
transaction of png's.

AUCTION per png's.

(current-time-string) "Wed Dec 27 11:21:42 2017"

e^6+pi^4+pi^3                   = 531.844 161
pi^5+2*pi^4+pi^3                = 531.844 143

e^6+2*pi^4                      = 598.2469 7556
pi^5+3*pi^4                     = 598.2469 5788
3*e^6-6*pi^4                    = 625.8318 3427

2*e^6+2*pi^4-pi^6/e             = 648.000 449 772
3*e^6+pi^4-pi^5-pi^6/e          = 648.000 467 446
e^6+pi^5+3*pi^4-pi^6/e          = 648.000 432 099

e^6+3*pi^4                      = 695.6560 6659
pi^5+4*pi^4                     = 695.6560 4892

e^6/oo                          = 698.922 115
(pi^5+pi^4)/oo                  = 698.922 084

2*e^6-pi^4                      = 709.4484 9595
e^6+pi^5                        = 709.4484 7827
2*pi^5+pi^4                     = 709.4484 6060

e^6+4*pi^4                      = 793.0651 576
pi^5+5*pi^4                     = 793.0651 399

3*e^6-pi^5                      = 904.2666 9569
2*e^6+pi^4                      = 904.2666 7801

pi*e^6-pi^5-e^2                 = 954.000 192 999
pi^6-e^2                        = 954.000 137 476
(pi^3+e)*(pi^3-e)               = 954.000 137 476

pi*e^6-pi^5                     = 961.389 2490
pi^6                            = 961.389 1935

e^7-pi^4			= 999.2240 673
e^7+pi^5-e^6			= 999.2240 497
e*(pi^5+pi^4)-pi^4		= 999.2240 193

pi^6+e^4-e^e			= 1000. 833 0813
pi^6+e^5-2*e^4			= 1000. 606 0526

(current-time-string) "Sun Dec 31 15:48:29 2017"

Hue2: Per holotrope is time
      CIF - cl49, atw80d
Time Machine: the later, save girlfriend one.
Time Traveller's Wife - girlfriend grows up with periodic visitor.
ATW80D - Saved by `essential singularity', wins bet, gets girl.

film: Interstellar
Center of blackhole is praire home companion bookcase, you barely
push out books from the other side, like you're in  the wall.
film: @rrival - better than, trans-senti?


-could not care less about 01e. They've got something way better than
the shining, ie, non-linear tempus fugit, without the seizing of

eBased? Why not, they have a natural genteel disposition.

Wise elphantine high-pate foreheads. Remember everything.

They're helping earth because they need humans 3,000 years in the
future.. say, about 5018 AD.

Confused what weapons are.

Use all-time intel to flip belicose Chinese general.

Patient with alien infantile tantrums.

Spuirt black ink circles in a cleae fluid for writing.

Hemi-egg space ship. Anti-G, no spikies, no guns, no photon torpedoes.

Another time travel film, Girl/guy gets.

Need seven Seiko(tm) wristwatches, not. They're all-time @arrived.

Weak saccharin string score.

(current-time-string) "Sun Apr 22 23:57:11 2018"

(e^3/pi^2+1)^(e^3/pi^2-1)     = 3.155667308868915106002027883

e^6/pi^4                      = 4.141592835025129966324747016
e^6/pi^4-1                    = 3.141592835025129966324747016
(e^3/pi^2+1)*(e^3/pi^2-1)     = 3.141592835025129966324747016
(e^3/pi^2-1)^2+2*(e^3/pi^2-1) = 3.141592835025129966324747016

pi^oo+e^oo-oo                 = 3.140112386508339


(e^3/pi^2+1)+(e^3/pi^2-1) = 4.070180750298507304031876404
(e^3/pi^2+1)/(e^3/pi^2-1) = 2.932198432152953144387707935
(e^3/pi^2+1)-(e^3/pi^2-1) = 2.000000000000000000000000000

(e^3/pi^2-1)^(e^3/pi^2+1) = 1.110351296471320652564956646

(e^3/pi^2+1)*(e^3/pi^2-1) = 3.141592 83502
pi                        = 3.141592 65358

(e^3/pi^2+1)*(e^3/pi^2-1)/pi      = 1.0000000 577 52661 383563521609
log((e^3/pi^2+1)*(e^3/pi^2-1)/pi) = 0.0000000 577 52659 71587863737170260066
                                  = 1.0000000 000 0000 166 76848 84237

(current-time-string) "Sun Dec 31 15:58:07 2017"

A rock pile ceases to be a rock pile the moment a single man contemplates it, bearing within him the image of (=. -- Le Pi-Tet Offensive Prince, St Raspberry

     As Chad goes over to his bike Osbourne leans across the front
     seat and cranks down the passenger window to bellow:

               I know who you are, fucker!

(current-time-string) "Fri Jan 19 10:40:22 2018"

pi/(s3*oo*e)-pi/(e^(oo*s3)) = 0.0000000314 219
e*(1/(e*s3*oo)-1/e^(s3*oo)) = 0.00000002718 803
oo*(1/(e*s3*oo)-1/e^(s3*oo))= 0.00000000577 326

e^(s3*oo)/(e*s3*oo)         = 1.00000002718 169
(e^6/pi^4-1)/pi             = 1.0000000577 526

1/(s3*oo*e)-1/(e^(oo*s3))   = 0.000000010001919

s3*oo*e                     = 2.717648084248846

e^6*oo^(pi/e+pi/e^(2*e)-1/e^e) = 220.0000577 939962
(e^6/pi^4-1)/pi                =   1.0000000577 52 6
(e^3+e^2)*e^e+e^3-pi/oo        = 431.000057 5

(pi/(e^2/ep^4-1))^oo        = 1.00000005 534751
(e^2/ep^4-1)/pi             = 0.999999904112951
pi/(e^2/ep^4-1)             = 1.000000095887057
(current-time-string) "Sat Jan 20 11:56:16 2018"

\subsec{Intimate Enplopment Knows Truth}

Immediate Intimate Intrinsics Know:

The $e^z$ symbol uniquely gets its entire encapsulatd $d{\be^z}/dz$ becoming; 
it has instantly arrived
to what is authentically wholly corporately  felt, rather than semiotically {\it
raison}-ed, raisin-ed, or reasoned. The spoonful of fresh bran cereal
with the {\it moist} delicious satisfaction of Poisson distributed
glucose covered raisins is {\it immediately} known, affirmed, and not contestable by
enraged sanctioned authority:

`` {\it raisin d}`${e^{e^{e^{.^{.^{.^{e^t}}}}}}}\!\!\!\ldots$ `{\it re}''
is recursively  $e^x$istential, self-evident, without contest of 
the height inequality in cardinal/ordinal nos. of iterations.

"It's raisins that make Post Raisin Bran so raisiny ..."

#!/usr/bin/wcf/pp9p20   <=== (current-time-string) "Sun Jun 24 22:30:44 2018"

Beyond 01e made actionable, sociable, monetized, while any indirect CP
integrity questions remains mute.

PROVIDED with fully working adaptions of

what iamaginable attraction for chipBoard generations?
Assume only viable market is entertainment. Can't do film
so a game.
A Game - advent
Outside The Castle Gate   - refuge dystopia game
Desporation, Utah
Stanley Bwits, Utah
Maas Mesa, AZ
Sclerosis ehao Alert Signal

Angry Math Troll Hobbes in rented trailer among episodic raided Pikies

Learning good mathematics for the homeless preterite is like a
watchmaker resetting an escapement jewelled bearings while running out
of a filthy alley being chased by predatory criminals.

Carrying the usd through our diaspora among alien chipboard gated
communities with security patrol and yard serfs, among preterite
angry addicts, 

PD Tactical response processing increased homeless intruders without

Unknown, air-gapped, beneath DHS Fusion Center's Stingray, local PD
surveillance, mobile marginal means diaspora PT is more survivable
than euro stone villas.

So ask, where is the Beedle? Why should a landless PT care?

(current-time-string) "Sun Jun 24 21:39:51 2018"

5^pi      = 156.9925453
pi^5/e    = 112.578350626
oo        =   0.577215664
pi^5/e-oo = 112.001134961
5^pi/e    =  57.754329836
oo        =   0.577215664

(current-time-string) "Fri Jan  5 16:28:37 2018"

(fset 'pres
\C-m\C-m\C-mcts \C-u\C-x\C-e\C-m
\C-[[A\C-[[A\C-[[A") (global-set-key [f3] 'pres)

               ...about this Jerry? I've a very bad feeling, your
		competence questioned, we have to analyze everything
		you say or do. You get me CHAD?  Ya got the car?


		Yah, you bet.  It's in the lot there.  Brand-new burnt
		umber Ciera, Corinthian Leather(tm), Trucoat(tm), the

        	Yeah, okay.  Well, siddown then.
		I'm Carl Showalter and this is
		my associate Gaear Grimsrud.

		Yah, how ya doin'.  So, uh, we
		all set on this thing, then?


		Sure, Jerry, we're all set.  Why wouldn't we be? See -
                there it is again, Everytime you open your mouth you
                say something to give us concern.  Like all moronic
                stupid fucking nordic dipshits up here, this is
                seriously starting to look so totally fucked.  So what
                the fuck Jerry, why wouldn't be `all set on this
                thing, then?'


		Yah, no, I'm sure you are.  Shep
		vouched for you and all.  I got
		every confidence in you fellas.

	They stare at him.  Carl pensive, grinding his challengingly crooked
	teeth. An awkward beat.


		...  So I guess that's it, then.
		Here's the keys -


		Gawdamnit! No, Explosively slapping the table, hard!
		Lofting silverware airborne! That's not "IT", Jerry! You
		moronic fuck! Gawdamnit!



		The new vehicle, plus forty
		thousand fucking dollars.

		Yah, but the deal was, the car
		first, see, then the forty
		thousand, like as if it was the
		ransom.  I thought Shep told you -

		Shep didn't tell us much, Jerry.

		Well, okay, it's -

		Except that you were gonna be
		here at 7:30...and here we go again.

		Yah, well, that was a mix-up, then.


                I'm not gonna debate you, Jerry.
		Yeah, you already said that. Yo're not to bright are
		ya Jerry.

		Ah Yah.  But it's not a whole pay-
		in-advance deal.  I give you a
		brand-new vehicle in advance and -


		I'm not gonna debate you, Jerry.



		I'm not gonna sit here and debate.
		I will say this though:  what Shep
		told us didn't make a whole lot
		of sense.

(current-time-string) "Fri Jan 19 11:17:39 2018"

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