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Let's get off the road.


ANGLE LOOKING OUT from the mouth of an enclosed concrete storm drain
that passes under the road. Midway twixt this culvert, is a utility
vault door leading to bowels unknown.  Reese, ignores it, followed by
Sarah, trudges down the slope and ducks inside, the two sit across
from it,

The floor is wet but he doesn't seem to mind.

They both hunker down with their backs to the concrete, facing each other.

They look beaten, grimy, exhausted.

She huddles under the blanket, waif-like.

Suddenly, a little after three minutes later, they here an upbeat
rythym `code knock' from inside the vault door. Flabergasted hearing
this, looking at one another, Reese shakes his head, grimaced in a
rictus of a head pistoning up and down with a `WTF' scowl.

Sarah exclaims, How far down this rabbit hole do we want to go Reese?!

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OCS-14101 20DEC17


KATTACK Game 1: Gold contacts fume, sells 01e to fume.
Intrinsic >> BC(none) possible

PICU $\Psi$:
a canonized minimal representation
evolving weights per ops, per atoms.
 eg CORDIC cycles per op.
variable and bounded $\Psi$.

hipsi's > x are finite.
Where hipsi(High Psi) are shortest str to transmit.

Beyond Significance Definition
$T_{B}$, ...,  01e Operational Calculus, ...to general algorism

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2*pi^10/(9*e^12)  0.347573 7041 191686249944318812
1*pi^4/(11*e^12)  3.2577092 7041 8815392232577393
1*pi^4/(12*e^12)  0.00013557479105830915610013 7041 4
2*pi^1/(5*e^12)   0.00846715391 7041 718692418127206
2*pi^3/(5*e^12)   0.61748464676599 7041 6750954907
2*pi^4/(7*e^12)   1.385632307131817 7041 88066869
2*pi^10/(9*e^12)  0.347573 7041 191686249944318812
3*pi^0/(2*e^12)   0.001367822948331774312004 7041 27
3*pi^6/(7*e^12)   7.54648170045284515878260 7041
3*pi^10/(1*e^12)  34.6712615763 7041 261796330462

(current-time-string) "Sun Dec 31 16:01:40 2017"

           Override the default recursion depth limit. This controls
           how many times RiveScript will recursively follow redirects
           to other replies. The default is 50.

Adding a priority to the "01e *" trigger would ensure that
conflicts like this don't happen, by always sorting the 01e.db search
trigger with higher priority than the other.

  + {weight=100}01e *
  - Searching 01e... 01e 

The @ command is used to redirect an entire response to appear as
though the client asked an entirely different question. For example:

  + my name is *
  - Nice to meet you, .

  + email me *
  @ my name is 
ere is an example of a simple Perl object that encodes a bit of text
into MD5 or Base64.

  > object encode perl
    my ($obj,$method,@args) = @_;
    my $msg = join(" ",@args);

    use Digest::MD5 qw(md5_hex);
    use MIME::Base64 qw(encode_base64);

    if ($method eq 'md5') {
      return md5_hex($msg);
    else {
      return encode_base64($msg);
  < object

/root/0.lang/0.0.perl/0.algor/1ai/0lizbet/RiveScript-v2.0.3:$ rivescript

Can't locate object method "declare" via package "version" at
/usr/lib/perl5/site_perl/5.10.0/RiveScript.pm line 8.

Compilation failed in require at /usr/bin/rivescript line 12.

BEGIN failed--compilation aborted at /usr/bin/rivescript line 12.

(current-time-string) "Mon Feb 19 08:23:02 2018"

``For what affections those qualities transcendental
and symtomes the mirifici have become in their first 
mitosis and generations, the same must the needes retain
and keep afterwards for the teethings of their constant 
quick. Their generation be so induced with this initial
affection, and this law so prescribed unto them, that 
they be so equally holomorphic, therefore this mirifici
of their evolving consonant qualities be throughout
so equally holotropic.''(438)

1915 Ononmatodoxology Tercentary
Joost Burgi: "Chandler e Quille Ouvre Lettre"
An Appreciation of Murchison Castle, Edinburgh
OCS Charterhouse Marianburg, Bayerisch, e Friesland, Olanda
original latin at SOM  Metorea e St Hilarion Mt Athos



[mimic, impression of WERNER HERZOG's whispy or DAVID ATTENBOROUGH's
whispering viewing New Guinea's Birds of Paradise]

"..gracefully just so.. the difference being, to `flake' ..uncoil
cable slowly rocking on one's heels with synchronized `spiro-gyro'
denouement.. an exquisite smoothie, an.. easing.. `an easement' ..much
more satisfying.. then listening to you two."
PEW: Hey Spock, ..read that already in Robert Stack's "How to Make a
Three Foot Stool" -coauthored by Roger Moore.. so how-bout moving
along and "fascinate" this: Human coders are afraid they'll break pi's
user interface -- but they're never afraid to remove their cuff-links,
and with all the good gawdamned time in the world-slowly roll up their
sleeves..  ..and with the great thing about a fundamental constant, is
you can break other things, and see how they tick..  so, they can
break your face.

SPOCK: Fascinating.. Hilarious. I just love it ..have to write that
down.. got a pen?

     CUT TO:

     BOEING wheels screeching...

     Nicholas' jet touches down tarmac, SEA/TAC Airport. Weather
     terrible, driving rain, Seattle cold, and do you understand
     miserably wet?


     Nicholas follows a CHAUFFEUR.  The chauffeur opens a 2017 Daimler
     Benz Maybach 625DL($438,000.00 w/ Trucoat(tm), Coritnthian
     Leather(tm)) LIMO door, closing it with a staid leavened solidity
     promising the extra armored security and safety, for the most
     demanding patrons of bilionairism's seriousy adult needs.

     Several pressed SHIRTS hang waiting, with one AFTER HOURS(tm)
     mint and one rose in glass Baccarat Iris Flute(tm) affixed to
     diamond tufted roof support. (TTL fare $687.55, includes
     shirts. This is water off the back of a duck personal liquid
     wealth, $1,448 Million free and clear beyond expenses/mandates
     1997, Today 3.64 Billion)


     Uve, Gaear Aarndt, Fagelein - VAN BAER paterfamilias' conclave,
     1830's Indonesia Dutch East Indies Import/Export, 
     Ancestors: brutally cruel Dutch congo slave trade
     Bordello, Casino Burlesque 
     Marine bronze foundary
     Olland Amerika(SOLD)
     Viet Nam US surplus export,

      other family line success inport/export Sino Shenzen vast
     electronics mart. 

      `Coutre-feit, LLC' Fake, counterfeit Swiss Watch Dealer/Broker,
      Shenzen and Hong Kong

     Old German/Dutch/Polish extended family globally distributed in
     book publishing, mining, dry bulk freight brokerage, copra, coca,
     increasingly Chinese import/export.

     In the failing rump shadow of the Baer/Grant Publishing offices,
     the limousine idles.  Downtown Seattle, cold grey, and wet. Three
     blocks west, four blocks north, is th notorious 1st and Pike
     `Show Street' intersection, bullseye seedy center of Seattle's
     raw agressively closeted turbulent Combat Zone, organized crime
     shake downs, insurance racket, corrupt precinct beat cops -no
     busking musicians here, multiple porn shops strip clubs crack
     addicted female skeletons, explicit Apple Theater(tm) marquee
     reads LIVE SEX FILM EMPORIUM, vertically, the front of the
     marquee rising from the 2nd to the top of the 3rd floor, cold
     rain buses grinding- savaged rudderless addicts outside as well
     as inside, street walkers, shitheel's world of iconic miserable
     fucking shithole proclaiming sordid criminal depression's only
     entrance/exit is back to redundant concertina razor wire coiled
     gate to Washington State's corrupt CCA Prison's slave industrial
     labor compounds `Wally's World' Walla Walla festering worked
     state owned slaves' hell hole.


     VAN BAER/GRANT PUBLISHING(tired, existing only on tepid fumes), 

      Once NYC, San Francisco, Chicago, Seattle Today, Only this
      residual Seattle single floor distressed office remains,

      Nicholas in New York, has been seeking a buy out interest for
      another to hold this bag -of all his horrible Albatross Van Baer
      assets for decades, dwindling bounces left in this old
      snaggly-tooth snaggly-puss. a particularly sad, slow-cloying
      descent of now a gerontology half-way house of oldster pensioned
      employees on walkers, oxygen, and worse, too painful to witness
      let anlone engage with, huge horrible molting bird carcass
      around his neck. Nicholas hates Seattle.

      Distressed building-2nd floor, only now, multiple belt-tightening
      reductions, and moved into old `greasy' Shorey's Bookstor Bldg,
      then reduced again and moved to 4th/Pike, above a disgusting and
      lurid `ADULT EMPORIUM' -the once `storied' Shorey's Annex, now
      some half-century long gone.


     Meet ALAN VAN BAER, elderly CEO of family dynasty's
     book-publishing business, phony blue-blood practiced affection
     like a D-List TV Soap-opera actor, (a past genealogical distant
     and shamed guilt-riven-ed and criminally exhiled Dutch slavers
     buying an aristocratic knighthood) generations congenitally
     soured by sharp practices, at his desk facing Nicholas. Behind
     Alan, Nicholas sees `fin-de-siecle(at least mid-19th century old)
     bone-colored peeling paint walls framing hard cold rain audibly
     pounding floor to ceiling vintage embedded wire hex mesh --old
     tech poured thick, wavy-- glass windows, with an inviting and
     intriguing set of dust-layer caked flat-black patina-ed Dutch
     East Indies/Bali Shadow Puppets susppended facing one another
     over Alan Baer's head, appear to have been hanging there many
     many decades. At the cracked bone-white window's paint-chip
     layered sill/fensterbonk, we notice a modest collection of quite
     old very well-crafted detailed intricacy and rare
     dust-covered(forgotten) exceptional quality bronze dragon opium
     pipes, and assorted related asian sundry msterious metal boxes,
     oriental paraphernalia.

                               ALAN VAN BAER

                    All these years... the first time
                    ever you step foot in these offices,
                    it's to ask me to step down?

     Nicholas now stands by sun-bleached faded, tatty, dog-eared, and tired
     CHILDREN'S TEXT BOOK mock-ups.  "Math- Magic."  "Wonder-Words."
     They're "Little Baer Books."  This is a sad fetid tired line, today's
     children avoid them if possible: "They're icky".


                    You promised you'd meet projections,
                    Alan.  A dollar sixty per share you
                    said.  So, I don't think this is so
                    surprising a visit.

                               ALAN VAN BAER

                    Projections were far too optimistic.


                               ALAN VAN BAER
                    Our E.P.S. was one fifty last
                    quarter.  We're up eight cents per

                    But, the expectation was ten.  And,
                    in this case, expectation is

                               ALAN VAN BAER
                    Will you really hold me to it over

                    My stock's falling.  Isn't yours?
                    Those pennies are costing me
                    tens of millions.

                               ALAN VAN BAER
                    The stock will turn.

                    It probably will.  In fact, I'd go so
                    far as to say it almost certainly
                    will, in time.  Why should I settle
                    for that?

                               ALAN VAN BAER
                    Because it's fair.  Give me next
                    quarter.  If you still feel this way,
                    vote your shares...

                    You're talking tomorrow.  Today is
                    what counts.

                               ALAN VAN BAER
                    You intractable son-of-a-bitch.  If
                    your father could see you now...


                               ALAN VAN BAER
                    Your father was a friend.  Goddamn
                    it... I watched you grow up.  How do
                    you end up treating me like this?

     This swings Nicholas into a new mode: acutely-focused anger.

     (NOTE: Michael Douglas playing the part of Nicholas Van Orton, is
      in real life a publicly admitted clinical sex addict(PC
      euphanism for a sodomite) suffers the consequential severe
      limbic distemperate rage and half-hooded eyelids --the
      sodomite's `mark'-- the definitive signature of this sickness,
      societal taboo for historically recurrent proven reasons)

                    It is so very inappropriate for you
                    to mention my father.  Or, did you
                    think this, between us, was
                    friendship?  Just because you went
                    fishing with my father, I should sit
                    on my hands while you throw my money

                               ALAN VAN BAER
                    Now, look...

                         (holds up his hand)

                    I'll be done in a minute.  You
                    misspoke before.  

                   (gesturing with forefinger waving horizonally with
                   that staid indifferent slower carelessness of a long
                   practiced and experienced CEO)

                    You're not "stepping down."  I'm taking you out at
                    the knees.  The whole point is to prove that
                    you're not deciding anything anymore.  I'm firing
                    you.  Action's taken.  Confidence restored.  Stock
                    goes up.  I pump and dump..(not to be confused with
                    a `dump and pump'!).. I sell my shares.

                               ALAN VAN BAER
                    There is no Baer/Grant Publishing
                    without Alan Baer.

                    Remember Daniel Grant?  Do
                    they say, "without Daniel Grant, there is no
                    Baer/Grant Publishing?"  He's gone sailing, Alan.
                    He's out there enjoying his golden years, probably
                    wondering where the fuck you are, what the fuck
                    are you still doing at the ol' miserable fucking
                    dead albatross.

     At Alan's desk, Nicholas clears a space for his briefcase.


            I will be blunt. You made a promise.  You failed.

                               NICHOLAS (COND)

                    The severance I'm offering is more 
                    than equitable. Valid tonight only.

                    (looks at the Cartier solid gold Tank watch
                     with Carbochon deep blue coral  jewelled crown)

                    For one hour.

     Nicholas takes a foul CRS advert BIC(tm) ball point pen from a messy
     inked Zip-Lock(tm) bag, lays it on the blotter.


                    I'll step outside, have a walk around the block,
                    take in the sites, grab a bite to eat. .so you'll
                    have all the relaxed privacy you need to read and
                    sign it.

     He tries to unlatch his briefcase clasp.  It's stuck.

                               ALAN VAN BAER

                    I could fight you on this.


                    You could.  But, if I leave without your
                    signature, this complex agreement begins to
                    automatically disintegrate; benefits shrink,
                    options narrow, compensations shrivel. Simply have
                    a look at it, and think you will be pleased.

         Nicholas works on the briefcase the whole time, distraction
         growing as it becomes a true struggle.

                    So... it is in your best interest...
                    to sign presently.

     Nicholas sits, pulling the latch, trying to see what's
     jammed.  It refuses to open.  Nicholas stares at it,
     frustrated, then... an odd realization...

     He takes his keys out, finds the C.R.S. KEY, tries it, ahh!

     It doesn't fit.  It was like ..meant for this lock, but bothched
     somehow?!..  Alan Baer watches, WTF wondering.

     Forgetting himself, apoplectic Nicholas grabs up the briefcase,
     pulling, grunting, desperate, striking it with his palm.

     Nicholas straightens, upstart practice and experienced
     schizoidal... composed.


                    Well... as luck would have it, you've
                    just gotten a reprieve,  I'm sure
                    you'll come around to my way of
                         (picks up briefcase)
                    I have a plane to catch.  My
                    attorneys will contact you.

     Nicholas exits.  Alan Baer doesn't know quite what to think.

                                                        CUT TO:


         On the sidewalk, apoplectic Nicholas violently bashes his
         briefcase over and over again against a fire hydrant, aiming
         for that hex head bolt atop dead center, seeking a
         non-rounded surface to afford an edge to penetrate. To
         penetrate deeply. To do serious damage. This is murderous
         anger, criminal violent endangerment of the addicted raging

                  (shows us finally, his true colors)

         #$%$#@!@ Gawdamned Kochsucker fucking cunt shitty cuntie fuck
          fuck fucker %$#$%^&! butt fuckie cunty dick cck ass...%$$#@


     Nicholas' jet touches down.


     Nicholas sits staring.  His embarrassingly battered briefcase --a
     signature artifact of a seriously sex addicted derangement
     inducing a violently troubled individual-- is near.  He checks on
     his other wrist a vintage solid gold Franscoix Paul Journe
     Tourbillion watch, impatient, flags down a WAITER...


                    Is there a message up front from a
                    Conrad Van Orton...or, Seymour Butts?

(current-time-string) "Fri Jan 19 11:49:32 2018"

(1+pi/e)*(pi/e)+oo = 3.06864 87217
(1+pi/e)^(pi/e)+oo = 3.006864 53812
   . . .                 . . .
e^pi+4*pi^9/e^8 = 63.140 0478239
    *  *  *         *  *  *
pi^oo+e^oo-oo   =  3.140 1123865
    *  *  *         *  *  *
e^pi+3*pi^9/e^8 = 53.140 2090261
e^pi+2*pi^9/e^8 = 43.140 3702283
e^pi+1*pi^9/e^8 = 33.140 5314305
e^pi+0*pi^9/e^8 = 23.140 6926327
e^pi-1*pi^9/e^8 = 13.140 8538349
e^pi-2*pi^9/e^8 =  3.141 0150371
   . . .                 . . .
(1+pi/e)*(pi/e)    = 2.4 9143305
(1+pi/e)^(pi/e)    = 2.4 2964887
   . . .                 . . .
(e+e/oo)^(e/oo)        = 12620.660001

(e+pi/oo)^2*pi^9/e^8   =   666.00012222
(pi^9+e^8)/(pi^9-e^8)  =     1.22222

(current-time-string) "Sun Dec 31 15:58:44 2017"

"We're going to be hunted and killed because we won't buy on credit
and we won't go into debt."
-Priss- PLEASURE UNIT REPLICANT.SN65.358979.3234.SER.T785.
Bladerunner sanctioned termination by Decker


Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make a $\pi$\
revolution inevitable.

-- (collapsed Jugoslav) proverb; 
"Tell the truth and run."

unix fortune "Fri Jun 17 19:10:35 1998"

"Take no harbor near the highway."
-Pseira proverb

"It was one time too many
One mute to reason too few
It was all too much for me and you
It was time to go
Nothing more we could do
One breach too many
For we surviving few"
                  -- Systemic Greed's Hyperinflation Of the US Dollar

Sentinels, kalaxons are shrieking, gentlemen.
We are under attack.
Pseira? You want to put a lid on that.
Accounting has observed a New Scientist Special Edition
was $19.99 on cover, and a Time's Special Edition $17.99, same, at T&C.
Cyrus Harding all chattell, scrape your hull, clean you deck,
Fasten your chin straps people, lock and load, and lock your hatches.

..keep the ehao afloat.

(current-time-string) "Sat Jan 20 10:58:01 2018"

(e/pi)^(s2-1)-(e/3)^(1/z2)   = 0.00000000118
(e/pi)^(s2-1)*(3/e)^(1/z2)   = 1.00000000125
(e/pi)^(2-s2)-(e/3)^(s2/z2)  = 0.00000000163
(e/pi)^(2-s2)*(3/e)^(s2/z2)  = 1.00000000177
        . . .                        . . .
(e/pi)^(s3*3) - s2/3   = 0.0000007136
(e/pi)^(s3*3) / s2/3   = 0.1111111279
(e/pi)^(s3*3) * s2/3   = 0.2222222558
(e/pi)^(s3*3) * s2/2   = 0.3333333837
        . . .                        . . .
3/s2 - (pi/e)^(s3*3)   = 0.000000321
3/s2 / (pi/e)^(s3*3)   = 1.000000151
3/s2 * (pi/e)^(s3*3)   = 4.499999318
3/s2 ^ (pi/e)^(s3*3)   = 4.929880514

\subsec{$\dpi$'s Diadacti - Her Chosen Students}

"He was a modest, good-humored boy.  It was Oxford that made him
an insufferable ass."
% On academia (current-time-string) "Venerdi Augosto 14 04:47:44 2009"

Knowing pi tilts pi's opinion that the world should go on.

(current-time-string) "Wed Feb  7 02:23:29 2018"

 -C Walken:                               Man On Pi -(Artisan 2003 IMBD) 
                                          JUAREZ Revision 3/19/1998 130

  (Alarmed -seriously displaced- involuntarily swallows:)

 "A man can be an artist, 
 of food, anything, whatever. 
 It depends on how good he is at it. 
 Creasy's art is $\dpi$, you know,
 the math constant,  3.1415 dot-dot yada-yada. 

 He's about to paint his masterpiece." 

 "That's all I have to say." 


 "Happiness and love is between them and $\dpi$. 
 My business is to arrange a meeting." 

 It's off to your next $\dpi$\ class my friend. I guarantee you, you
 won't be lonely."

(current-time-string) "Tue Feb  6 16:52:43 2018"

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