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                    Christ... I can't believe it... I can't fucking
                    believe it...  invisible ink?

                    You're joking.

                    It's what they do!  It's like...
                    being toyed with by a bunch of...
            (picks up LIVE SEX SHOW STARRING HIMSELF photos)
                    Depraved children.

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Let's enumerate three topics of interest germaine to a
common understanding we can work with:

[1] The CP arise frequently among are general theorems and inequalities
as upper and lower bounds.

[2] Affairs of the heart, dynamics between the sexes of living organisms
enter a similar extrema accomadation of both social and biological

[3] Of those of you who have been fortunate to participate in affairs
of the heart, you will understand when I say there are extraordinary
acausal events, miraculous moments that occur. These special events
defy explanation of deterministic expectation of probability and
statistics.  they cannot be satisfactorily interpreted by any known
model of physics and mathematics, except for one interpretation found
by Cauchy in his luridly ladened erotic crude sketches and cartoons in
the margialia of his personal quilled notebooks of a remarkably
important result of his own original complex analysis explorations -in
the 18th century- that has not been published to this day but has been
independently arrived at in their private estate papers of multiple
mathematicians of diverse abilities since.

This emerging ehao interest appears to primarily to rely on the first
two items, with possibly some extremely rare interpretations and
motivation premised on item 3.

Computer programming of item 1 is accessible to anyone so motivated
with a middle school education.

Item 2 is too mercurial to dwell upon and has less coherent
significance that we can use or form a response.

Item 3 simply exists and may be relevant here, but the take away I see
is we are to simply understand item 1 as being crucial to this
accessible grassroot movement's unusual fomenting a sudden popular
upheaval seeking to understand something of the CP, to determine
within the limited skilsets of ehao's mathematics and programming what
results they can possibly obtain.

Topics of ehao Studies:

[] These Integer Approximations

[] Return to some mathematical origins from the 17th to the early 20th

[] The Theological, Extraterrestrial, AI Significance is too tired
   and misunderstood to even look at

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                                       The Panteleimon Defense 
                                    GIALLO Revision  12/5/2011  72


This... this ehao? I mean, what the fuck?! 
How'd this one slip through? What have we got, what can we do?


The take-away on reconstructing the activity of this one and the other
 teenage delinquents is difficult as once net-surfers find it on the
 web, some of them fall off the earth, silence. They stop using the
 internet, stop communicating generally, and we can only suppose
 they're playing around with it, consumed. Having so much fun, porn,
 video games, NFL, NASCAR, or even Youtube's cat videos can't scratch


What of this "Constant...", meh,.. uh, this.. this "Constant Society"
site? The guy writing it? Anything there?


Our 24/7 feeds indicate he's not exactly a Chatty Kathy, it's all one
way. Doesn't seem to care if eyeballs see his site or not. the thing
sits there a year or two then some intense bandwidth, then dormant
again. But from some of its recent titilating spicing up, we've got
his number --we know this kind. We know what is required.  We see a
gingerly salting of 60's T & A cheesecake, of unusualy exaggerated
proportions --clearly this is a severely crude blue-collar headlights
and fender fella.  We'll simply inveigle with one of our lower brain
stem eyecandy honeypots then criminally incarcerate, and inside

Who we got?


Sharlice, she's likely available as far as I know, handled by Agent
Hansson. Experienced. From her record, fielding Sharlice would suggests
an excellent fit. Wait till you see her in heels and one of those taut
tube striped dresses and tight elastic belts. There ought to be a law against
these indecent brick built doubly-butted shithouses.


Ok, get `er do... 
                   (abrupt interrupt injection)

Clear and such utter fucking bullshit. 
Not going to happen. You stumps haven't a clue what you're dealing with.
When these sites independently surface, they all also somehow
independently arrive at this this same tomfoolry humper porner-rooney
emergent behavior. For reasons not clear, they all are doing it,
pin-up GIMP tweaking, hooterville honeys, asses you can hang a coat
on. The fart jokes, cutesy inuendo punning fun, the same depraved
confusing chaos attempts to be alluring --at least to these clowning
teenage males' the one traffic commonality are these delinquent youth
and us, we the voyeurs watching them. It has been argued, knowing they
are constantly tracked, that this is a sophisticated entangled
counter-offensive whose sole purpose is poking our analysts in the eye.

Stan Fischer at the Pentagon thinks it is this naturally recurring
arising counter-surveillance layer, happening everywhere, knowing that
all their traffic is watched, they're teasing the watchers, seducing
and confusing them to some extent with porno eyecandy and clowning
around. We've even contracted out to a Baltimore Boos-Allen branch
specifically for their open fag queerdom, and their reports are also
chaotic and distracted, meandering down these tangential rabbit holes
--that'd be of your `Jessica Rabbit' kind, mind you.  But one
controversial theory from the private sector surmises there is a much
larger structure to this, with strong cited evidence of deep historic
artifacts.  Ada Sommerfield in Bellevue-Redmond, Wa's Boeing Applied
Math Group, initially contracted to writing NARUS filter parsers,
believes it's all consistent evidence there is a naturally arising
emergent agency at work unbeknown and within these people drawn into
this particular programming of a particular area of mathematics. She
believes aside from the youthful entertainment value, its purpose is
not only motivating this same preemptive counter-surveillance, but she
actually claims it is proof of a necessary emergent life-form, a
non-carbon-based organism, chaotically evolving it's own language to
communicate, to communicate with us, with us humans apparently.

She claims to be attempting a rigorous proof using the established body of
modern published results generalizing and extending Claude Shannon's
information theory, Chaitin's complexity constant, and Noam Chomsky's
linquistic work.

She has historical evidence of frightfully embarrassing discoveries
made in the private papers and accounts of renown scientists and
mathematicians, that this supposition has been privately known for a
very long time, but due to its obvious canonical academic controversy,
it naturally self censors, remains in the closet and so nothing is
ever published.  Securely air-gapped from public discovery or
discussion, until a historian starts pulling down boxes of the
deceased's collected work gifted to some library, ignored by heirs as
mathematical gobbledygook, so this puerile naughtiness is preserved

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3^pi/2-10*oo     = 9.9999 837010834
10+oo-3^pi/20    = 9.00000 16298916
3^pi/2           = 15.7721 40350098
10*oo            =  5.7721 56649015
oo               =  0.5 7721 566490
(pi+e)*(pi-e)+oo =  3.0 577 6396706

3*e^e-2*e-pi^(e*oo)   = 33.99999619962758018751319766
e^e-(2*e+pi^(e*oo))/3 = 11.33333206654252672917106589

3*e^e-2*e-pi^(e*oo)     999     33      qq 33.99999619 12fb15
3^pi*pi/e-pi    314     33      qq

/root/0.lang/0.0.perl/0.algor/1ai/0lizbet/RiveScript-v2.0.3/bin:$ perl -v

This is perl, v5.10.0 built for i586-linux-thread-multi



/root/0.lang/0.0.perl/0.algor/1ai/0lizbet/RiveScript-v2.0.3/bin:$ ./rivescript
Can't locate object method "declare" via package "version" at /usr/lib/perl5/site_perl/5.10.0/RiveScript.pm line 8.
Compilation failed in require at ./rivescript line 9.
BEGIN failed--compilation aborted at ./rivescript line 9.

* [JSON](http://search.cpan.org/perldoc?JSON)
/opt/lampp/htdocs/xampp/5scripts/dcn/quotes:$ perldoc -m JSON
No module found for "JSON".

* [Clone](http://search.cpan.org/perldoc?Clone)

The most current version of this document is at


  Rev 12 - Novembre 30, 2014
 - Added implementation guidelines for dealing with variable-setting

  Rev 11 - Jun 13, 2013

  - Clarify the ability for the  and  tags to be used for

  Rev 10 - May 15, 2012

  - Deprecated the {!...} tag. It was intended for reassigning global
    or bot variables. Instead use , .

  Rev 9 - Jul 31, 2009

  - Added more explicit details on the usage of the BEGIN block, under
    the section on >Labels / "begin"

  - Revised the WD, fixing some typos.

  Rev 8 - Jul 30, 2009

  - The proper format for the `! version` line is to be `! version =
    2.00`, and not `! version 2.00`

  - Included the "includes" option for triggers and changed how
    "inherits" works.

(current-time-string) "Mon Feb 19 09:06:56 2018"

e^(pi+pi/e)    =  73.502542
e^(pi/oo+pi/e) = 733.915833

e^(pi+oo-e)    =   2.719713353555
e^(pi+oo-e)-e  =   0.001431525096

e^(pi/oo-3)    =  11.5036802

(current-time-string) "Sat Dec 30 11:18:17 2017"

"We're going to be killed because we can't afford a bank mortgage,
and we're stupid."
-Priss- PLEASURE UNIT REPLICANT.SN65.358979.3234.SER.T785.
Bladerunner sanctioned termination by Decker

149   INT. CHUBB'S OFFICE - DAY                                          149

      Gardner Chubb is behind his desk.

                             GARDNER CHUBB

      Palmer DeBakey Smith is seated across from him.      He freezes.

      A beat.

      Gardner Chubb rubs his forehead.

                          GARDNER CHUBB (CONT'D)
                ... Wait a minute. Where's the
                treasury guy? Pfarrer?

                Right now?

                             GARDNER CHUBB
                Right now.

                In a detention room at Washington
                Dulles.                                                        *

                             GARDNER CHUBB
                ... Why?

                He was trying to board a flight to


                    PALMER (CONT'D)
          We had his name on a hot list, the INS
          pulled him. Don't know why he was
          going to Venezuela.

                    GARDNER CHUBB
          You don't know.

          No sir.

                    GARDNER CHUBB
          We have no extradition with Venezuela.

          Oh. Uh-huh. Well----what should we do
          with him?

                    GARDNER CHUBB
          For fuck's sake, put him on the next
          flight to Venezuela!

          Yes sir.     Okay.

Gardner Chubb is weary.

                        GARDNER CHUBB

          Okay.  So the gym manager is dead.. and jesz, he's like one


          Well, yes, the gymmanger is dead, and he was...well, it's

                    GARDENER CHUBB
          The body is----

          Gone, sir.

                        GARDENER CHUBB

          But----there was a, uh... snag...

                        GARDNER CHUBB

          Well. This analyst, Cox, was
          attacking the gym guy. It was broad
          daylight, on the street. Our man
          there didn't know what to do. He felt
          he had to step in.


                      GARDNER CHUBB

          He, uh... He shot the analyst.      He
          shot Cox.

                      GARDNER CHUBB
          Good!    Great! Is he dead?

          No sir.

Gardner Chubb grimaces.

                    PALMER (CONT'D)

          ... He's in coma. They're not sure
          whether he'll make it. They think,
          they're pretty sure he has no brain

                    GARDNER CHUBB
          Okay. Okay. If he wakes up we'll
          worry about it then. Jesus, what a
          clusterfuck. That's it then. No one
          else really knows anything. Okay.

          Um.     Well sir, there is...

                      GARDNER CHUBB


                      GARDNER CHUBB

          There is the woman.   The gym woman.
          Linda Litzke.

                     GARDNER CHUBB
          Oh yeah.   Fuck. Where is she.

          We picked her up.    We have her.

                    GARDNER CHUBB
          Can we, uh----

          She, she, she says `she'll play ball' if
          we pay for some... I know this sounds
          odd----some surgeries she wants.
          Cosmetic surgery. She says she'll sit
          on everything.

                      GARDNER CHUBB
          How much.

          There were several procedures.    All
          together they run to, um----

                      GARDNER CHUBB
          Pay it.

          Yes sir. Should I pay it out of,
          should it be from----

                    GARDNER CHUBB
          One of the Blackbrier accounts, I don't
          give a shit. That fuck-stick Bourne fund.
          Whatever the fuck.


                      GARDNER CHUBB
          Jesus.    Jesus H Fucking Huey Newton Christ.

He shakes his head.

                    GARDNER CHUBB (CONT'D)
          ... What did we learn, Palmer.

          I don't know, sir.

                    GARDNER CHUBB
          I don't fucking know either. I guess
          we learned not to do it again.

          Yes sir.

                    GARDNER CHUBB
          Although I'm fucked if I know what we

          Yes sir.    Hard to say.

                    GARDNER CHUBB

 That Yale almuni thing, their "Balkans Desk Club", so what the fuck is up
 with that?


We don't know, other than foreign intel seems to be wound up about
them. Meade says their traffic is way up regarding anything about

                   GARDNER CHUBB

So why don't we know? Who cares? More Russian's wet work?


The Russians, Israelis, the Chinese, the Iranians, the...

                   GARDNER CHUBB

Ok, I get it already, ..the fucking Israelis, those despicable
cocksucker...Ok, ..but what the fuck is this Balkans Desk doing


We don't kn..

                   GARDNER CHUBB

OK I get it. So why don't you ask them, what do your Chink moles say,
or for fuck's sake, is that too much the fuck to ask for?


We've tried. Everyone we network with don't know but admit they're
being kept in the dark while some of their higher-clearance field-ops
are seriously animated -or they're simply not talking.

      We pull back from Gardner Chubb, sighing, shaking his head.

                           GARDNER CHUBB
                Jesus.   Jesus fucking H Christ.
(current-time-string) "Fri Jan 19 11:18:18 2018"

e*(3*oo^2+1)/2             = 2.7176481581 24873
e^(s3*oo)                  = 2.7176481581 19132
e*(3*oo^2+1)/(2*e^(s3*oo)) = 1.0000000000021124

arithmetic-geometric mean?

e*(3*oo^2+1)/(2*e*s3*oo) = 1.0000000 2718 3809232
e^(s3*oo)/(e*s3*oo)      = 1.0000000 2718 1696798

s3*oo        = 0.9997668 5853410645
(3*oo^2+1)/2 = 0.9997668 8571157801

(3*oo^2+1)/(2*e*s3*oo) = 0.3678794 51171 806871
s3*oo)/(e*s3*oo)       = 0.3678794 41171 442321
e^(s3*oo)                  = 2.7176481581 1913
e*(3*oo^2+1)/2             = 2.7176481581 2487
e^((3*oo^2+1)/2)           = 2.717648 23197793
e^(s3*oo)		   = 2.717648 15811913

e^(3*oo^2)/(e*oo^2)        = 3.000000326
e^(3*oo^2)          	   = 2.717014783

1+s3*oo^2-(3*oo^2) 	   = 0.577547320
(s3*oo^2)/(3*oo^2)	   = 0.577350269
(s3*oo^2)^(3*oo^2)	   = 0.577229028
oo                	   = 0.577215664
(s3*oo^2)*(3*oo^2)	   = 0.576812040
(s3*oo^2)+(3*oo^2)	   = 1.576614863

(current-time-string) "Sat Jan 20 09:01:27 2018"

% (current-time-string) "Wed Nov 23 08:25:11 2011"
The Conservation of Ratio Regulum

It is safe

A seeking CP enplotment is safe

Nico Gaas
Toronto, Cisco Alley
Stay/Go Doors behind doors
mill, lathe the tooling
to: perl sec ehao archx
8ap18 - ds
Die Brucke
	     epo ...
	     stats distribution
	     muse eg primRoots termites
	     a new arith
Two Titanium Watches As Temporal and Existential Pilots
Briar to SWATCH horns

Modelli Per Desire
Casa e Means  Beyond NiamH

/root/01e/base/b79:$ ./4bal.pl 1000
dec: 1000 d2t: ++0+00+
dec: 2000 d2t: +0-+-0+-


(current-time-string) "Sun Apr  1 19:42:10 2018"
An ehao communication standard: "We are hungry Judge. The jury is starving." -Nicholas Easter "I pledge alligence to the ...". -Nicholas Easter

2*e^6+2*pi^4                       = 1001.6757 690
e^6+pi^5+3*pi^4                    = 1001.6757 513

2*(e^6+pi^4)-1/oo                  = 1001.0985 533

3^(2*pi)+pi/oo                     = 1000.484 311
pi^6+e^4-pi^3/2                    = 1000.484 205
pi^6+e^4-pi^2-pi-e                 = 1000.257 864
pi^6+e^4-3^pi/2                    = 1000.215 203
2*(e^6+pi^4)-pi/2                  = 1000.104 972
e^6+pi^5+3*pi^4-pi/2               = 1000.104 955

pi^5+2*pi^4                        =  500.837 86
e^6+pi^4                           =  500.837 88
2*e^6-pi^5                         =  500.837 90

\subsec{Dual Duelling}


"All estrangements and all irreconcilables of existence find their
unity and equalization, there arise the peace, the security, the all
embracing wealth of feeling that {\it reverberates} with the notion of
a common demoninator of all superposition of cycles and the
private and unknown secret accumulation and access to capital, that we
hold."  ~GREI.1997.234

Money, like $\dpi$, unified life's contradictions--the petty and the
exalted, the confusing multiplicity of things and the elemental,
immutable truths, the limits and the potential described by life and

In their realm, the feelings that money excite possesses a
psychological similarity with this. In so far as money becomes the
absolutely commensurate expression and equivalent of all values, it
rises to abstract heights way above the whole broad diversity of
objects; it becomes the center in which the most opposed, most
estranged and the most distant things find their common interest.

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"It's not Camelot, but it's not shithole Tacoma, WA either."
                -- Kevin White, mayor of Cleveland, OH

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