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              Ozzie.    Sit down.

    Osbourne Cox, entering, today is a shaken near broken middle-aged
    man in a striped shirt and loosened bow tie.

              Palmer.   WTF. What now?!


Thanks for coming in. This has not been going well for you Ozzie and
all of us need very much get your train on track on the double. Its
time we let you in on a TOP SECRET discovery that broke in the
Carpathian/Transylvania GRU/Kremlin Desk something like thirty-five
years ago.

All of this...the stress you have been going through the last few
months, was a necessary hazing CRS operation to shake out both
domestic and foreign agencies who were tracking you.

A task force was formed to address the TOP SECRET op called
MEERSCHAUM, which has been quite clandestinely active for all this

First of all, the TOP SECRET CLEARANCE is ULTRA, beyong national
interest or any federal agency jurisdiction whatsoever. MEERSCHAUM is
a joint co-development bewtween some inner annexed Departments of the
NSA and the CIA, without remaining dark to their respective

Sigh... well good, I'm going to have Olson start this off, give you
the run down of what is going on, where we are today, ...Ozzie, you've
no idea the clusterfuck your `memoir' has blown up throughout the
entire international intel community, you'e no fucking
idea!... anyways Olson, our pointman on this, will outline what
MEERSCHAUM is, what we want, and wants you to false-flag initiate god
only knows what.. this year. Ok, Olson?


Yes... well, hiya Osbourne.  So, where ... here we are. We
are...lemmee see, Ok, first of all its....complicated, so you'll have
to be patient. The Russians are passing around this old greek orthodox
church shit that somehow has networked into it some dated work ..from
a journal your keeping? ...we hope to clear this up.. so, this journal
of your own involving Russians and other east europeans found in
somekind of a manuscript of yours. We have no idea how they have this,
how they acquired your files containing CLASIFIED intel.

What everyone is worked up about is this ex-priest named Ted Jenkins,
who manages a Harbodies(tm) here in DC.It looks like this civilian
ex-defrocked Greek Orthodox priest has entered Russian classified
material nearly a hundred years old among your own memoir' manuscript
and it has gained and extraordinary amount of attention among foreign
surveillance everywhere.

The Poles, Israelis have been on this and quite actively since day
one, ie, for all this past decade nd a half. The Iranians, the
Iranians can you believe it have sent a coupla-three diesel-electric
subs to northerm Macedonia to the famous monestary island of Mount
Athos. Obstensibly, the Isralies claim its to secretly transport some
priests and documents under all Peloponnese surveillance about
what,,,,all US intel services have absolutely no fucking clue. The
Israelies clam up when pressed--aren't saying diddly squat--so there's
something seriously twisted going on and we have no fucking idea,
nothing whatsoever.

 We -the US,UK agencies --those privileged with MEERSCHAUM clearance-
know pretty much zilch, nada, zero. Your career on the Balkan's desk,
as the others were completely in the dark on this for like...an entire
century...96 years.

He's an ex-Greek- defrocked- Orthodox priest, What this has to do with
you.. you've been seen entering Hardbodies(tm) talking to Ted, and
there is what we can see much more mysterious in the two items of
interest in your early Balkans Desk work titled

[Rasputin's Self-Organized Emergence, including:

..some early 20th century Russo-Greco history, and this `memoir'
your writing actually touches on material of the Athenian northern
Peloponnese's Mt Athos heremetical Percheron provinces of numerous and
very old monesteries, in the 1920's, whose then redacted ramifications
have surfaced and now are self-organized and replete with clandestine
revolutionary grassroots internet enabled menacing networks
threatening to trans-geo-political state agencies today.

I'm speaking of the 1922 Russian Navy. We're talking about Marseille.
We're talking about Nykwana Wombosi.  The Charismatic Greek Orthodox
Monk Hilarion's manuscript- an acquired last known edit copy written
in 4th century Aramaic of all things, the Imaslavie Event the
Onomatodoxology you may or may not recall, Mussolini's Ethiopea
attack's true justification and Eritrea's reassigned borders... All
kinds of historic Katzenjammer historic events coming to the fore
here, at this point, we're all quite simply...exhausted, out of depth,
overworked and bewildered.

Honestly, I've already become quite tired introducing you to all of
it, and ...and I've only just started.. started badly I admit.

2) this ..same individual's interest in selling intelligence to
foreign services to raise funds to help out a friend..


What? What are you talking about?
WTF.  I have no idea what you're talking about.
And I have no idea WTF has this got to do with me.


WTF am I doing here?!

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The Heidelberg/Tokyo Ginzei erotic automatons 50's Collection Auction,
London.  Boodles' Custodian Collins' Deposition, the Rules Restaurant
wall's framed drawing signed with the FliegerBuns Bund logo, Defrocked
Anglican curator/librairian.

A rare prototype one-off Omas fountain pen from the desk of the
Havanna Sugar King 1950's

Presented under a sanctimonious veneer as `Historic' pornography, a
coupla-three palleted Lots of the vast Faraouk -Whereby FOIA CIA
public documements in the NWT's Oedegaard Archive Annex your`Company'
referred as `FFF', `Fat Fucker Farouk', `Butter-Ball' re: the infamous
Southeby's Farouk Erotica Auction of 1959

-This FFF Collection being seminal for Wittemore's `Shangai Circus',
adjunct to his Sinai Tapastry trilogy.

What concerns our interest, were some of the naughty automatons in the
collection had the same curious hallmark what appeared to be, the
ass-cracked boulbous lobes of a derriere with wings enclosed by what
apears to be `hearing protectors' surmounting a $\pi$\ symbol with the
words Bavaria and something `Flieger' and `Bund', with a dated year
from the late eighteenth century.

The same hallmark was observed in an 1850's survey study discovered in
the Sir Terrence Thomas' shelved portfolios in the Boodle's private
Erotica Colection. Also a derivative facsimile at Rule's Restaurant
private 2nd floor `The Rule City Club' and something in their Golf
Club House's Sanderson/Wroughton Library, it goes on and on:
-Murcheston Castle's, the Borromeo's Ambrosia in Milan, Oxford
Bodliean, Brahe's Hveen Archive, the Vatican's closed annex Q wing, in
the notorious orologist `Shrieking' Plummer's Collection, a
description in Ludwig's Hohenzollern's Lives appended to a hand-signed
signature in the Marianbad Gastbuch, also in the Faber's Castle
Guestbook.  Again, in Offenbach's Tales Of Hoffmann original mss with
erotic interpersed with mathematical puzzles marginalia, Rothschild,
Thurn Taxis, Baretta heir's, diffusing dynasties this FliegerBund
Guild is likely buried away in there somewhere.

The anthrpologist Rheinkratz's collection of ancient mathematical
graffiti entwined with amusing while crude prurient content.

Feynman's undergraduate years studying in a burlesque theater and a
nudie bar, both family and public photos of Richard's college years,
then later, and throughout the remainder of his life, when he poses
before the camera and even in candid group shots, you will witness one
of his hands always severly gripping something. A coffee cup -yes the
cup - not using a coffee cup's handle, or the ring - the the entire
cup itself--it is as if his hand is attempting to envelope the entire
coffee cup, or mug itself. You see Feynmann gripping the edge of a
living room coffee table, the fingers of his hand enveloping from the
back to the front cover of a book or two or three books, even gripping
his own forearm, and those uncomfortable old sepia photos of Feynman
awkwardly holding the corner of a wall.

  This peculiar need to be grabbing an object was identified decades
  ago in a clincal study as a haptic compulsion with a strong positive
  correlation indictive of the severely habituated onanist- recall
  this is a great physicist mind you. The voluminous explict erotic
  collection Johnny Von Neuman was discovered in his personal stacks
  of boxed papers. There is Isaac Newton's `Red Room' with that
  peculiar Cambridge tradition of the `Running Jack' caning cant.

Pompeii's revealed famous overtly huge graphic murals of frank carnal
physicality with its greek slave artisans including intentionally
hidden subliminal elaborate geometric constructions in the background
perspective horizons and landscapes.

So you are asking yourself, all this has always been going on as a few
collectors have independently discovered, but today there is emergence
of a direct recognition, that, ... well, how could something so
carelessly overlooked, for so long, could possibly be? Well, quite
simply, so are we, and have been seeking answers to this mystery a
very long time.

To summarize, there is a closeted strident teeming vitality within the
numbers themselves that ...well, at the least we can say that our
public school textbooks are completely ignorant of and this has been
so, also for a very long time.

Of all this pruient erotica with a certain focus of mathematics
arising independently throughout history and geographically. What has
surfaced, what now we do know:

Multiple foreign wealthy individuals and state agencies are doing
exactly the same thing, researching all the consequences of
this. Capriciously, as far as our researches have discovered, there is
zero interest by all the US intel agencies, your good Langley folks
included. It appears they remain completely in the dark, total
ignorance, rather than, say, the automatic debunking it all as total
complete balderdash -- simply, they're ignorant of all of it -
possibly, perhaps rejected early on as silly conspiracy
fantasy.. anyways, ..today it is however gathering .. er.. alarm and
bewilderment that we've a vast ignorance with global consequences.

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e                                    2.718281828459045235360
2*e^(s3*oo)/(3*oo^2+1)               2.71828182845 330304296
pi/(3/s2)^(s3/9)                     2.718281 74925990

(s3*oo)/(3*oo^2+1)          = 0.4999999 8640809
log(2*e^(s3*oo)/(3*oo^2+1)) = 0.99999999999 788

(3/s2)^(s3/9)               = 1.1557273 8346388
pi/e                        = 1.1557273 4979092

(current-time-string) "Fri Jan 19 23:02:02 2018"

# /root/0.lang/0.0.perl/0.cheops/3digest/sha/Digest-SHA-PurePerl-5.84/
# lib/Digest/SHA/PurePerl.pm

package Digest::SHA::PurePerl;

" ..take no harbor near the highway"
Pseria, Crete proverb

"..who by trained skill rescued life from such great billows and such thick
darkness and moored it in so perfect a calm and in so brilliant a light"
- The Thera Event, Nicolus,  Pseirian of Crete 1500 BC

(current-time-string) "Sat Feb  3 20:54:37 2018"

per epi-decima:

2 3 10:____________________

e^e*2^e+e/10        = 100.000300 2720
(pi+3/2)^3          = 100.000246 8969

3 4 5 6:__________________
e^6-pi^5+oo^(-s3)   =  99.999 5 54575
pi^4+oo^(-s3)       =  99.999 5 36902

e^6-pi^5+oo^(-1/oo) = 100.000129 6222
pi^4+1/oo^(1/oo)    = 100.000111 9487

e^6-pi^5+oo^(-s3)   =  99.999 5 54575
pi^4+oo^(-s3)       =  99.999 5 36902

e^6-pi^5+1/s3^(-s3) =  99.99 8 508609
pi^4+1/s3^(-s3)     =  99.99 8 490936

1 2 5 10:__________________
pi^2+1/e^pi = 9.912 818
5*e-10/e    = 9.912 614

6 7 8 9:___________________
pi^9/e^8                 = 9.999 8387
7*pi/e + 6/pi            = 9.9999 507

4 5 6 7:___________________
log(pi^5+pi^4)        =   5.9999999 561
e^6                   = 403.4287 934927351226083871805
pi^5+pi^4             = 403.4287 > 75819283 < 8904991816427
e^(7-e^6/(pi^5+pi^4)) = 403.4287 > 75819283 < 5033789660643

(current-time-string) "Fri Feb 23 12:43:39 2018"

\subsec{Iterated Expons}		% ssssssssssssssss

When you teach your son, you teach
your son's son:

``Life is largely a matter of $\be_{++}$xpectation."

``We first make our habits, then $\pi$\ abits, and then $\pi$\ makes

128   INT. OSBOURNE'S BOAT - DAY                                    128 *

      An exercise show plays on the TV, unwatched. Osbourne sits
      at a little table looking at a notice torn from a windowed

                ... What?

                ... What?!

      He brings the notice close, squints at it.

                          OSBOURNE (CONT'D)

                ... What the fuck?

      He quickly shuffles through the rest of the mail, pulls out
      another envelope, rips it open.


                ... What the fucking fuck?!

       Osbourne paces, drink in hand, staring at another piece of

                           OSBOURNE (CONT'D)
                 What the fuck?


       Osbourne is back at the table, drink half-consumed, listening
       at the phone.

                           OSBOURNE (CONT'D)

                 ... Yes... No... Yes, I want to know why the check
                 for my slip fee was returned for insufficient
                 funds...  Slip fee, for docking my boat, the check
                 was returned... No, m'dam, it's not zero, I have
                 about four hundred dollars in this CHASE
                 account... When? ...  When?... But she can't do
                 that----no, yes, technically it may be a joint
                 account but she doesn't use it, it's not her
                 money... No! No! What access, it's not possible!
                 Without my permission? What about the, my, the, our
                 savings account? My savings account?... I don't know
                 the fucking number! You think I memorize the fucking
                 numbers on my fucking bank accounts! A $40.00
                 sub-minimal balance monthly fee?..  What the fuck?!
                 Nicked $40.00 per month for fucking what?!
                 You Moron! Thieving criminal CHASE! 
                 You fucking moron!... Hello?

(current-time-string) "Fri Jan 19 11:18:03 2018"

(1+pi/e)*(pi/e)+oo = 3.06864 87217
(1+pi/e)^(pi/e)+oo = 3.006864 53812
   . . .                 . . .
e^pi+4*pi^9/e^8 = 63.140 0478239
    *  *  *         *  *  *
pi^oo+e^oo-oo   =  3.140 1123865
    *  *  *         *  *  *
e^pi+3*pi^9/e^8 = 53.140 2090261
e^pi+2*pi^9/e^8 = 43.140 3702283
e^pi+1*pi^9/e^8 = 33.140 5314305
e^pi+0*pi^9/e^8 = 23.140 6926327
e^pi-1*pi^9/e^8 = 13.140 8538349
e^pi-2*pi^9/e^8 =  3.141 0150371
   . . .                 . . .
(1+pi/e)*(pi/e)    = 2.4 9143305
(1+pi/e)^(pi/e)    = 2.4 2964887
   . . .                 . . .
(e+e/oo)^(e/oo)        = 12620.660001

(e+pi/oo)^2*pi^9/e^8   =   666.00012222
(pi^9+e^8)/(pi^9-e^8)  =     1.22222

(current-time-string) "Sun Dec 31 15:58:44 2017"

\subsec{Own Teething Tease Gets$_{++}$ Grown}

"Do you have a {\it favorite}?
Yes, the next one 

the one I'm currently working on:
$$\mid \mid @ - \mid\mid n - n_{++}\mid\mid   \mid \mid \rightarrow 0"$$

"@" := @$\{{\it fav, fun, celebrated, ...}\}$ := @t @mused @wareness with an @ctive  positive ment@l @ttitude

%$${\big \mid \mid} @ - \mid\mid n - n_{++}\mid\mid   {\big \mid \mid} \rightarrow 0"$$
% $$\big\mid \big\mid at - \mid\mid n - n_{++}\mid\mid   \big\mid \big\mid \rightarrow 0"$$
%$$\big\mid\big\mid @ - \mid\mid n - n_{++}\mid\mid   \big\mid\big\mid \rightarrow 0"$$
%$${\pmb \mid}{\pmb \mid} @ - \mid\mid n - n_{++}\mid\mid   {\pmb \mid}{\pmb \mid} \rightarrow 0"$$

"Our @rrived m@thematics is the one we're only sort of good @t,  what we
c@n kind@ sort@ @lmost -then c@n- do."

"...the toothing of another." The Prince, Machiavelli

``If I accept you as you are, I will make you worse; however, if I
treat you as though you are what you are capable of becoming, I help
you become $\dpi$."

{\bf Grass roots} is not only the most important, the least understood
and most maligned precondition for growth and prosperity, it is the
indispensable prerequisite for it. Prosperity is "from the ground up",
a one-way street and should always ever be directed or dictated from
the $\pi$.

Tacitus: CrappyCohortWrites-

Good morning munchkins.
Today is a glass more-than half-full day.

Before you is your own personal Bob MacCallum's perlGP "Info Packet".
Your world will now focus onto Bob's perlGP thing.
  total used in directory 68 available 5328608
  drwxrwx--- 3 2154   30  4096 May 11  2007 .
  drwxr-xr-x 6 root root  4096 Febbraio 11 22:28 ..
  -rw-rw---- 1 2154   30   986 May 11  2007 Changes
  drwxrwx--- 2 2154   30  4096 May 11  2007 Genetic
  -rw-rw---- 1 2154   30 22707 May 11  2007 Genetic.pm
  -rw-rw---- 1 2154   30    55 Marzo  3  2005 MANIFEST
  -rw-rw---- 1 2154   30   493 Marzo  3  2005 Makefile.PL
  -rw-rw---- 1 2154   30 16173 May 11  2007 README
  -rw-rw---- 1 2154   30   491 Marzo  3  2005 test.pl
Why? Because he has something working extensible to e01 and it is more
accomplished than anything I've recieved on my desk from anyone of you
knuck-nuck `Tommy, come laugh with me' chuckle-heads.

Guess who gets the Caddy? Care to guess that not one of you get the
Made In China Dollar-Store(tm) Steak Knives Set?

Use the script examples. Tear it up, add subs, mash, spindle and fold it.
All of you are expected to contribute something original here.
This is a good opportunity for all of us to focus. That means you

No more decades wasted lamely tossing our hell-boxes to find
`significant' 01e zeds.  From now on --until our own-- knowing senti,
now means being seeded by GProgh.

Our 01e entries obtained are not without significance, but now
discovered by our own GP surfacings with a laudable log-able record,
we will be more able to identify GP spawned patterns if refactored

List the GP sub prototypes you want to see. For example:
simian's annealing schedule as mutation schedule(),
WritWisdomSurfacesSenti(), ..etc.

A take away is all 01e is not our mascot `Progh the Egret', but its
original motivation and outlying zeal. Progh's will be derived once
perlGP clothes 01e's into new dynamic module pm's.

(current-time-string) "Sat Feb 10 22:57:56 2018"

e^2+1/pi   =  7.7073659851144408
e^2-1/pi   =  7.0707462127468595

pi-1/e^2   =  3.0062573703531805

pi^2+1/e^2 = 10.0049396843259713
pi^2+1/e^3 =  9.9193914694572225
pi^2+1/e^4 =  9.8879200399780927
pi^2+1/e^5 =  9.8763423480884440

pi^2-1/e^5 =  9.8628664540902731
pi^2-1/e^4 =  9.8512887622006244
pi^2-1/e^3 =  9.8198173327214946

(current-time-string) "Thu Feb  8 13:32:43 2018"

%HP131 ===> Determinism necessitates randomness
% 12/21/96 Exit BOE 9:24 PM
Random driver for the diamond scribe of the ruling engine to overcome
the ensemble's inertia allows precision in the ruling engine's construction
of the diffraction grating for an interferometer.

% SCI AM Amateur Scientist ``G33?"
% 30 Jan 79
% 12/21/96 Exit 9:26 PM EOE

% 12/21/96 Exit BOE 9:26 PM

British AkAk guns with greater random perturbation by the ship's noise
vibration, in their lighter construction, proved superior to heavier guns of
less amplitude responding to vibration.

% overcomming moment of inertia.

%Rolf Nelson
% 30 Jan 79
% 12/21/96 Exit EOE 9:33 PM

% 12/21/96 Exit BOE 9:33 PM
Randomness necessary for unbiased position after $2k$ binomial

%30 Jan 79
% 12/21/96 Exit EOE 9:34 PM

% (current-time-string)``Sat Aug 23 02:51:32 2003"
To prevent over harvesting and to determine domain and trajectory of seasonal hunt, Laplanders
would cast at hazard a reindeer/caribou shoulder bone.

(current-time-string) "Wed Feb  7 02:37:48 2018"


HAL and Oz up north in Boston's sordid Pilgrim's Theater, in a
distressee Lounge booth, cont'd ..)

                             OSBOURNE (CONT'D)

..HardBodies Gym(tm) where my DVD was discovered, those clowns
attempted blackmail, and then, come to find out that.. ..that
defrocked Greek Orthodox priest is actually some field agent doing
some intel here ..and who the fuck knows who else-- here in DC for
some unknown gawdamned thing that no US agency knows about or at
least, does not know about to even give a flying fuck about..so what
the fuck.. what the fuck is up with that Hal? I mean.. why does my DVD
suddenly appear at this HardBodies(tm) franchise -a foreign service spy front,
..Greek Orthodox Church of Chrissakes...WTF...and
it apears this Ted Jenkins ex-priest had already been managing
the place some years before? So what the fuck Hal? Have you ever heard
of.. imagined.. anything ..like WTF?!


  .. I asked some of the foreign shops around town and it's a big fat
  nada, not a thing, archives, old case studies, not a gawdamned
  thing. The Vatican? Hell yes, a whole lotta evil history and despicable
  criminality there, but ...the ancient Greek Orthodox church running
  a global network of clandestine ops is totally out from nowhere, no
  records of it, a totally new unknown phenomenon, just... no one has
  a gawdamned thing... and its your gawdamned DVD that brought it to
  light Oz. Remarkable to .. 


(... signal lost to:

    (...cubes rattling in tumbles punctuates Lounge muzak and
    burlesque stage din, drums, yelps)

(current-time-string) "Fri Jan 19 11:41:36 2018"

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