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          Yes sir. Should I pay it out of,
          should it be from----

                    GARDNER CHUBB
          One of the black accounts, I don't
          give a shit. The January fund,
          Blackbrier, ecoin evidence, Whatever.


                      GARDNER CHUBB
          Jesus.    Jesus fucking Christ.

He shakes his head.

(current-time-string) "Fri Jan 19 10:55:07 2018"



Hello everyone.

I'm just going to dive in, so so try to keep up.

Permuting say, only fifteen different symbols in billions of iterated
loop runs, they know about something new better than anyone else knows
about something new.  But compared to what anyone of you know about it,
and because it is so vast and complicated, what they know is
essentially nothing, but considerably more than your nothing.

Your "So what?"  The `So what' is, they may stumble into something
significant, and we're not going to know WTF it is. We're not going to
be there.

There's that and when someone gets interested in CP/senti, they become
more and more drawn in, fascinated by it, and eventually nothing else
matters.  Soon, after a certain familiarity, and competence in this,
getting their box configured, a small subset of some coding fluency,
and so forth, they never stop.

Everything else becomes insignificant.  These citizens become
non-productive minimalist consumers, therefore becoming a questionable
asset to our capitalist state. Falling of the grid, we know not what
they do. There is also the threat by becoming critical and discerning
our greed, our cronyism and criminality, finding regulatory
vulnerabilities and revealing authority's chaotic decisions.

These are the ehao.  As the ehao practitioners grow, this is not only
a loss to state taxable revenue, but an abstract incubator for
dissent, we fear, as history repeatedly reminds us, a dissent
eventually becoming actionable.  Think of the ehao as a sleeping,
dormant yet threatening pandemic.  as the number of CP/senti `number
worshippers' are growing.

All this is stateside surveillance, Our Russian network, our Southeast
Asia, South America, Central America, particularly Juarez, Mexico,
Vancouver BC, Toronto, Berlin Underground, and Amsterdam's lurid
`Walllen' zone, our intel analysts have all reported sitings of this
independent CP/senti traffic, before they fall off the grid.

Our primary mission is to put a stop to it. To do this we must first
find them and observe our own domestic ehao emergence.

(current-time-string) "Sun Jan  7 10:27:11 2018"


e^9/pi^8 =    .853
e^9/pi^6 =   8.428
e^9/pi^4 =  83.186
e^9/pi^2 = 821.0140
e^9/pi^7 =    2.682
e^9/pi^5 =   26.478
e^9/pi^3 =  261.336
e^9/pi^1 = 2579.291

e^10/pi^9  = 0.738
e^11/pi^10 = 0.639
e^12/pi^11 = 0.553
e^13/pi^12 = 0.478
e^14/pi^13 = 0.414
e^15/pi^14 = 0.358
e^16/pi^15 = 0.310
e^17/pi^16 = 0.268
e^18/pi^17 = 0.232
e^19/pi^18 = 0.200
e^20/pi^19 = 0.173
e^21/pi^20 = 0.150

(1+pi/e)*(pi/e)+oo = 3. 0 6864 53812
(1+pi/e)^(pi/e)+oo = 3.00 

e^9/pi^7+e^9/pi^6         = 11.11 1395
(e^3/pi^2-1)^(e^3/pi^2+1) =  1.11 0351

(current-time-string) "Sun Dec 31 15:58:56 2017"

e^6/pi^5-1/pi                      = 1.0000000577526613835
(e^3+pi^2)*(e^3-pi^2)/pi^5         = 1.0000000577 526 6 13
(e^6-pi^4)/pi^5                    = 1.0000000577 526 6 13
(e^6/pi^4-1)/pi                    = 1.0000000577 526 6 13
log((e^6-pi^4)/pi^5)               = 0.0000000577 526 59 7

System/3!  System/3!

See how it runs!  See how it runs!
        Its monitor loses so totally!
        It runs all its programs in RPG!
        It's made by a loathsome monopoly!

"We must survive, thrive, and help the Numbers."

           -In Significant Numbers

(current-time-string) "Fri Jan 19 11:42:11 2018"

9^pi = 995.0416448928552542841636455
8^e  = 285.0054081607272808058922219

9^pi/e^8        333     0       qq 0.333 799285068195
pi^9/e^8/3      333     3       qq 3.333 279599268293

(current-time-string) "Thu Jan 18 14:01:26 2018"

% BOS  # (current-time-string) "Tue Jun 23 10:35:01 2009" 

"Mixed with the swooshing noises from propellers was the 

$$ pi\ldots\ ping$$
$$ pi\ldots\ ping$$
$$ pi\ldots\ ping$$

{\tt ping: -A }

Adaptive {\tt ping}. 

Interpacket interval adapts to round-trip time, so that effectively
not more than one (or more, if preload is set) unanswered distant
probes present in the network.  Minimal interval is 200msec for not
super-user.  On networks with low rtt drift this mode is essentially
equivalent to flood mode.

Eg, applying the protocol beneath the the distant vessel's
fathometer.  To anyone else, it would have sounded like any other
ship's fathometer, stuttering out its staccato electronic beat as its
signal measured the ocean's uneven basin passing along its unhurried
journey. But the telltale sound of the

$$pi...\ldots ping$$

( silence)

instead of the normal $ping$ was the prearranged beacon signature that
was used to identify this ship clearly and without a doubt to the
silent Triton as it slipped effortlessly through the tropical waters
1,200 nautical miles south of the tourist filled beaches at Waikiki."

\ecit{E-Class Triton Book 4: Ultimatum, LDeBussey, 1973 p.125}
%25g09subways BI
% .......... % # (current-time-string) "Jun 18 14:54"............. %

WILSON's Distressed MilkCrate DESK
Long ago abandoned Felsenthal Bldg - `Wilson's Shittersville Ruins'
Chicago, Ill 
Industrial Graffiti Wasteland

ANSWER: The answer is `No'. 

We do not own it, rent it or have permission.
We went through one of the broken windows into this
forlorn miserable filthy shithole.

We are squatters, we've been reduced to criminal squatters.  We live
in dirt, cold, constant shitsville misery and fear of thugs, vicious
little-shit delinquents, drug transactions, testostroned hooligan
adolescents and cops.


Today was another day of failure.  Most of us(four) out here in `the
Ruins' are too ancient to learn today's popular javascript library
tunes. We primarily do --and do it badly-- but not as bad as our
teeth-- code in perl, we use emacs, linux bash, cold water, and steal
other people's electricity to charge our Li-ion batteries.

(current-time-string) "Fri Mar 23 12:20:11 2018"

(e^6-pi^5)/pi^4-log((e^6-pi^5)/pi^4) = 1.000000000000016459
e^6/(pi^5+pi^4)+log(pi^5+pi^4)       = 7.000000000000000959

(current-time-string) "Sun Dec 31 15:57:13 2017"


"The only limits are, as always, those of pi's."

Accept no one's definition of your life; find it's $\pi$."

"Real knowledge is to know the extent of one's $\pi$\ ignorance."

"The doorstep to the temple of wisdom is a knowledge of
our own $\pi$\ growth."

(current-time-string) "Wed Feb  7 02:30:06 2018"

There was once....


KIRK: Where for godsakes is Coleson?

/root/080cs/0erand:$ ./er3.pl

100000: Hello 2.724127598!
300000: Hello 2.718868951!
500000: Hello 2.717642391!
600000: Hello 2.719103059!
1100000:        Hello 2.717525569!
1500000:        Hello 2.717568537!
2000000:        Hello 2.718270310!
2100000:        Hello 2.718365667!
2200000:        Hello 2.718586730!

SPOCK: Convergence is too slow! CPU cycles are consumed elsewhere! 
Fascinating. NOT.

SCOTTY: err, lemmee see, ... sir, I din can indirectly reference the
*ernd(pirnd(ernd...)) this...recursing has halted, while ernd kind-of,
sort-of.. remains functional, spastically freezing and running Captain.

SPOCK: Fascinating.

(current-time-string) "Fri Jan 19 11:38:55 2018"

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