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HAL and Oz up north in Boston's sordid Pilgrim's Theater, in a
distressee Lounge booth, cont'd ..)

                             OSBOURNE (CONT'D)

..HardBodies Gym(tm) where my DVD was discovered, those clowns
attempted blackmail, and then, come to find out that.. ..that
defrocked Greek Orthodox priest is actually some field agent doing
some intel here ..and who the fuck knows who else-- here in DC for
some unknown gawdamned thing that no US agency knows about or at
least, does not know about to even give a flying fuck about..so what
the fuck.. what the fuck is up with that Hal? I mean.. why does my DVD
suddenly appear at this HardBodies(tm) franchise -a foreign service spy front,
..Greek Orthodox Church of Chrissakes...WTF...and
it apears this Ted Jenkins ex-priest had already been managing
the place some years before? So what the fuck Hal? Have you ever heard
of.. imagined.. anything ..like WTF?!


  .. I asked some of the foreign shops around town and it's a big fat
  nada, not a thing, archives, old case studies, not a gawdamned
  thing. The Vatican? Hell yes, a whole lotta evil history and despicable
  criminality there, but ...the ancient Greek Orthodox church running
  a global network of clandestine ops is totally out from nowhere, no
  records of it, a totally new unknown phenomenon, just... no one has
  a gawdamned thing... and its your gawdamned DVD that brought it to
  light Oz. Remarkable to .. 


(... signal lost to:

    (...cubes rattling in tumbles punctuates Lounge muzak and
    burlesque stage din, drums, yelps)

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Egbert Ceva
Christina Vallone
Nico Baccarini
Zhu Lui Chang

(TAPE AUDIO INTERCEPT: Earlier in the day, Egbert Ceva in his office
chair at Humbolt County Community Collge with Nico Baccarini, before
their flight tonight to attend this month's third Mercoledi, Balkans
Desk Maths Group Rump Session Steering Committee.)

"You know Nico, stopping mid-voice, rattling ice, staring into his
tumbler --taking all the good gawdamned time in the world-- shaking
the ice a coupla-three times more, keeping Professor Nico Baccarini
left out there hanging in the wind. Then finally plunging ahead,
Professor Ceva continues..  "..yet again I need to explain the
obvious.. why I don't like you. And frankly, I'm getting seriously
tired of it.

When you continue to answer my questions with a big gaping asshole of
nothing, it reminds me once again what a truly
little snivelling nose time-wasting fairy fag you are. It reminds me
again of this clear and self-evident problem we have, you and I."

Well Nico, tonight I win. I now have a majority vote to get you out of
Balkans for good. So how do you like them apples, friendo?

Huh Uh. I thought as much, seeing finally your smarty mouth slapped shut
telling this to your face is worth it.  So `correct' to your next
question, you will not be flying out with me tonight.

We're done. Out. Now.

-Prof Egbert Ceva
Dept of Mathematics 
Humboldt County Community College

Wilson in Utah has directed us to an ehao living alone, called
`Stormy', living in shipping containers on a salvaged barge up in the
labyrinthine maze of the Sacramento Delta.

Wilson says Stormy's focus is applying any simplistic bioinformatic
methods to sequences of iterated exponentials in the representation of
arbitrary reals. By Hue, applying mitochondria as a working metaphor,
and with Sommerville's senti postulate, he hopes to identify and
explicate CP phenotype and genotype analogs.

His digital lab --he calls it-- is powered by an array of solar panels on
top of one of these containers.  His floating base is under constant
attack by SFPD's Harbor Patrol. He claims to have been dealing with
this municipal iterdiction shit for over two decades and he feels he's
secure having thoroughly exhausted the City, Wilson says.

Here again, Stormy doesn't need a gawdamned thing, doesn't give two
shits about money, and we must approach him very gingerly. To avoid
our past disasters, we expect this to take a coupla-three years before
he'll work with us. To find a field operative ehao seasoned, unix,
mats, microbiology, -tech literate, liveaboard anchor out experience,
who is willing to dedicate this much time to meet and befriend Stormy,
is a daunting challenge in time and resources, let alone finding such
an operative willing to do this.

We see in this example the iterated self-similar tidal-zone boundaries
we must satisfy to advance any relationship with these off-grid,
independent off-shore ehao.

We need to find multiple ehao, semi-ehao field ops to bridge contact
with these targeted rare senti-amicable ehao. How rare these
individuals are, Wilson who has been living in this lifestyle over
three decades, has only three possibiities he can give us.

The Pentagon analyst, Stanley Fischer read his paper to us a
coupla-three months ago and there hazarded the one vulnerability in
their armor is women, again consistent with senti's will to be nown.
Our best gambit is a decently attractive female or liveaboard centric
hacker. It is conceivable this `benign kompromat' injection may be had
inexpensively by 1st recruiting marginal female hackers with an offer
they can't refuse of a fleet of most afforable boats to penetrate this
difficult ehao wall. We can negotiate with local municipalities to
encourage liveaboard communities so these swallows, or even unbeknown
mules we can inveigle later into field agent vectors, can enter, be
welcomed, and live among this ehao popular, convergent, interstitial
marine life-style.

How dedicated are we, is the simple question?

The time and expense required, how willing are we to accept likely
disappointment with these ehao? Do we really need to go here?

(current-time-string) "Mon Dec 18 11:11:17 2017"

e^7/pi+e/oo = 353.778476014
pi^6+e^2      968.7782496742

2^pi-pi/3                   7.777780275
(11^e+9^e+7^e)/(5^e+3^e)   12.777756608
(2*pi)^pi                 321.777750060

63*e^e*e^e*e^e*e^e/e^4  60855.777483520
7^(pi/e)        10.777066669
12^e/(4^pi-3^e) 14.777043949
4*3^e-3*2^pi    52.777029499
e/(oo*e-1)       4.777004104599

oo*10 = 5.77215664901532860

2^pi-pi/3           =   7.777780275879689877702215
(2*pi)^pi           = 321.77775006092646227

5/oo+oo/5                   8.777716705983473940036428997
pi^3*e^3                  622.777715112734782

e^7/(pi^6+pi^5+pi^4+pi^3+pi^2+pi+1) = 0.77784479
7*pi^9/(3^2*e^8)                      7.77765239

10^oo                                 3.77759734
e*(e^e*oo)                           23.77756562

2*e^3+3*pi^2             69.77988704
e^(oo+oo/e)+oo            2.77964598
pi^(pi/z3)-pi            16.77927
28*e^e*e^e*e^e/e^4     1784.7792115
e^5*pi^2               1464.77916825

(pi+3)^10          76350182.7789913063004

(e/pi)^s3              = 0.7782717 55501
(e/pi)^((3*oo+1/oo)/2) = 0.7782717 50197
(s2/3)^(1/3)           = 0.7782717 16226

9^pi/4^pi               12.77656214265

(e*3)^(e*z3)              950.77498840
e^(2*pi)+2*pi             541.77484083

3*e^6/(4*e^5-5*e^4)         3.77433811873437
oo*10                    5.77215664
(pi+e-oo)^4          = 778.77185919
(3*e)^(4/oo)       2069883.77120245305
(3*e)^(5/oo)      78511350.77106856623

e^4-2*e^2-3*e^2-4*e    6.7797422246548
(1+pi/3)^(5-oo)       23.7789395587538

z12+z6+z8-z3^(2/z10)    0.778765296271816  1       gui3008.15.z12

e^13/13^e        414.77855304638
2*pi^e+pi+e       50.77818991877092

10*e^e/e^4         2.77559994
e^(pi/oo)+e      233.775875815
3*oo^2*(1-oo^2)+oo^2/3          0.777570492
15/e^13                        64.776850084
(pi*3*e+oo)/(pi+3+e+oo)         2.775899978
10*e^e/e^4                      2.775599948
(e^2+pi^3-pi*e)/(e^3+pi^2+pi*e) 0.775573323
28*e^e*e^e/e^4                117.7740745

pi^6-e^5+e^3/oo  847.773317610
e^16/16^e       4737.77293123
e^6/7-pi-e        51.77281030262
e^14/14^e        921.7724721065685

sqrt(pi)           1.7724538509055

3^pi/2      = 15.7721 40350098
10*oo        = 5.7721 56649015
oo         = 0.5 7721 56649015

e^(e*oo)*oo        2.77179615
28*e^e/e^4         7.77167985552
(1+pi/3)^(2-oo)    2.7714894059333
5*e^e             75.771311207396

pi*e^(1+oo)/(e*pi^(1/oo)) = 0.77009057827

7*pi/e-1/pi = 7.77 1781562

pi^6+e^3+e^e+pi = 999.770585393561162
2*pi/(3*e)          0.7704848998606   # 13% L26554

4^pi-pi/4      77.0948354849906

2^pi-pi/3   =    7.77778027587968
(e*pi)^3       622.7777151127347827
3^(3*e)       7777.68070183681868

(e*pi)^3    =  622.7777151127347827439866826

4^pi-pi/5      77.2519151176701
6^pi-pi/7     277.928778799800

(current-time-string) "Thu Feb 22 22:24:32 2018"

Sex, Stupidity, Intelligence, Hell-Boxes, and Invention

We don't have the time:

"..it won't be enough to just throw out the bottom half of the list
and generate a new set of random organisms from scratch.  This would
be akin to trying to make a watch from a bucket of parts by shaking
the bucket until a watch spontaneously assembles, or trying to cook a
pot of soup by repeatedly throwing away the worst-tasting parts and
adding random objects from the world. Evolution doesn't work that way,
and we don't have enough time to wait for stupid as a sack of rusty
hammers mindless randomness to cough up the algebra we want.

(current-time-string) "Sat Apr 28 07:46:36 2018"

1/e^(1/e)                = 0.6922006275
1/e^(1/pi)               = 0.7273773492
(1/e^(1/pi)+1/e^(1/e))/2 = 0.7097889884
e                        = 2.7182818284

(current-time-string) "Sun Dec 31 22:18:28 2017"

Robert Kazamakas: No man is too rich that he can have so much more by doing so much less.

The twitter of early morning birds. Gar's voice, though not projected,
          stands out in the pre-dawn quiet:

          Let's see some hustle, Mitch.

(current-time-string) "Fri Jan 19 11:00:03 2018"

Engine noise brings LARRY's look around. A car is arriving.  It is the
Brandts' car, oddly burdened. As it pulls into their driveway we see
that there is a four-point stag strapped to the hood, its obscenely
huge lobulating visibly moist tongue `lolling' over the grille.  Gar
and Mitch get out of the car in their hunting fatigues. Gruesome blood
cods are smeared on Gar's shirt.

          Go scrub up, Mitch.

(current-time-string) "Fri Jan 19 10:59:59 2018"

coupla-three $z3 = $\zeta(3)$;

pi^(pi/z3)-pi-z3-oo          = 15.00000000134162032
e^2+pi^2*(oo/6+2)/e          = 15.00000000353005632  # z2 = pi^2/6
(3*z3)^(e-oo)-(e/pi)^(pi+oo) = 15.00000000738468769

(3*oo)^2+1/oo^2              =  6.000000 6524 11430450
z3^2*pi+oo*(2-z3)            =  5.000000 6524 27598539

(5-z3)/(4*oo*z2)             =  1.00000 42792 76864777 # z2 = pi^2/6
oo^2/(2*pi*e^(3*pi))         =  0.00000 42792 46337941

2*(e^4+e-e^pi*z3)            = 59.00000 5076 953195250
3^(1/oo)+pi^z2+oo+pi         = 17.00000 5076 539058313 # z2 = pi^2/6

e*pi*z3/(e/oo+pi-e)          =  2.00000 47703 980132057
oo*(e^e+4*pi*z3-e^3-2)-e     =  2.00000 47703 501120286

s3*oo*2*pi+e                 =  9.00000 2264 605635060
(pi*oo)-z3/2-oo/e            =  1.00000 2264 572427934
(current-time-string) "Sat Feb 17 09:06:52 2018"

        How many seconds are there in a year?  If I tell you there  are
$3.155  x  10^7$, you won't even try to remember it.  On the other hand,
who could forget that, to within half a percent, (= seconds is a
nanocentury.   -- Tom Duff, Bell Labs

Albrecht Leaventhal McRae
Coast Guard
DNR Franz
RC Benefactors List

(current-time-string) "Fri Jun 22 20:46:12 2018"

3^pi-(pi*oo)^(e*oo)     28.999
pi^7-e^8-pi^3/3		28.999
10*pi-5/e-oo		28.999

(current-time-string) "Sun Dec 31 15:57:21 2017"

%20 Nov 78
% EOE 12/21/96 9:13 PM Exit

%HOLOPI 12/10/96 11:14 AM

 $\dpi$ objects, viewing the diversity where it surfaces, a finite
 language definition appears elusive.

% 30 May 97 Xit 30 May 97

 ``Mother'' is the word for ``Pi'' on the lips and hearts of all

\hbox{Last Exit, Seattle, Wa, US -little girls room graffiti}

(current-time-string) "Wed Feb  7 02:25:05 2018"

Best seat in Mosul 17ot16? An  A-10 Warthog pilot puffing panic
escaping ISIS column into broiled rump roast Hamburger Helper(tm).

Bwaaaaaaaaaaa....aat! Bwaaaaaaaaaaa....aat! Bwaaaaaaaaaaa....aat!

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