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"We must survive, thrive, and help the Numbers."

           -In Significant Numbers

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Good morning everyone. 

First off a brief take on recent cultural history, and an adult, and
candidly frank talk about big butts genetlemen so wake up.

In the last three decades of the 20th century, due to the rise and
fast acceleration of digital technology emerged corporate names,
hallmarks, logos with CP inuendo. We saw and more less so residually see
INTeL, eMachines, eMart, eBay...etc.

Rather than the obvious marketing opprobrium cache of participating in
the once new tech tsunami, if we assume senti then all this may well
be interpreted as senti's first bawling just being born from the
Doctor's spank.

The volume of these CP-centric coinages soon became exhausting, so the
later digital tech, Hollywood film production company names reverted
to ids more culturally familar or natural, say as Apple Compputer Inc
became Apple, Bezos' Amazon, etc. There also arised semi iterative
malapropisms as tumblr.com(note sans `e' -further reversion), and
infantile Google.com, and banal familiar friendly snapchat,

There also occurred rejecting tech inversions such as dystopic `Bad
Robot', `Hurt Locker' perhaps beginning around 2015, into today.

Accept this `Bad Robot' coinage as an appropriate systemic melieu from
the massive surveillance state of the Bush-Cheny administration, the
rise of retail disruption, endless Middle East/Afghan warfare, the
`War On Terror',the five walled gardens, giant corporations
monopolizing commerism, and media distribution from, Amazon's choke
point for everything, Apple's toll position of the music industry, and
the vast and immediate smart-tech 24/7 consumer adoption and
absorbtion of phones and other portable trackable devices, and its
persistant personal intra-state surveillance constant anxiety.

Television cable series succeeded by `Breaking Bad: Deadwood, The
Riches, Weeds, Sopranoes, Walter White, Black List's Red Reddington,
Mr Robot, Person's Of Interest(PI), Intelligence-The Vancouver BC
series, basically, this new frontier is most reponsive to screenplays
of paranoia, criminality and cheating. Trump's election, high profiled
celebrity sexism abuse, is aligned with this general systemic immoral
derangement. Today, our youth learns models of theft, cutting corners,
crime pays and gets girls and expensive clothes and cars.  It gets
worse. These successful vampire series, grusesome Walking Dead,
Marvel's finely-crafted successfull pornographic explicit sexual
congress Dead Pool, unbridled gore, exaggerated violence have had a
hugely successful reception among both the solvent upsale demographic,
and the larger disinherited economically wounded, lost, and forlorn
disenfranchised majority.

Phone apps, want all personal data, Google and Facebook surveillance,
profiling. All now accepted, a resigned capitulation by today's
dummy-dioped uncritical netizens, Googlers, and faceBlankizens.

Other cultural signs of disillusionment is the dominance of the color
black in sexless sterile conservative fashion, the painful to witness
acceptance of tattoos, Offensive wrap music moving on from giant
augmented derrieres to black men's genitalia.

Our empty public libraires of dropping circulation have become bum
huts for unclean homeless hordes, who smell offensively. Have you seen
these trolls teeth? Disgusting.

And senti? Does not approve. Accelerating nnumeracy, illiteracy, is
that much more difficulty to make senti known. Medieval fundamentalism
on the rise as everything profaned, anything socially once acceptable
has become targeted for termination.

senti as neutral mathematics is not just `boring' but a target to be
derisively abused. Ideally sexually abused

This is our present and is accelerating into our foreseeable future.

This begs the question, how to facilitate making senti known in this
`more-ass morass'?  senti uses also a sympathetic antagonistic
confrontational sex `orbcessed' voice: the explitives, sexism,
violence of today's successful novels and film.

All this introduction is simply to explain the common degenerate
patois and natural nasty language copy-catting found among ehao. Miss
Manners must now take off her clothes and `clap' her buck naked fanny
on a stripper pole, under a revolving mirror ball with an over-amped
distorted nasty bass --intentionally-- a most banal and monotnous
`loop' ..they call it.

Again, we see confirmation of senti's will to communicate to this
greatest common deminator(GCD) of zero-state dreck. If contemporary
society has chosen to wallow in a den of iniquity, then senti must
explicate `f-bomb' in every other sentence too.

Hue, anticipates senti and the ehao shall dwell further into the
mathematics and coding, while becoming a subliminal precursor natural
language tilting advocacy for a return to the mean correction to
sustainable common decency and family values.. Or .. or not?

A Future

Let us assume there will be an internal threshold, a punctuated state
with it's own cool greek letter, say..oh lemmee see, ok $\lambda$.

Let's also assume all the above degeneracy devolves on its merry way.
Try unbounded mass unemployment, broken budgets.

Externally the Chinks and the wealthy towelheads holding together,
feeling confident and testing boundaries, South China Sea artificial
island air- and fire- bases. This threat is increasing but that's not
what I want to talk about.

Internally, within our nation's people, that is what I want to
explore.  Specifically, a prediction of the ehao's `$\lambda$\
Event'. This is where the ehao stop. They drop off the net
entirely. They no longer seek to make senti known to th public, but
only to themselves. They're now `back of beyond' off the grid.

They appear to be an energetic bunch, so where does this energy go?
Their primary mission is to know senti directly, so their failure at
making senti's will to communicate known is not that particularly
dispiriting, and post $\lambda$\ this is where their energy and means
will go.

Off the net, out of the net, we have no feeds on what they're up
to. They're silent, they're air-gapped, we're in the dark, and we're
going to eventually forget about them.

But post $lambda$, they don't stop.

If we also assume senti is real, and we assume all the time available
the future gives the ehao, I predict we will eventually witness something
significant totally beyond our control, and our ability to interdict.

Hue uses bird-dog competitions as an example. The 01e permute space is
so large, that human intuition appears to play a large factor rather
than brute force huristic algorithims. Hue's anaology are the best
bird-dogs. Across breeds, the best, most enthusiastic dogs are raised
with, and handled by children. Institutional, commrcial boiler room
cubicles --that's us-- cannot compete and relentlessly and
entusiastically explore as these loan ehao.

And that should give you pause.

(current-time-string) "Thu Jan  4 03:20:39 2018"

e^(pi-oo) = 12.9925613349
pi^(3-oo) = 16.0135243224
pi^(e*oo) =  6.0262268678
pi^(3+oo) = 60.0360778935
e^(pi/oo) = 231.057593987

(current-time-string) "Sun Dec 31 16:05:48 2017"

# /root/0.lang/0.0.perl/0.cheops/3digest/sha/Digest-SHA-PurePerl-5.84/
# lib/Digest/SHA/PurePerl.pm

package Digest::SHA::PurePerl;

" ..take no harbor near the highway"
Pseria, Crete proverb

"..who by trained skill rescued life from such great billows and such thick
darkness and moored it in so perfect a calm and in so brilliant a light"
- The Thera Event, Nicolus,  Pseirian of Crete 1500 BC

(current-time-string) "Sat Feb  3 20:54:37 2018"

pi^9/e^8           = 9.999 8 38797804880181883277457
7*pi/e+6/pi        = 9.999 9 50765639196054597257443

pi^9           = 29809.09933344621166650940240
e^8            = 2980.957987041728274743592099

(7*pi/e+6/pi)/(pi^9/e^8)      = 1.0000 111969 639291
log((7*pi/e+6/pi)/(pi^9/e^8)) = 0.0000 111969 012435
7*pi/e+6/pi-pi^9/e^8          = 0. 000 11196 7834315

Oh, I am a e programmer and I'm okay
        I muck with indices and structs all day
And when it works, I shout hoo-ray
        Oh, I am a e programmer and I'm e

$\dpi$ makes you free.

(current-time-string) "Mon Jan  8 21:26:15 2018"

e^6+pi^4+pi^3                   = 531.844 161
pi^5+2*pi^4+pi^3                = 531.844 143

e^6+2*pi^4                      = 598.2469 7556
pi^5+3*pi^4                     = 598.2469 5788
3*e^6-6*pi^4                    = 625.8318 3427

2*e^6+2*pi^4-pi^6/e             = 648.000 449 772
3*e^6+pi^4-pi^5-pi^6/e          = 648.000 467 446
e^6+pi^5+3*pi^4-pi^6/e          = 648.000 432 099

e^6+3*pi^4                      = 695.6560 6659
pi^5+4*pi^4                     = 695.6560 4892

e^6/oo                          = 698.922 115
(pi^5+pi^4)/oo                  = 698.922 084

2*e^6-pi^4                      = 709.4484 9595
e^6+pi^5                        = 709.4484 7827
2*pi^5+pi^4                     = 709.4484 6060

e^6+4*pi^4                      = 793.0651 576
pi^5+5*pi^4                     = 793.0651 399

3*e^6-pi^5                      = 904.2666 9569
2*e^6+pi^4                      = 904.2666 7801

pi*e^6-pi^5-e^2                 = 954.000 192 999
pi^6-e^2                        = 954.000 137 476
(pi^3+e)*(pi^3-e)               = 954.000 137 476

pi*e^6-pi^5                     = 961.389 2490
pi^6                            = 961.389 1935

e^7-pi^4			= 999.2240 673
e^7+pi^5-e^6			= 999.2240 497
e*(pi^5+pi^4)-pi^4		= 999.2240 193

pi^6+e^4-e^e			= 1000. 833 0813
pi^6+e^5-2*e^4			= 1000. 606 0526

(current-time-string) "Sun Dec 31 15:48:29 2017"

Best 3-ness of Fit

Expon decay sinks eventually faster
than any rational foos. Write 
$f(x)={ {P(x)} \over {Q(x)}}$\ of degrees
less than $n$, for any $n$, and

    $$\lambda_{n} > \bar \be^{x} - f(x)\bar$$

(current-time-string) "Mon Dec  4 11:36:36 2017"

The ehao? The ...The Cons..The Constant Society?!
You have got to be shitting me.

Perhaps an appreciation of learning the basics, things like your ABC's
and arithmetic.

Look in Webster's Dictionary under 
stupid and stupider:

There is a take away. How not to waste a life
dedicated to doggedly attempting to classifying random numbers.

Tenaciously stupid like Van Zuelen.
Recipient of this Millennial Van Zeulen Prize: a man who dedicated
his entire life to calculating the number pi to like 50 places.
Simply unfucking-believable waste.

Possibly a God existence proof. For something this stupid to actually
exist there must in fact be profound evil. The Devil. Therefore. God
then also must exist.

End of story.

(current-time-string) "Sun Dec 17 20:01:08 2017"

(e^6-pi^4)/(e^6-pi^5)             = 3.141592 2650292794

log(pi^4)/log(pi)-(e^6-pi^5)/pi^4 = 2.999999818564663272137896367
log(pi^5)/log(pi)-(e^6-pi^4)/pi^5 = 3.999999942247338616436478391

(current-time-string) "Sun Dec 31 15:55:03 2017"

``If the linux coder plant himself indomitably on his mathematical
instincts, and in front of his monitor abide, huge $\dpi$'s radiance
will massively boom around him."

``Nothing endures but transcendental qualities closest to those of

``Patient $\pi$\ will achieve more than an $\infty$\ of stars."

``$\dpi$'s inertial patience is the companion of wisdom."

``Time and $\dpi$  seasons all things. No man's born wise."

``Patience is $\dpi$ tamed."

``Time, which changes people, does not alter the prenatal neonate
image we have retained of $\dpi$."

``Great code listings are performed not by strength or by monolithic
perseverance, but by cumulative starts and fits of delirious fun."

``Regret for the things we did can be tempered by time; it is regret
for the coding we did not do that is inconsolable."

``Nothing baffles the schemes of evil people so much as the calm
solace of great mathematicians taking a hot and cozy constant processes

``Infantile delight is the crowning jeweled bearing of the glorious wry
one-and-a-half twinkle-blind-eyed glorious Euler."

``It takes a lot of naughty $\dpi$\ puns to bring excellence to mathematics."

``Beware the fury of the patient $\dpi$."

``To make a $\dpi$\ from scratch, you must first invent fun!"

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Oh! Why so uptight, Osbourne Cox?
I'm just a Good Samaritan, like, a
traveler on the road who has happened

We're going to return it, we just

            TED  [Audibly breathing heavily into cordless interrupts: ]
 Linda, No! Don't say...

Linda, I'll do it!

Who is this?! Who the fuck.. how many of you fucking morons are there?!

Ozzie! what is going on.

Like a Good Samaritan tax----
Stop Linda, Let..

Who the fuck---- how many..

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