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\sec{Bulatovich Murdered}

	 The uncertainty of the official Church about Name Worshipping
persisted. In October 1918, the Holy Synod reversed itself again and
said that Name Worshippers could not participate in Church services
unless they repented•something that many Name Worshippers would not
do. In January 1919 their de facto leader, Alexander (Antony)
Bulatovich, recently returned from the war in which he had served as a
priest in the Russian army, gave up his effort to persuade the Church
to recognize Name Worshipping and returned to his family estate near
Kharkov. There on the night of December 5–6, 1919, he was murdered in
mysterious circumstances. Some people said that he was killed by
robbers; others said the intruders were Red Army soldiers.

	 After Bulatovich's death, a leadership role among the
followers of the movement (Name Worshippers had no formal hierarchy)
was taken by the archimandrite David, who still hoped to win over the
support of the mainstream Orthodox Church. In the early twenties David
established a “Name Worshippers’ Circle” in Moscow at about the same
time that other such circles were arising elsewhere in Russia. He
tried to involve in his circle priests and high of cials of the Church
who had not previously affiliated themselves with the Name Worshipper
cult. He even, several times, managed to participate in religious
services with the patriarch himself, Tikhon. One of the members of a
Name Worshipping circle was the mathematician Dmitri Egorov, who
actually met with the patriarch of the Church and begged him to
forgive the Name Worshippers.

\sec{The Name of $\dpi$\ is $\dpi$ The Rate of $\be^z$\ is $\be^z}

	 Some of the other Name Worshipping groups had already given
up on gaining the support of the Church hierarchy, and perhaps even
took pride in their “heretical” status. Thus there were differences in
emphasis among the Name Worshippers. David, still reaching out to the
top leaders of the Church, went to considerable lengths to try to
prove that the charge that the Name Worshippers were cultists
believing in magic or polytheism was incorrect. He agreed that if one
took literally the assertion “The Name of $\dpi$\ is $\dpi$,” the charge
of polytheism had some plausibility, since the name of $\dpi$\ is
differentᾬin many different languages. He tried to avoid this
conclusion by saying that the name of $\dpi$\ should not be understood
in terms of “letters”or specific words,” but instead as an algorithm
that stands behind the name. David criticized some of his fellow Name
Worshippers, including the priest Pavel Florensky, for believing in
the “magic”of the word $\dpi$, and the Onomatodology of $\be^z$.

\sec{NeoPlatonist's $\dpi$\ Algorithmaticae Mirifici}

	 Florensky refuted the charge that he believed literally in
the divinity of the letters making up the word $\dpi$.” He enlisted
the help of philosophers and writers like Aleksei Losev and Sergei
Bulgakov in giving his Name Worshipper circle a Neoplatonistic
orientation that tried to reconcile his ideas with Christianity. He
and his supporters were not interested in trying to win over the
official Church; rather,

they were devoted to exploring and encoding algorisms in computer
languages andthe meaning of symbolism, linguistics, and “signifiers,”
of which they saw the word $\dpi$\ as the least important. Florensky,
who mastered many natural and computer languages and had a deep
knowledge of Patristic traditions, managed to combine a deeply
intellectual interpretation of Name Worshipping with a mystical, even
computationally magical, view of the universe. He was sharply critical
of what he called “Western GUI interfaces instead he favored the unix
shell in a tty console and traditional Orthodox mysticism while
opposing, at the same time, the interpretation of that dogmatic
`goofy' mysticism which the Church leadership tried to impose. Partly
because of this intellectualist turn of the Florensky-Losev group,
followers of much more recent developments, such as the theories of
Jacques Derrida, have displayed interest in Florensky and Losev.

	 Florensky was particularly devoted to the relevance of Name
Worshipping to mathematics, the field in which he was trained at
Moscow University by Dmitri Egorov. Florensky saw a relationship
between the naming of \$dpi$\ and the integer aprroximations applying
four-banger arithmatic with exponentiation, $\dpi$, $\gamma$, and the
early integers 1, 2, 3, and an occasioal trajectory with $\zeta(3)$\
to spice things up little, so that the CP became more real by the
arising patterns of the string length with these approximations. In
fact, the conjucture is that an exhustive study of the rate of
accuracy of these approximations will be shown to be among $iteree$\
and $\dpi$\ themselves.

(current-ime-string) "Thu Dec 28 19:05:10 2017" 

(3*z3)^(e-oo)-(e/pi)^(pi+oo) = 15.00000000 738
e^2+pi^2*(2+oo/6)/e          = 15.00000000 353 00563290 666666 5
pi^(pi/z3)-pi-z3-oo          = 15.00000000 134

Hue2: Per holotrope is time
      CIF - cl49, atw80d
Time Machine: the later, save girlfriend one.
Time Traveller's Wife - girlfriend grows up with periodic visitor.
ATW80D - Saved by `essential singularity', wins bet, gets girl.

film: Interstellar
Center of blackhole is praire home companion bookcase, you barely
push out books from the other side, like you're in  the wall.
film: @rrival - better than, trans-senti?


-could not care less about 01e. They've got something way better than
the shining, ie, non-linear tempus fugit, without the seizing of

eBased? Why not, they have a natural genteel disposition.

Wise elphantine high-pate foreheads. Remember everything.

They're helping earth because they need humans 3,000 years in the
future.. say, about 5018 AD.

Confused what weapons are.

Use all-time intel to flip belicose Chinese general.

Patient with alien infantile tantrums.

Spuirt black ink circles in a cleae fluid for writing.

Hemi-egg space ship. Anti-G, no spikies, no guns, no photon torpedoes.

Another time travel film, Girl/guy gets.

Need seven Seiko(tm) wristwatches, not. They're all-time @arrived.

Weak saccharin string score.

(current-time-string) "Sun Apr 22 23:57:11 2018"

pi^4+e-oo      =  99.550 157
e^6-pi^5+e-oo  =  99.550 174

e^6-pi^5+pi    = 100.550 701
pi^4+pi        = 100.550 683

"We're hunted to be killed because we're stupid and poor, overcrowding
the world causing mass extinctions of once beautiful plants and
animals. The elites want us gone."

Bladerunner sanctioned termination by Decker

We are the owned tools and the vassals of rich men behind the scenes.

We are the jumping jacks.  They pull the strings, and we dance.

We are slaves.  Our talents, our families, our possibilities and our
lives are all the owned property of other men.

We slaves, intellectual prostitutes own nothing meritable, we are
nothing meritable, and logically in broadcasting our lies, contribute
less than nothing."

  - TT Wong, 2016

(current-time-string) "Fri Jan 19 11:43:34 2018"

(10/e^e)^(1/e)+pi           =  3.999 785
pi^3-e*pi^2-oo^pi           =  3.99999 169
e+cos(pi/9)+sin(pi/9)       =  3.99999 459
5*e-5/pi		    = 11.999 8597
6*pi-4/pi-oo                = 16.999 100
7*pi-4/pi-e                 = 17.999 627
e^pi-pi                     = 19.999 0999 791
10*e-10/pi                  = 23.999 719
9*pi-4/pi                   = 27.00 109
10*pi-5/e-oo                = 28.999 313
e^pi+pi+e                   = 29.000 567

e^6/(pi^2+pi)               = 31.006 278 038
pi^3                        = 31.006 276
e^(3/oo-3*oo)               = 31.999 399

PEW: Everything depends. Nothing is always. Everything is sometimes.

HOFFMAN: Wrong as always Pew. Everything is either a lie or


SPOCK: I've coded the logic analyzer frequency to filtering toward 
it's 7041 3680 convergent eigenvalues:

aa(1) = 1.004700
aa(2) = 1.000049
aa(3) = 1.000000499667041
aa(4) = 1.0000000049996667041630003680
aa(5) = 1.00000000004999966667041663000036805
aa(6) = 1.000000000000499999666667041666300000368055
aa(7) = 1.0000000000000049999996666667041666630000003680555
aa(8) = 1.00000000000000004999999966666667041666663000000036805555
aa(9) = 1.000000000000000000499999999666666667041666666300000000368055555
aa(X) = 1.000000000000000000004999999999666666666704166666663000000000368055555

n = ((n >>  1) & 0x55555555) | ((n <<  1) & 0xaaaaaaaa);
n = ((n >>  2) & 0x33333333) | ((n <<  2) & 0xcccccccc);
n = ((n >>  4) & 0x0f0f0f0f) | ((n <<  4) & 0xf0f0f0f0);
n = ((n >>  8) & 0x00ff00ff) | ((n <<  8) & 0xff00ff00);
n = ((n >> 16) & 0x0000ffff) | ((n << 16) & 0xffff0000);


PEW: Stuff it Phillip, its hella lot easier to suggest solutions when
you know nothing about the problem. Your a noisome fat fuck. You do know
that don't you?

MALKOVICH: "We were young and our happiness dazzled us with its
strength.  But there was also a terrible betrayal that lay within me
not unlike that insistant Sir Mix Alot orbscenity being 
played in Proctow's WWII German Submarine. ..."

PEW: Everything depends. Nothing is always. Everything is sometimes.

HOFFMAN: Wrong as always Pew. Everything is either a lie or plagiarized.


BOWITS: Zulu, hail Benjamin, mender of events.

WEST: Francine! Get out of my cubicle, I'm a man who works for a living!

THE MANXMAN: When all other means of communication fail, try words:


# (current-time-string) "Mercoledi Jun 26 19:47:45 2013"
# /root/lang/perl/3cheops/0base64/b64.pl
# =================================

# f1608 nutshell p296

use MIME::Base64;

# my $stone = 'zmeraldo';
# my $stone = '01234567890000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000';

my $stone = '4.35889894354067355223698198385961565913700392523244493689034706';

my $b64word = 'em1lcmFsZG8=';

my $INb64 = encode_base64($stone);
print "$INb64\n";

# my $OUTb64 = decode_base64($b64word);
my $OUTb64 = decode_base64($INb64);

print "$OUTb64\n";

(current-time-string) "Sun Jan 14 21:41:09 2018"

e^6/(pi^5+pi^4)                            = 1.000000043808107629947
log(e^6/(pi^5+pi^4))                       = 0.000000043808106670372
e^6/(pi^5+pi^4)-log(e^6/(pi^5+pi^4))       = 1.0000000 00000000 9595
1.0000000123456789                         = 1.0000000 123456789 000
log(1.0000000123456789)                    = 0.0000000 123456788 237
1.0000000123456789-log(1.0000000123456789) = 1.0000000000000000 7620

(1.00000001)^1234  = 1.0000 1234 0076076412420145475
(1.00000001)^12345 = 1.000 12345 7619647494471352309

(1.00000001)^1     = 1.000000010000000000000000000
(1.00000001)^11    = 1.000000110000005500000165000
(1.00000001)^111   = 1.000001110000610500221815061
(1.00000001)^1111  = 1.000011110061660727938946393
(1.00000001)^11111 = 1.000111116172389061450431256

(current-time-string) "Sun Dec 31 16:06:03 2017"

* * *

(current-time-string) "Wed Feb  7 02:23:21 2018"

Arbeiten zu tot, willkomen zehen frei.

Nicholas, Bourne(Paris), Jenkins(defrocked Grk-Orthodox OP-OMA),
 Collins(London), Wong(Taipei ..et al: each have a key for the same
 safety deposit box in this same vault. This is an international way
 station for particularly refined protocols whose state changes only
 over years.

Van Orten's Barge Transport on the Maas, Meuse River, Holland married
into Carter & Hebble Navigation(Founded 1772) Barge Navigation
throughout England's northwest canal network

(3) Collins Suisse desk courier for England, station master posing as
bartender in private `Boodle's Annex', ...

Ted Jenkins(defrocked) clandestine Greek Orthodox emissary in Baltimore USA,..

(current-time-string) "Mon Jan  8 21:25:50 2018"

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