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           De Holotrope Mirifici Constante Proghetti Exfoliatiae

``For what affections those qualities transcendental and symtomes the
Mirifici have gotten in their first beginning and generation, the same
must the needes retain and keep afterwards for the teethings of their
next momentum throughout all their temporal growth and enfoldings. But
in their beginning and unique being they are so induced with the
existent and persistant signature -- this initial prick of
conscience-- and this law so prescribed unto them, that they be
equally self-similar, as the autovivication of such consonant
quantities enjoy such harmoniously intrinsic qualities.''(13)

1915 Ononmatodoxology Tercentary
Chandler e Quille
The Napier Burgi Celebration of 1915
Murchison Castle, Edinburgh

SEE ALSO: OCS Charterhouse Marianburg, Bayerisch, und Friesland Haus,
O'landa, SOM Metorea e St Hilarion Pandelemion's Scriptorum Mt Athos

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     A dozen middle-aged men around a long ancient oak table, decades
     of aged layering enhardened canauba waxings, each holding high a

                ... Bid every care withdraw.    Let all
                with one accord rejoice...

     The men are sweaty, tie-loosened, dinner-stuffed and boozy,
     almost all are fatly gutted and chinned like Ozzie's
     Malkovich. Let's watch and listen:

                          MEN (CONT'D)
                ... In praise of Old Nassau...

     Close on Osbourne as a schlubb rotund middle-aged dough-boy
     classmate fills his glass to brimming. The two sway unsteadily
     with the music..

                          MEN (CONT'D)
                ... In praise of Old Nassau my boys,
                Hoo-rah, hoo-rah, hoorah!

     All swing their glasses side-to-side in rhythm:

                          MEN (CONT'D)
                ... Her sons... shall give... while
                they... shall live...

     Glasses are thrust high with a ringing finish:

                          MEN (CONT'D)
                ... In praise of Old Nassau!


           (OLD NASSAU GROUP(ONG) GLEE CLUB) of three other
           acquaintances are in conversation with OSBOURNE around one
           of several tables in the #yachtRoom, guffawing over brandy
           and fat-spliff cubans, and at least one Tracy Mincer(tm) briar
           pipe to challenge the inevitable pretentious Dunhill(tm)'s
           of this kind.

Introduction around the table...
A doctor of medicine
Emil Rossaud a Hungarian-French mathematician
Russian Nelologist/Archaelogist
...four others you will meet...

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The Quadology
e+1-oo  = 3.14   ~pi
e+1-pi  = 0.577  ~oo
pi+oo-1 = 2.718  ~e
pi+oo-e = 0.995  ~1 

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``It's not that Constant Processes are so smart, it's just that we
stay with factoring everything --yes everything, the good, bad, ugly,
and the NWT gray meh-- all factorable by a unique common
denominator. We do this factoring process all the time, its
automatic. senti knows we do this, she sends the CP's over to visit us
and help us constantly."

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"This.. this Senti? She got a whole lotta extremal woman curvicular
build -a whole lotta woman on her.  It's in `er and it got to come
out. The men?  Forgetaboutitt -they say even fagdom's poofters are
gettin' bat shit crazy.  There ought to be a law against these kind of
big girls.  What's the girl to do? I've no fucking clue.  End of

-Sam Moorehouse Jackson

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7^e+e           968     200
e^3*pi^2+e      954     200
pi^9/e^5        852     200
6^pi-4^pi       497     200
e^6-e^5-e^4     417	200
5^pi+4^e        300	200

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% (current-time-string) "Martedi Ottobre 28 10:26:43 2008"

The committee skeptically recommended more study for a bill to
require warning labels on records with subliminal messages recorded radially.

sublime.k (current-time-string) "Fri Dec 26 22:59:35 2008"

Wrangell and Strunk's The hyphenation task force recommended more study for a
change-of-state-flag on records stego encrypted with subliminal
messages recorded within.


We don't need jobs, we need a purpose. We must save the numbers, the
numbers will take care of those who take care of them."

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pi^3+1/oo^2 = 34.00767601844178255722728899
e^3 -1/pi^3 = 20.05328538875446825174410760
pi^2+1/e^2  = 10.00493968432597131072849050
     1/oo^4 =  9.00839798699900984123670617


``Never mistake motion for action.
Never mistake emotion for action.
Do  mistake e's motion for emotion."

   ``People are always blaming their circumstances
 for what they are. I don't believe in circumstances.
The people who get on in the world are the people 
who get up and look for the circumstances they want,
And if they can't find them, make them."

   ``I learned this, at least by my experiment: 
that if you advance confidently in the direction 
of your dreams, and endeavor to live the life which 
you have imagined, you will meet with a success 
unexpected in common hours. You will put some 
things behind, you will pass an invisible boundary; 
new, universal and more liberal laws will begin 
to establish themselves around and within you; or 
the old laws will be expanded, and interpreted in 
your favor in a more liberal sense, and you will 
live with the license of a higher order of beings. 
In proportion as you simplify your life, the laws 
of the universe will appear less complex, 
and solitude will not be solitude, nor poverty poverty, 
nor weakness weakness. If you have built castles 
in the air, your work need not be lost, 
that is what they should be. 
Now put foundations under them."

``A desk with a filled pot of heated coffee, a full humidor of whiskey
cavendish "Smoker's Pride({\tt tm})" pipe tobacco, is a satisfactory
place from which to code the world."

``Thoughts are but dreams till their codings become successfully
compiled and linked - with only too tedious warnings."

WILSON's Distressed MilkCrate DESK
Long ago abandoned Felsenthal Bldg - `Wilson's Shittersville Ruins'
Chicago, Ill 
Industrial Graffiti Wasteland

ANSWER: The answer is `No'. 

We do not own it, rent it or have permission.
We went through one of the broken windows into this
forlorn miserable filthy shithole.

We are squatters, we've been reduced to criminal squatters.  We live
in dirt, cold, constant shitsville misery and fear of thugs, vicious
little-shit delinquents, drug transactions, testostroned hooligan
adolescents and cops.


Today was another day of failure.  Most of us(four) out here in `the
Ruins' are too ancient to learn today's popular javascript library
tunes. We primarily do --and do it badly-- but not as bad as our
teeth-- code in perl, we use emacs, linux bash, cold water, and steal
other people's electricity to charge our Li-ion batteries.

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3*e^6+pi^4-pi^5                 = 1001.6757 86
2*e^6+2*pi^4                    = 1001.6757 69
e^6+pi^5+3*pi^4                 = 1001.6757 51
....                                   .......
(3^pi)^2+2*pi                   = 1001.3248 30
2*(e^6+pi^4)-1/oo               = 1001.0985 53
pi^6+pi^5                       = 1267.408 878
pi*e^6                          = 1267.408 933
e^8                             = 2980.957 987
e^2*(pi^5+pi^4)                 = 2980.957 856
pi^7-(pi^5+pi^4)/e^3            = 3000.207 691
pi^7-e^3                        = 3000.207 690
e^8+e^3			        = 3001.043 523
e^2*(pi^5+pi^4)+e^3	        = 3001.043 393
e^pi+e^8                        = 3004.098 679
e^2*(pi^5+pi^4)+e^pi            = 3004.098 549
e^6*pi^2-pi^6                   = 3020.293 402
pi^7                            = 3020.293 227
pi^7+e^8		        = 6001.251 214
pi^7+e^2*(pi^5+pi^4)	        = 6001.251 084
e*pi^7                          = 8210.008 197
e*pi^2*(e^6-pi^4)		= 8210.008 671
e^6*pi^3-pi^7                   = 9488.531 564
pi^8                            = 9488.531 016
e^6*pi^4-pi^8                  = 29809. 101055
pi^9			       = 29809. 099333
e^6*pi^5-pi^9                  = 93648.0 5288
pi^10                          = 93648.0 4747
e^11/2			       = 29937.070857

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Evarste Galois's 

$\pi$\ discarded by that poisonous evil Poisson.
Contemporary academic mathematics must participate in the their pwning
publisher's enslavement.

Plancalkul $\pi$ -1755

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             The Primary Directive Routing All Excess Into GOLD 
                     --In An Age Of Extreme Inequality--

[] Wong Boi Dumpling -Best In Chinatown [ADVERTISEMENT]

[] BIC: Blind Interior Cache

[] BBC: Blind Beach Cache

[] The gold stake and its clandestine secure transport through exposed
   threat surface of constant combat

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