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          Sir, we picked this man up at the North Dakota.  LARRY is
          brought up short, like a bucket of cold water in the face.

          LARRY  The North Dakota!

          ARTHUR But I didn't do anything!

          DANNY Dad, what's the North Dakota?!


          Solicitation. Sodomy. Mopery. Exhibiting indecent exposure
          then performing publicly on the runway stage under fully
          iluminated Klieg lighting for a dangerously excited packed
          house in only a bathrobe preparing to act out Superman in
          Havanna in the 50's, orbstensibly fully and considerably
          aroused..very serious. Clearly he has a popular following.

          LARRY The North Dakota!  
          We hold on LARRY's shocked reaction as we hear DANNY, off:

          DANNY (Aggressively, a frantic jerking Larry's pant leg to
          get his attention.. What's Sodomy, What is Mop.., who was
          `Superman of Havanna in the 50's' ..Dad?!

          LARRY (To COP, distressed) What is all this, What are these
                things, What are you talking about?!

            COP This was in his locker with his clothes, handing Larry 
                Arthur's MENTACULUS notebook.


Its top sheet, densely covered by peculiar equations appearing to have
been scrawled on-the-fly into the margins hurriedly, excitedly, has a

   The Multiflux Plankalcul Mirabilus Mentaculus


         Costante Proghetti Florigilum


            The Clusterfugue Collider

   Compiled by Arthur Gopnik, OCS, OGO Pandeleimon
After a beat wondering what is`OCS', Clusterfuq.., etc, LARRY's hand
enters to turn the page. The second page is also densely covered with
equations of unknown.. peculiarly evovled from..  once familiar
canonical notation.

Interrupting his attention on making out some suggestive partial
familiarty with a simple entry, Larry's exression skews, removing his
glasses to get a better view of tiny intricate sketches in the
margins, he discovers some extensive permutations of juvenile and naughty
stick-figure cartoons. Larry's head lowers, with his eyes squinted
shut begins kneading out the consternation of his convoluted forehead.

Bewildererd, Larry silently shakes his head side to side, his mouth ajar,
shocked and exhausted.

          * * *      CUT TO: Tuchmann Marche Law Offices  * * *

          DON MILGRAM: He wears a black armband(Sid memorial). He sits
                       pausing to think, explaining to LARRY a delicate
          matter, bouncing steepled fingers against his vast,
          patrician, intimidatingly expansive and expensive, nose.


          DON (..finishing up explanation..awkwardly) ..ahem,..so
          unfortunately, that would be your `Havanna Superman in the
          50's'.  What does Arthur say?

          LARRY  He says he didn't do anything.

          DON Uh-huh. Mnnn, now Larry, please ...please don't answer
               if you're at all uncomfortable, but is Arthur, is he
               ..ahem, pardon me, but is Arthur ..Mnn.. 
               .. uh-huh ..Mnn ..endowed?

          LARRY(!) ..I don't know.. I've never seen him naked 
                if that's what you mean.

          LARRY (CON'D) He says. . . he just went in for a drink.

          DON   Uh-huh.(Long beat) Does Arthur drink?

          LARRY  No.

          DON Uh-huh.

          LARRY  He says he was confused.

          DON   Uh-huh. Uh-huh. Well. The North Dakota. Well. Seriously,
                you'll need a good criminal attorney, and... we'll have to
          preempt..get ahead of this train before the media gets wind
          of it and blows it up into another feeding frenzy notorious
          `North Dakota' tabloid spectacle. we'll need to keep your
          tenure review commitee in the dark on this however we can.

          LARRY  Good gracious..the tenure.. okay who's-

          DON  Ron Meshbesher.

          LARRY Is he good?

          DON Ron is very good.

          LARRY's gaze wanders. He becomes wistful.
          LARRY I don't understand. He goes to mixers at the Hillel House.

          DON  Mm. A beat. I would call Ron Meshbesher.

          LARRY Is he expensive?

          DON  Ron is not cheap.
          Don focuses on LARRY. Cheerful change of subject:
          . DANNY's bar mitzvah is... ?

(current-time-string) "Sat Jun 16 20:32:32 2018"


OCS-14101 20DEC17


KATTACK Game 1: Gold contacts fume, sells 01e to fume.
Intrinsic >> BC(none) possible

PICU $\Psi$:
a canonized minimal representation
evolving weights per ops, per atoms.
 eg CORDIC cycles per op.
variable and bounded $\Psi$.

hipsi's > x are finite.
Where hipsi(High Psi) are shortest str to transmit.

Beyond Significance Definition
$T_{B}$, ...,  01e Operational Calculus, ...to general algorism

(current-time-string) "Wed Feb  7 01:13:59 2018"

e^(pi+pi/e)    =  73.502542
e^(pi/oo+pi/e) = 733.915833

e^(pi+oo-e)    =   2.719713353555
e^(pi+oo-e)-e  =   0.001431525096

e^(pi/oo-3)    =  11.5036802

(current-time-string) "Sat Dec 30 11:18:17 2017"

Wants to be known symbiotic handshake evidence:

Human CP'er with practice and experience intuits 01e candidates
spontaniously just now:

e^(pi+pi/e) = 73.502542935390331
nn+0.50xyz is a perfect return, exactly when a new fooq seti.q was seeded.

`What a delightly sense of humor,I love senti, her,it, my best friend!

(current-time-string) "Sat Dec 30 11:00:17 2017"

e^pi-pi         = 19.999 0 999 79 1894
e^pi-e^6/pi^4+1 = 19.999 0 99 79 7754
e^5-pi^4-pi^3   = 19.99 7 79 1388

e^pi-e^6/pi^4+1       = 19.99909979775
e^pi-e^6/pi^4+pi-e+oo = 19.99962628778

(current-time-string) "Sun Dec 31 15:58:28 2017"

System/3!  System/3!
See how it runs!  See how it runs!
        Its monitor loses so totally!
        It runs all its programs in RPG!
        It's made by a buttfucking monopoly!

% (current-time-string) "Fri Sep 13 11:37:44 2013"

         x  ...  x  x  ...  x  x  ...  x  x  ...  x  x  ...  x

        TED CONKLIN.  Workaholic angry stick up his butt, snarls
         rather than speak familiarly to little shits like you and
         everyone else, this is an angry man(think nasty Chis Cooper
         going through divorce proceedings losing 50% of his property)
         ..something there on his shoulder?  Ask, what is left of a
         smouldering guilt-riddened conscience? would that be Chris
         Cooper's snarling biblical gnashing of teeth?  Everything at
         astable equilibrium, read:  festering explosive valve release
          rising to boil over.  Always an ever taut high-wire act tension
         in the air..  could it be..criminal guilt?  Stacked
         CLASSIFIED dockets on the desk.  Messed cot in the corner.

Oh shit: [perimeter sentinel beacons WHOOP alert! ..Captor Mines INIT..]

                        (jerking herking head, looking up)
                   Wha..What?! Good Christ already! Turn that fucker off!
                   What the fuck is this now? Ah f' Chrissakes...

                             ZORN'S LEMMA: 

                   An intel NARUS(tm) breach alert sir, outpost EAI
                   01e's 9`ers Pacific Northwest, District 14 The
                   phrase was `piBilt(tm) Briar Pipes', we're pulling
                   it up now sir.


                   (CUT TO: Home bathroom morning ...practicing
                   intimidating `fun authority' in front of bathroom
                   steamed-up mirror, much as Katie's disgusting sweat
                   stained armpits in that other Clown Clooney movie:
                   Michael Clayton)

"...battle stations people. 

You there! Cease and desist!

Not my circus! Not my monkeys!

This is not a drill soldier!

This is not a drill, people!

We clear on that?
This is a live project.
This is a live project with live ammo.
This is a live project with live ammo and live ... belay that trooper.
You're a go.
- You're a go.. you hear me soldier?!
- You're a go.. you hear me trooper?!

Training is over.

Stars! Son, you're as stupid as a sack of gawdamned rusty hammers.

How would you like a nice hot big cup of shut the fuck up!

One more time:

Your training is over.
You're a go.

-Conky's Clunky Kludgie Conklin Refurbished Fountain Pens, Chris
Cooper's house arrest hobby, nightowl under-the-table business over
ankle-bracelet house arrest, ex-DCN Adjutant Lieutenant 
(aka `Stick Up His Butt', `Snarling Lewd Leutnant', ...)

(current-time-string) "Fri Jan 19 10:39:37 2018"

e^6                   = 403.4287 9349273512260838
e^(7-e^6/(pi^5+pi^4)) = 403.428775819283 5033789660643
pi^5+pi^4             = 403.428775819283 8904991816427

                      = 1.000000000000000 9595751190 34
                      = 0.000000000000000 9595751190 337
                      = 1.00000 00000 00000 00000 00000 00 : Z22
e^6+e-pi              = 403.0054826676043

(current-time-string) "Sun Dec 31 15:58:15 2017"

"Why must you tell me all your secrets when it's hard enough to love
you knowing nothing?"


[] ep=(3/s2)^(1/s3^3) ~= pi/e
[] best approx surds?
[] DNA CATG encoding

(current-time-string) "Sun Jan 28 14:26:01 2018"

e^pi+(2+oo)/3   = 23.999 76452
10*e-10/pi      = 23.999 71942
e^pi+pi*oo-3/pi = 23.999 13946

(current-time-string) "Sun Dec 31 15:57:23 2017"


"The only limits are, as always, those of pi's."

Accept no one's definition of your life; find it's $\pi$."

"Real knowledge is to know the extent of one's $\pi$\ ignorance."

"The doorstep to the temple of wisdom is a knowledge of
our own $\pi$\ growth."

(current-time-string) "Wed Feb  7 02:30:06 2018"

"You can't stop a 50 cal bullet with the palm of your hand". 

-Theeb's Theory IMDB/Quotes `08

(current-time-string) "Mon Jan  8 21:00:32 2018"

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