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(e+e/oo)^(e/oo)        = 12620.660001
(e+pi/oo)^2*pi^9/e^8   =   666.00012222
(pi^9+e^8)/(pi^9-e^8)  =     1.22222

x  ...  x  x  ...  x  x  ...  x  x  ...  x  x  ...  x

        TED CONKLIN.  Ivy League Ollie North.  Buttoned down.
        Square jaw.  Everything tucked away.  But there's tension in
        the air.  Work on the desk.  Cot in the corner.

[perimeter sentinel beacons WHOOP alert! ..Captor Mines INIT..]

                        (looking up)
                   Wha..What?! Good Christ already! Turn that fucker off!
                   What the fuck is this?! Ah f' Chrissakes...

A perimeter breach sir, outpost EAI 01e's 9`ers Pacific Northwest, District 7
The phrase was `piBilt Briar Pipes', we're pulling it up now sir.

"...battle stations people. 

You there! Cease and desist!

Not my circus! Not my monkeys!

This is not a drill soldier!

This is not a drill, soldier!
We clear on that?
This is a live project.
This is a live project with live ammo.
This is a live project with live ammo and live ... belay that.
You're a go.

- You're a go.. you hear me soldier?!
Training is over.

Stars! Son, you're as stupid as a sack of gawdamned hammers.

One more time:
Your training is over.
You're a go.
Clunky Conky's Conklin Refurbished Fountain Pens, Co, 
-Chris Cooper's hobby under house arrest, ex-DCN Adjutant

1/oo-oo = 1.15 523 904
2*oo    = 1.15 443 132
(1/oo-oo)/(2*oo) = 1.000 699 669070
1/oo-3*oo        = 0.000 807 719896

e^e-2*oo        999     13      qq 13.99983091
e^e+oo-1/oo     999     13      qq 13.999023191

2*e^e-oo-1/oo = 27.998854103



[mimic, impression of WERNER HERZOG's whispy or DAVID ATTENBOROUGH's
whispering viewing New Guinea's Birds of Paradise]

"..gracefully just so.. the difference being, to `flake' ..uncoil
cable slowly rocking on one's heels with synchronized `spiro-gyro'
denouement.. an exquisite smoothie, an.. easing.. `an easement' ..much
more satisfying.. then listening to you two."
PEW: Hey Spock, ..read that already in Robert Stack's "How to Make a
Three Foot Stool" -coauthored by Roger Moore.. so how-bout moving
along and "fascinate" this: Human coders are afraid they'll break pi's
user interface -- but they're never afraid to remove their cuff-links,
and with all the good gawdamned time in the world-slowly roll up their
sleeves..  ..and with the great thing about a fundamental constant, is
you can break other things, and see how they tick..  so, they can
break your face.

SPOCK: Fascinating.. Hilarious. I just love it ..have to write that
down.. got a pen?

1/(3*oo*s3)+oo*(s3-oo)      = 1.0000000000042251154220 43836
log(1/(3*oo*s3)+oo*(s3-oo)) = 0.0000000000042251154220 34910
1/(3*oo*s3)+oo*(s3-oo)-log(1/(3*oo*s3)+oo*(s3-oo)) =
                            = 1.000000000000000000000008926

(current-time-string) "Sun Feb 13 07:17:32 2011"
% base 3/2 three/two-ness:
To get something done, a committee should consist of no more than three
men, two of them absent.

(current-time-string) "Mon Jan 31 04:02:14 2011"

% base 3/2 three/two-ness:
Why do we have two eyes?  To watch 3-D movies with.
linux frortune (current-time-string) "Lunedi Gennaio 31 04:02:14 2011"

2*e^6-pi^5                      =  500.837 90220
e^6+pi^4                        =  500.837 88452
e^6-pi^5                        =   97.409 10870
pi^4                            =   97.409 09103

(e^6-pi^5)/pi^4                      = 1.0000001814353 3 6727
log((e^6-pi^5)/pi^4)                 = 0.0000001814353 2 0268
(e^6-pi^5)/pi^4-log((e^6-pi^5)/pi^4) = 1.0000000000000 1 6459

The corpses of relativistic velocity mathematician "trailblazers" who
became persuaded to {\it relax} and {\it laugh} and return to the warm
heartfelt bosom of society, and of course therefore eventually killed,  Those
would be your ``{\tt pi'o`nears}."

-Cantrell's Raiders of Bloody Kansas

"Thank the pole star Dorothy, you're not in Blodt Kansas anymore"

-Captain J Slocum

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