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The Heidelberg/Tokyo Ginzei erotic automatons 50's Collection Auction,
London.  Boodles' Custodian Collins' Deposition, the Rules Restaurant
wall's framed drawing signed with the FliegerBuns Bund logo, Defrocked
Anglican curator/librairian.

A rare prototype one-off Omas fountain pen from the desk of the
Havanna Sugar King 1950's

Presented under a sanctimonious veneer as `Historic' pornography, a
coupla-three palleted Lots of the vast Faraouk -Whereby FOIA CIA
public documements in the NWT's Oedegaard Archive Annex your`Company'
referred as `FFF', `Fat Fucker Farouk', `Butter-Ball' re: the infamous
Southeby's Farouk Erotica Auction of 1959

-This FFF Collection being seminal for Wittemore's `Shangai Circus',
adjunct to his Sinai Tapastry trilogy.

What concerns our interest, were some of the naughty automatons in the
collection had the same curious hallmark what appeared to be, the
ass-cracked boulbous lobes of a derriere with wings enclosed by what
apears to be `hearing protectors' surmounting a $\pi$\ symbol with the
words Bavaria and something `Flieger' and `Bund', with a dated year
from the late eighteenth century.

The same hallmark was observed in an 1850's survey study discovered in
the Sir Terrence Thomas' shelved portfolios in the Boodle's private
Erotica Colection. Also a derivative facsimile at Rule's Restaurant
private 2nd floor `The Rule City Club' and something in their Golf
Club House's Sanderson/Wroughton Library, it goes on and on:
-Murcheston Castle's, the Borromeo's Ambrosia in Milan, Oxford
Bodliean, Brahe's Hveen Archive, the Vatican's closed annex Q wing, in
the notorious orologist `Shrieking' Plummer's Collection, a
description in Ludwig's Hohenzollern's Lives appended to a hand-signed
signature in the Marianbad Gastbuch, also in the Faber's Castle
Guestbook.  Again, in Offenbach's Tales Of Hoffmann original mss with
erotic interpersed with mathematical puzzles marginalia, Rothschild,
Thurn Taxis, Baretta heir's, diffusing dynasties this FliegerBund
Guild is likely buried away in there somewhere.

The anthrpologist Rheinkratz's collection of ancient mathematical
graffiti entwined with amusing while crude prurient content.

Feynman's undergraduate years studying in a burlesque theater and a
nudie bar, both family and public photos of Richard's college years,
then later, and throughout the remainder of his life, when he poses
before the camera and even in candid group shots, you will witness one
of his hands always severly gripping something. A coffee cup -yes the
cup - not using a coffee cup's handle, or the ring - the the entire
cup itself--it is as if his hand is attempting to envelope the entire
coffee cup, or mug itself. You see Feynmann gripping the edge of a
living room coffee table, the fingers of his hand enveloping from the
back to the front cover of a book or two or three books, even gripping
his own forearm, and those uncomfortable old sepia photos of Feynman
awkwardly holding the corner of a wall.

  This peculiar need to be grabbing an object was identified decades
  ago in a clincal study as a haptic compulsion with a strong positive
  correlation indictive of the severely habituated onanist- recall
  this is a great physicist mind you. The voluminous explict erotic
  collection Johnny Von Neuman was discovered in his personal stacks
  of boxed papers. There is Isaac Newton's `Red Room' with that
  peculiar Cambridge tradition of the `Running Jack' caning cant.

Pompeii's revealed famous overtly huge graphic murals of frank carnal
physicality with its greek slave artisans including intentionally
hidden subliminal elaborate geometric constructions in the background
perspective horizons and landscapes.

So you are asking yourself, all this has always been going on as a few
collectors have independently discovered, but today there is emergence
of a direct recognition, that, ... well, how could something so
carelessly overlooked, for so long, could possibly be? Well, quite
simply, so are we, and have been seeking answers to this mystery a
very long time.

To summarize, there is a closeted strident teeming vitality within the
numbers themselves that ...well, at the least we can say that our
public school textbooks are completely ignorant of and this has been
so, also for a very long time.

Of all this pruient erotica with a certain focus of mathematics
arising independently throughout history and geographically. What has
surfaced, what now we do know:

Multiple foreign wealthy individuals and state agencies are doing
exactly the same thing, researching all the consequences of
this. Capriciously, as far as our researches have discovered, there is
zero interest by all the US intel agencies, your good Langley folks
included. It appears they remain completely in the dark, total
ignorance, rather than, say, the automatic debunking it all as total
complete balderdash -- simply, they're ignorant of all of it -
possibly, perhaps rejected early on as silly conspiracy
fantasy.. anyways, ..today it is however gathering .. er.. alarm and
bewilderment that we've a vast ignorance with global consequences.

(current-time-string) "Sun Dec 17 22:04:50 2017"

2*e^6+2*pi^4                       = 1001.6757 690
e^6+pi^5+3*pi^4                    = 1001.6757 513

2*(e^6+pi^4)-1/oo                  = 1001.0985 533

3^(2*pi)+pi/oo                     = 1000.484 311
pi^6+e^4-pi^3/2                    = 1000.484 205
pi^6+e^4-pi^2-pi-e                 = 1000.257 864
pi^6+e^4-3^pi/2                    = 1000.215 203
2*(e^6+pi^4)-pi/2                  = 1000.104 972
e^6+pi^5+3*pi^4-pi/2               = 1000.104 955

pi^5+2*pi^4                        =  500.837 86
e^6+pi^4                           =  500.837 88
2*e^6-pi^5                         =  500.837 90

senti Anger VS Elsevier$


EC GA psuedo

      These operators typically depend on additional sets of
parameters s , m , and r which are characteristic for the operator and
the representation of individuals. Additionally, an initialization
procedure generates a population of individuals (typically at random,
but an initialization with known starting points should of course also
be possible), an evaluation routine determines the fitness values of
the individuals of a population, and a termination criterion is
applied to determine whether or not the algorithm should stop.

      Putting all this together, a basic evolutionary algorithm
reduces to the simple recombination■mutation■ selection loop as
outlined below:

      Input:             µ, ■, ■ , r , m , s
                         a■ , the best individual found during the run, or
                         P ■ , the best population found during the run.

# (current-time-string) "Sun Feb 18 19:25:50 2018"
# /root/0.lang/0.0.perl/0.algor/0.ec/1gpEvol/0ecHandbook.txt
# DEFS:: ===============================================================
#  5% L2477

# I := to denote an arbitrary space of individuals {$a} \in I
# F := I → \Real to denote a real-valued
#           FITNESS FUNCTION of individuals.
# \mu     := parent pop size
# \lambda := child pop size
# P (t) := a Population at generation $t.
#          P(t) = (a1(t), . . . , a_{\mu}(t)) \in I^{\mu}
#          characterizes a population at generation t.

              my $t = 0;

              sub  P (t) = initialize(µ);

               F (t) = evaluate(P (t), µ);
               while (■(P (t), ■ ) = true) {
                         P (t) ← recombine(P (t), r );
                         P (t) ← mutate(P (t), m );
                         F (t) ← evaluate(P (t), ■);
                         P (t + 1) ← select(P (t), F (t), µ,   s );

(current-time-string) "Sun Feb 18 18:51:00 2018"

150/pi+147*e     447.333 91171104
100/pi+ 98*e     298.222 60780736
50/pi + 49*e     149.111 30390368

for(ii=5,60, kk=(ii*pi+(ii-3)/e);print(ii"*pi+"ii-3"/e\t"kk))
10*pi+7/e       33.99108262409
11*pi+8/e       37.50055471885
12*pi+9/e       41.01002681362
13*pi+10/e      44.51949890838
14*pi+11/e      48.02897100314
15*pi+12/e      51.53844309790
16*pi+13/e      55.04791519266
17*pi+14/e      58.55738728742
18*pi+15/e      62.06685938218
19*pi+16/e      65.57633147694
20*pi+17/e      69.08580357171

(current-time-string) "Fri Feb 16 16:09:09 2018"

"(='s  beautiful."

"Yes, and so is Sunrise until you get to close to it."
-Warburg, Planet of the Apes


HAL and Oz up north in Boston's sordid Pilgrim's Theater, in a
distressee Lounge booth, cont'd ..)

                             OSBOURNE (CONT'D)

..HardBodies Gym(tm) where my DVD was discovered, those clowns
attempted blackmail, and then, come to find out that.. ..that
defrocked Greek Orthodox priest is actually some field agent doing
some intel here ..and who the fuck knows who else-- here in DC for
some unknown gawdamned thing that no US agency knows about or at
least, does not know about to even give a flying fuck about..so what
the fuck.. what the fuck is up with that Hal? I mean.. why does my DVD
suddenly appear at this HardBodies(tm) franchise -a foreign service spy front,
..Greek Orthodox Church of Chrissakes...WTF...and
it apears this Ted Jenkins ex-priest had already been managing
the place some years before? So what the fuck Hal? Have you ever heard
of.. imagined.. anything ..like WTF?!


  .. I asked some of the foreign shops around town and it's a big fat
  nada, not a thing, archives, old case studies, not a gawdamned
  thing. The Vatican? Hell yes, a whole lotta evil history and despicable
  criminality there, but ...the ancient Greek Orthodox church running
  a global network of clandestine ops is totally out from nowhere, no
  records of it, a totally new unknown phenomenon, just... no one has
  a gawdamned thing... and its your gawdamned DVD that brought it to
  light Oz. Remarkable to .. 


(... signal lost to:

    (...cubes rattling in tumbles punctuates Lounge muzak and
    burlesque stage din, drums, yelps)

(current-time-string) "Fri Jan 19 11:41:36 2018"

3*e-e^e/2           = 0.577 7143
(1-oo^2)/(2*oo)     = 0.577 6195
1/(2*oo)-oo/2       = 0.577 6195
1+s3*oo^2-(3*oo^2)  = 0.577 5473
1/s3                = 0.577 3502
e^pi+2*e           = 28.5772 562
(s3*oo^2)^(3*oo^2)  = 0.5772 290
1/(2*s3-3*oo)       = 0.5772156 96276059
oo                  = 0.5772156 64901532
(e^e+pi/oo)/e       = 7.577 186820699058
(s3*oo^2)+(3*oo^2)  = 1.57 6614863418437
(s3*oo^2)*(3*oo^2)  = 0.57 6812040299036

Is that it?

\subsec{Roman Numeral Arithmetic}
\subsec{Bedouin Pepples in Sand}

\subsec{Base 3}
\subsec{Bas 14}

\sec{The Ruler}
\subsec{Transversal Area}

\sec{The Slide Rule}
\subsec{The Ln Rule}
\subsec{Transversal Area}

\subsec{Fast Ratio}
\subsec{Rational Approx To Decimal}
        No factoring Numerator or Denominator

{The Circular Slide Rule}

\subsec{Vertical Values}
\subsec{Horizontal Values}
\subsec{Transversal Area Arcs Semi-Filling the Inside Circle}
\subsec{Vernier? Snail}
\subsec{Moire Perspex Overlay -> Factorization?}

\subsec{The Astrolabe In In Wind}
\subsec{The Sextant Index Cone Bearing}

zeta(1+1/10-log(1+1/10))       = 213.8053479425631161350554555
zeta(1+1/100-log(1+1/100))     = 20133.80003029643305130140317
zeta(1+1/1000-log(1+1/1000))   = 2001333.799497144522451918810
zeta(1+1/10^6-log(1+1/10^6))   = 2000001333333.799440453713163
zeta(1+1/10^7-log(1+1/10^7))   = 200000013333333.5999968381127
zeta(1+1/10^8-log(1+1/10^8))   = 20000000132962576.62479413760
zeta(1+1/10^9-log(1+1/10^9))   = 2000000001023024624.552801705
zeta(1+1/10^10-log(1+1/10^10)) = 199999999329538588652.9928063
zeta(1+1/10^11-log(1+1/10^11)) = 20000000326080550264311.36546
zeta(1+1/10^12-log(1+1/10^12)) = 2000020520998272140139845.673


 Deoclitian Blobb's PROJECTING THE WORLD 

"Once you make a decision, the universe conspires to make it happen."

"The events in our lives occur through time, but in their
significance to our knowledge of their common denominator, 
they find their own super-resonance to jaunt acausal revelation."

"I have come to the frightening conclusion 
that I am the decisive element. 
It is my personal approach that creates the climate. 
It is my daily mood that makes the weather. 
I possess tremendous power to make life miserable or joyous. I can be a tool 
of torture or an instrument of inspiration, I can 
humiliate or humor, hurt or heal. In all situations, 
it is my response that decides whether a crisis is 
escalated or de-escalated, and a person is humanized 
or de-humanized. If we treat people as they are, 
we make them worse. If we treat people as they ought 
to be, we help them become what they are capable of 

"Let everyone sweep in front of his own door, 
and the whole world will be clean." 
"A man can be all things."
"Change your thoughts and you change the world."
"The greatest revolution of our generation is the
discovery that human beings, by changing the
inner attitudes of their minds, can change the
outer aspects of their lives."
 //GGGGGGgggg pppp

(current-time-string) "Wed Feb  7 02:29:00 2018"

"We must survive, thrive, and help the Numbers."

           -In Significant Numbers

(current-time-string) "Fri Jan 19 11:01:46 2018"

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