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e^6/pi^4                = 4.141592 835025129966324747016
e^6/pi^4-1              = 3.141592 835025129966324747016

(e^6-pi^4)/(e^6-pi^5)   = 3.141592 265029279499090416480

(e^6+pi^4)/(e^6-pi^5)   = 5.1415 91902158671880917091061
(e^6+pi^4)/(e^6-pi^5)-2 = 3.1415 91902158671880917091061
e^6                             = 403.4287 93492
pi^5+pi^4                       = 403.4287 75819

                                       = 1.000000000000000 000000000000
(pi^5+pi^4)/e^(7-e^6/(pi^5+pi^4))      = 1.000000000000000 959575119034
log((pi^5+pi^4)/e^(7-e^6/(pi^5+pi^4))) = 0.000000000000000 959575119034

		(trying to ingratiate)
	When I was in the Navy --

e^6-pi^4-pi^3 = 275.0134 257784328651964705328
pi^5-pi^3     = 275.0134 081049816330872649950
(e^6-pi^4-pi^3)/(pi^5-pi^3) = 1.000000064263962087850894343
                            = 1.000000000000002064928323147

e^3/(pi^2*sqrt(pi+1))                        = 1.000000021904053 57508003720
3-log(pi^2*sqrt(pi+1))                       = 0.000000021904053 33518625919
e^3/(pi^2*sqrt(pi+1))+log(pi^2*sqrt(pi+1))   = 4.000000000000000 23989377800

sqrt(pi+1)                      =   2.0350903 30572526021027984870
e^3/pi^2                        =   2.0350903 75149253652015938202

pi^2*sqrt(pi+1)                 =  20.085536 483
e^3                             =  20.085536 923
e^3/pi^2/sqrt(pi+1)      = 1.000000021904053 57508
log(e^3/pi^2/sqrt(pi+1)) = 0.000000021904053 33518
                         = 1.000000000000000 23989

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ThreeTwo-ness e-Ness Of Fit:....

There are two ways to write error-free programs.  Only the third one

Peter's Law of Substitution:

        Look after the molehills, and the mountains will look after

You should never wear your best trousers when you go out to fight for
freedom and liberty.
                -- Henrik Ibsen

e^10-pi^4       = 21929.0567
pi^9/e^8        =     9.999_838797
7*pi/e+6/pi     =     9.9999_50765
pi^4/(e^6-pi^5) =     0.999999_81856469619
(pi^4+pi^5)/e^6 =     0.9999999_5619

e^7/pi          =  349.0691
pi^7/e          = 1111.103
e^6/pi^3        =   13.0111
(6+pi)*(7-e)-pi = 36.000130728

e^6-pi^3+oo     =  372.999
pi^6-e^2        =  954.000137

"We're hunted to be killed because we're stupid and poor, overcrowding
the world causing mass extinctions of once beautiful plants and
animals. The elites want us gone."

Bladerunner sanctioned termination by Decker

1/oo-oo = 1.15 523 904
2*oo    = 1.15 443 132
(1/oo-oo)/(2*oo) = 1.000 699 669070
1/oo-3*oo        = 0.000 807 719896

e^e-2*oo        999     13      qq 13.99983091
e^e+oo-1/oo     999     13      qq 13.999023191

2*e^e-oo-1/oo = 27.998854103

\subsec{CD of erf(), Gauss Dist, CLT}

The gold market is made up of a very broad spectrum of investors. At
the very farthest ends of this spectrum lie the persons with the
largest influence on the physical bullion. The super wealthy at one
end and the ``third world untouchables" at the other. The middle is
occupied, mostly, by the ``investors with western thought". The far
ends buy bullion. And they don't buy it as a gamble or a game! It is a
way of life that has worked, through thick and thin, even before the
West was ``The West".  Now, on the other hand, this ``modern day middle
of the spectrum"! Well, they have read why we need gold, but they have
never ``Experienced" the need for gold! Until that day, when they gain
``Experience", most of them will make ``A Gamble That They Never
Intended To Take". Yes, they do invest in all forms of paper and or
leveraged gold and all the while, expounding from the roof tops the
coming currency crashes and stock market declines. Even looking for
bank closures and bank runs, as they cling dearly to comex options and
gold stocks!

Anyone, from the outside looking in can clearly see that ``westerners"
do lack ``experience."

As Another has said, ``this market is like none before". That is so,
very, true. There is a ``flaw" in this modern market that many do not
quite grasp. In time, they will! There have always been people and
companies that make a living dealing in gold. It is an ages old
business. Today, we see a phenomenon that is ``as none before". It is
mostly done by the investors at the middle of the spectrum. The
``trading of gold" has grown to a level never seen in history! You read
every day, that no one wants or needs gold! In a way those statements
are very correct! No investor wants to hold gold, but everyone and his
brother ( and sister ) want to trade it! The volume of paper trading,
worldwide, on and off market is beyond belief! It has created a type
of ``Parallel Paper Gold Universe", existing side by side with the
physical. The major ``flaw" in this system is found in the makeup of
the ``traders" of this ``paper gold universe". Without fail, the
majority is made up by those in the ``middle of the spectrum", those
without ``loss of currency" ``Experience". Mostly, they are of ``western

Without the experience of ``the destruction of currency" as a mental
control, the ``paper gold universe" will expand! I will not begin to
list the types of paper gold available for trade, but from comex gold
options to huge corporate derivatives, the overriding motive with gold
is clear. ``I will trade gold, up or down and make currency on it"!

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