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Let's enumerate three topics of interest germaine to a
common understanding we can work with:

[1] The CP arise frequently among are general theorems and inequalities
as upper and lower bounds.

[2] Affairs of the heart, dynamics between the sexes of living organisms
enter a similar extrema accomadation of both social and biological

[3] Of those of you who have been fortunate to participate in affairs
of the heart, you will understand when I say there are extraordinary
acausal events, miraculous moments that occur. These special events
defy explanation of deterministic expectation of probability and
statistics.  they cannot be satisfactorily interpreted by any known
model of physics and mathematics, except for one interpretation found
by Cauchy in his luridly ladened erotic crude sketches and cartoons in
the margialia of his personal quilled notebooks of a remarkably
important result of his own original complex analysis explorations -in
the 18th century- that has not been published to this day but has been
independently arrived at in their private estate papers of multiple
mathematicians of diverse abilities since.

This emerging ehao interest appears to primarily to rely on the first
two items, with possibly some extremely rare interpretations and
motivation premised on item 3.

Computer programming of item 1 is accessible to anyone so motivated
with a middle school education.

Item 2 is too mercurial to dwell upon and has less coherent
significance that we can use or form a response.

Item 3 simply exists and may be relevant here, but the take away I see
is we are to simply understand item 1 as being crucial to this
accessible grassroot movement's unusual fomenting a sudden popular
upheaval seeking to understand something of the CP, to determine
within the limited skilsets of ehao's mathematics and programming what
results they can possibly obtain.

Topics of ehao Studies:

[] These Integer Approximations

[] Return to some mathematical origins from the 17th to the early 20th

[] The Theological, Extraterrestrial, AI Significance is too tired
   and misunderstood to even look at

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                                       The Panteleimon Defense 
                                    GIALLO Revision  12/5/2011  72


This... this ehao? I mean, what the fuck?! 
How'd this one slip through? What have we got, what can we do?


The take-away on reconstructing the activity of this one and the other
 teenage delinquents is difficult as once net-surfers find it on the
 web, some of them fall off the earth, silence. They stop using the
 internet, stop communicating generally, and we can only suppose
 they're playing around with it, consumed. Having so much fun, porn,
 video games, NFL, NASCAR, or even Youtube's cat videos can't scratch


What of this "Constant...", meh,.. uh, this.. this "Constant Society"
site? The guy writing it? Anything there?


Our 24/7 feeds indicate he's not exactly a Chatty Kathy, it's all one
way. Doesn't seem to care if eyeballs see his site or not. the thing
sits there a year or two then some intense bandwidth, then dormant
again. But from some of its recent titilating spicing up, we've got
his number --we know this kind. We know what is required.  We see a
gingerly salting of 60's T & A cheesecake, of unusualy exaggerated
proportions --clearly this is a severely crude blue-collar headlights
and fender fella.  We'll simply inveigle with one of our lower brain
stem eyecandy honeypots then criminally incarcerate, and inside

Who we got?


Sharlice, she's likely available as far as I know, handled by Agent
Hansson. Experienced. From her record, fielding Sharlice would suggests
an excellent fit. Wait till you see her in heels and one of those taut
tube striped dresses and tight elastic belts. There ought to be a law against
these indecent brick built doubly-butted shithouses.


Ok, get `er do... 
                   (abrupt interrupt injection)

Clear and such utter fucking bullshit. 
Not going to happen. You stumps haven't a clue what you're dealing with.
When these sites independently surface, they all also somehow
independently arrive at this this same tomfoolry humper porner-rooney
emergent behavior. For reasons not clear, they all are doing it,
pin-up GIMP tweaking, hooterville honeys, asses you can hang a coat
on. The fart jokes, cutesy inuendo punning fun, the same depraved
confusing chaos attempts to be alluring --at least to these clowning
teenage males' the one traffic commonality are these delinquent youth
and us, we the voyeurs watching them. It has been argued, knowing they
are constantly tracked, that this is a sophisticated entangled
counter-offensive whose sole purpose is poking our analysts in the eye.

Stan Fischer at the Pentagon thinks it is this naturally recurring
arising counter-surveillance layer, happening everywhere, knowing that
all their traffic is watched, they're teasing the watchers, seducing
and confusing them to some extent with porno eyecandy and clowning
around. We've even contracted out to a Baltimore Boos-Allen branch
specifically for their open fag queerdom, and their reports are also
chaotic and distracted, meandering down these tangential rabbit holes
--that'd be of your `Jessica Rabbit' kind, mind you.  But one
controversial theory from the private sector surmises there is a much
larger structure to this, with strong cited evidence of deep historic
artifacts.  Ada Sommerfield in Bellevue-Redmond, Wa's Boeing Applied
Math Group, initially contracted to writing NARUS filter parsers,
believes it's all consistent evidence there is a naturally arising
emergent agency at work unbeknown and within these people drawn into
this particular programming of a particular area of mathematics. She
believes aside from the youthful entertainment value, its purpose is
not only motivating this same preemptive counter-surveillance, but she
actually claims it is proof of a necessary emergent life-form, a
non-carbon-based organism, chaotically evolving it's own language to
communicate, to communicate with us, with us humans apparently.

She claims to be attempting a rigorous proof using the established body of
modern published results generalizing and extending Claude Shannon's
information theory, Chaitin's complexity constant, and Noam Chomsky's
linquistic work.

She has historical evidence of frightfully embarrassing discoveries
made in the private papers and accounts of renown scientists and
mathematicians, that this supposition has been privately known for a
very long time, but due to its obvious canonical academic controversy,
it naturally self censors, remains in the closet and so nothing is
ever published.  Securely air-gapped from public discovery or
discussion, until a historian starts pulling down boxes of the
deceased's collected work gifted to some library, ignored by heirs as
mathematical gobbledygook, so this puerile naughtiness is preserved

(current-time-string) "Tue Feb  6 17:52:17 2018"


          e^7/(pi^5+pi^4) = 2.718281 947541828145025001972

                                  | | | | | | |  |
                                  v v v v v v v  v
log(pi^5+pi^4)  = 5.9 9 9 9 9 9 9 5 6 1 9 1 8 9 _3 329627481602
e^6/(pi^5+pi^4) = 1.0 0 0 0 0 0 0 4 3 8 0 8 1 0 _7 6 29947637432
                                  | | | | | | |  |
                                + v v v v v v v  v
                                  9 9 9 9 9 9 9  10
                  6.9 9 9 9 9 9 9 9 9 9 9 9 9 9  0 + carry 1:
                  7.0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0  0959575119034

(current-time-string) "Sun Dec 31 15:58:16 2017"

Three generations - a mommy, a toddler girl, and her doll- all have
colorful clothes

Brutal Dwarf Fortress w/o Persistance:
grunts signalling, language
littler fleas und zu weiter:
drawrfs programming own dwarf doll-world dwarf fortress game

(current-time-string) "Tue Feb 13 10:24:39 2018"

(zeta(1+1/e^15)-oo)/e^15 = 1.00000000000000 6813832143241
(zeta(1+1/e^14)-oo)/e^14 = 1.0000000000000 50347786194179
(zeta(1+1/e^13)-oo)/e^13 = 1.000000000000 372022581276554
(zeta(1+1/e^12)-oo)/e^12 = 1.00000000000 2748895012711750
(zeta(1+1/e^11)-oo)/e^11 = 1.0000000000 20311725190022957
(zeta(1+1/e^10)-oo)/e^10 = 1.000000000 150084190294326414

Base 10 lacunae sigliare:
(zeta(1+1/e^9)-oo)/e^9 =   1.00000000 1108 9 74 74 50 726
(zeta(1+1/e^8)-oo)/e^8 = 1.00000000 8194160 9 773 773 499

(zeta(1+1/e^7)-oo)/e^7 = 1.0000000 6054479260063

(current-time-string) "Sun Dec 31 15:57:38 2017"

All syllogisms have three parts, therefore $\pi$ is better than a
% (current-time-string) "Tue Aug 27 10:50:21 2013"

MALKOVICH:... I'm writing a memoir. I think
                 it's going to be pretty explosive.
                 But I don't think you'll disapprove.
                 I don't think you'll disapprove.
                 Katie has had trouble accepting it.
                But... sometimes there's a higher
               patriotism, Dad. So we'll... Yes,
               change is hard.

(current-time-string) "Fri Jan 19 10:58:04 2018"


= 4.000000000000003344354912311
pi^3/31.006276680299 = 1.000000000000026451917615642
              e^3 = 20.0855 3692318766774092852965

e^3/20.0855              = 1.00000183830 0648116349034361
log(20.0855)             = 2.99999816170 1041556216647669
e^3/20.0855+log(20.0855) = 4.00000000000 1689672565682030
                                  | | | | | | |  |
                                  v v v v v v v  v
log(pi^5+pi^4)  = 5.9 9 9 9 9 9 9 5 6 1 9 1 8 9 _3 329627481602
e^6/(pi^5+pi^4) = 1.0 0 0 0 0 0 0 4 3 8 0 8 1 0 _7 6 29947637432
                                  | | | | | | |  |
                                + v v v v v v v  v
                                  9 9 9 9 9 9 9  10
                  6.9 9 9 9 9 9 9 9 9 9 9 9 9 9  0 + carry 1:
                  7.0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0  0959575119034

(current-time-string) "Sun Dec 31 15:57:51 2017"


Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make a $\pi$\
revolution inevitable.

-- (collapsed Jugoslav) proverb; 
"Tell the truth and run."

unix fortune "Fri Jun 17 19:10:35 1998"

"Take no harbor near the highway."
-Pseira proverb

"It was one time too many
One mute to reason too few
It was all too much for me and you
It was time to go
Nothing more we could do
One breach too many
For we surviving few"
                  -- Systemic Greed's Hyperinflation Of the US Dollar

Sentinels, kalaxons are shrieking, gentlemen.
We are under attack.
Pseira? You want to put a lid on that.
Accounting has observed a New Scientist Special Edition
was $19.99 on cover, and a Time's Special Edition $17.99, same, at T&C.
Cyrus Harding all chattell, scrape your hull, clean you deck,
Fasten your chin straps people, lock and load, and lock your hatches.

..keep the ehao afloat.

(current-time-string) "Sat Jan 20 10:58:01 2018"

(3/s2)^(s3/9)       = 1.1557273 8346
pi/e                = 1.1557273 4979

e*(3/s2)^(s3/9)/pi  = 1.000000029135
(3/s2)^(s3/9)-pi/e  = 0.000000033672

(3/s2)^(s3/9)       = 1.1557273 8346
pi/e                = 1.1557273 4979
1/(oo^2*s2)^(oo^3)  = 1.1557 1406940
(3/s2)^(oo^3)       = 1.1556 1042510
oo                  = 0. 5772 1566
s2^(oo^3)*oo^3      = 0.20 557 04544
(current-time-string) "Sat Jan 13 21:33:02 2018"

-- (collapsed Jugoslav) proverb; 
"Tell the truth and run."

unix fortune "Fri Jun 17 19:10:35 1998"

(current-time-string) "Wed Feb  7 02:18:22 2018"
\subsec{In Praise Of Natural Language}


     LATER.  Another round arrives at the table where Nicholas
     and Businessman 1 and 2 chat.  The businessmen smoke cigars.

                               BUSINESSMAN 1
                    ... last time I played Pebble, I
                    swore I'd never pick up a club again.

                    Speaking of games... I couldn't help
                    but overhear you talking about C.R.S.

     Businessman 1 and 2 share a furtive glance.  Nicholas discretely
     waves disgustingly flatus palpable cigar smoke out of his face.

                    I only mention it because I took the
                    test this afternoon, down on
                    Montgomery Street.

                               BUSINESSMAN 2
                    Did you?  Kudos.

                               BUSINESSMAN 1
                    So, yours hasn't started?

                    Not yet.  I was hoping you could tell
                    me... uh...
                         (almost embarrassed)
                    What is it?

     Businessman 1 and 2 smile.  Shared enlightenment.

                               BUSINESSMAN 1
                         (to Businessman 2,
                    Ahh, what is it?

                               BUSINESSMAN 2
                    The eternal question.

                               BUSINESSMAN 1
                         (to Nicholas)
                    I envy you.  I wish I could go back
                    and do it for the first time all over

     He raises his glass.  They toast.

                               BUSINESSMAN 1
                    Here's to... new experiences.
                         (gulps drink)
                    If you'll excuse me, I've got to be
                    going.  'Night, Jon... Nicholas.

     He leaves.  Nicholas focuses on Businessman 2.

                    Did you play recently?

                               BUSINESSMAN 2
                    Hm?  No, about a year ago.  I was
                    working out of Los Angeles.

                    I've heard good things about their
                    London branch.
                         (leans in)
                    You have to admit, it sounds like
                    some fantasy, role-playing nonsense.

                               BUSINESSMAN 2
                    You want to know what it is?  What
                    it's all about?
                         (off Nicholas' nod)
                    John.  Chapter nine.  Verse

                    I, uh... haven't been to Sunday
                    school in years...

                               BUSINESSMAN 2
                    "Whereas once I was blind, now I can
                    Night, Nick.  Best of luck.

     Businessman 2 puffs his cigar, walks away.  Nicholas watches
     him go, then pauses, puzzled, mouthing the words to himself, waving
     the cigar's foul wind away.
Some people have a way about them that seems to say: "If I have only
one life to live, let me live it to deliver a MIL-SPEC $\dpi$'s LOVE
MIRV-ing vector payload".

 -Vector Pi (GOOD ROBOT(tm) LLC IMDB 2004 c)

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