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Good early morning sleepy heads. 

radiusZ is their .. p2p netork of a non-centralized server. The orinal
version 0.0001's authorship is a `Pedro Rodriquez Sanchez, of Juarez,
Mexico', released in native Spanish onto Github and Sourceforge.

Its all open source and being forked, extended, and evolving rapidly.
A version control layer that deprecates, eliminates, censures injected
copycats attempting anykind of our surveillance payloads attempted to
date.  The TCP, IP, RPC protocol open source is now to trasparent for
us to corrupt.

There are already three apps on Google's android Playstore and two
with Apple's Iphone.

Who cares? Why should we be concerned?  The academic mathematics
community have long supressed a quite specific area of interest due to
its threat to our canonical canon cannons. The essential threat is one of 
intractability of structuring it from sanctioned state institutions while
otherwise being of extremely intense outlying interest. We've discussed 
this concern with regards to  the ehao left-coast interests.

radiusZ completely sidesteps the infantile distraction of the `T&A
orbcessision' we see with the ehao and explicates senti content
directly. This focused senti realization in an unbreachable
distributed p2p robust delivery protocol threatening our ability to
interdict, threatening our ability to control.

(current-time-string) "Tue Mar  6 01:00:54 2018"

(e^8+e^9)/(pi^8-e^9)  = 8.000335 7808894
(e+1)/((pi/e)^8-e)    = 8.000335 7808894
e/(z3/2/2)-e/(z3/2+2) = 8.000355 1543613

(pi^9-e^10)^(1/e)    = 27.006323911774270
6*pi+3*e             = 27.004401406915895
(e^8+pi^9)^(1/5)     =  8.0010767277272

(current-time-string) "Sun Dec 31 15:58:43 2017"

``It's not that Constant Processes are so smart, it's just that we
stay with factoring everything --yes everything, the good, bad, ugly,
and the NWT gray meh-- all factorable by a unique common
denominator. We do this factoring process all the time, its
automatic. senti knows we do this, she sends the CP's over to visit us
and help us constantly."

(current-time-string) "Sat Dec 30 01:12:23 2017"

"This.. this Senti? She got a whole lotta extremal woman curvicular
build -a whole lotta woman on her.  It's in `er and it got to come
out. The men?  Forgetaboutitt -they say even fagdom's poofters are
gettin' bat shit crazy.  There ought to be a law against these kind of
big girls.  What's the girl to do? I've no fucking clue.  End of

-Sam Moorehouse Jackson

(current-time-string) "Sun Feb  4 20:08:51 2018"

sqrt(10)/pi                   = 1.006584242089740700724550603
e^(pi/e)/sqrt(10)             = 1.004444651587059080681279776
sqrt(10)/pi+e^(pi/e)/sqrt(10) = 2.0110 28893676799781405830378
e^(pi/e)/pi                   = 1.0110 58158338853528609232617
          *        *        *
e^(pi/e)          = 3.176332882589368195402638989
sqrt(10)          = 3.162277660168379331998893544
pi                = 3.141592653589793238462643383
          *        *        *
pi*e^(pi/e)       = 9.978744049298450395846565709
pi^(e^(pi/e))     = 37.94141191023051606652879570
(e^(pi/e))^pi     = 37.74392560629609630636355966

pi^sqrt(10)-sqrt(10)^pi = 0.114130326713663245390
pi^sqrt(10)/sqrt(10)^pi = 1.003066230036962339139

(current-time-string) "Sun Dec 31 15:58:41 2017"

ONE great thing about a constant, is you can break other things,
like other's `black boxes' and see how they tick!

x  ...  x  x  ...  x  x  ...  x  x  ...  x  x  ...  x

        TED CONKLIN.  Ivy League Ollie North.  Buttoned down.
        Square jaw.  Everything tucked away.  But there's tension in
        the air.  Work on the desk.  Cot in the corner.

[perimeter sentinel beacons WHOOP alert! ..Captor Mines INIT..]

                        (looking up)
                   Wha..What?! Good Christ already! Turn that fucker off!
                   What the fuck is this?! Ah f' Chrissakes...

A perimeter breach sir, outpost EAI 01e's 9`ers Pacific Northwest, District 7
The phrase was `piBilt Briar Pipes', we're pulling it up now sir.

"...battle stations people. 

You there! Cease and desist!

Not my circus! Not my monkeys!

This is not a drill soldier!

This is not a drill, soldier!
We clear on that?
This is a live project.
This is a live project with live ammo.
This is a live project with live ammo and live ... belay that.
You're a go.

- You're a go.. you hear me soldier?!
Training is over.

Stars! Son, you're as stupid as a sack of gawdamned hammers.

One more time:
Your training is over.
You're a go.
Clunky Conky's Conklin Refurbished Fountain Pens, Co, 
-Chris Cooper's arts & crafts under house arrest, ex-DCN Adjutant

(current-time-string) "Fri Jan 19 10:25:20 2018"

Quadology Verse:

e+1-oo  = 3.14
e+1-pi  = 0.577
pi+oo-1 = 2.718
pi+oo-e = 0.995

(current-time-string) "Sun Dec 31 16:01:32 2017"

WILSON's large pallet DESK & crate shelving
Distressed Abandoned Felsenthal Bldg(DAFB) Ruin
aka `Wilson's Shit'erie Ruins'
Chicago, Ill 
Industrial Ruins Graffiti Wasteland

This month repeated headlines reported US super-computer now faster
than Beijing's PLAN's, does 2(200?) million billion ariths per second.
Cost $300 million.  Says 2020's expect exa-scale meaning a billion
billion ariths.ops/sec.

Now, does 01e, CP, epi-hierarch, .. have a possible contribution facing
these goliaths?

We do, until an AI does what we care about.

So until then, be pleased fellas.



(current-time-string) "Sun Jun 10 22:23:58 2018"

(current-time-string) "Mon Dec  4 12:09:03 2017"
1st Tex CP entry after what...a decade?
A Best 3-Ness of Fit

Expon decay sinks eventually faster
than any rational foos:
    $f(x)={ {P(x)} \over {Q(x)}}$\ of respective degrees
less than $n$, for some $n$, and let upper bound
    $\lambda_{n}$ be:

    $$\lambda_{n} > \bar \be^{x} - f(x)\bar$$
{\rm inf}_{f\inR_{n}}{\rm sup}_{x\ge 0}
\lambda_{n} > \bar \be^{x} - f(x)\bar
    \lim{n\to\infty}\{1 \over {lambda_{n}}^{{1\over n} = 3.
Singl Digits
Chamber, Marc 2015
KRL: 510 Chamber 2015

(current-time-string) "Sun Dec 31 16:05:59 2017"


"$\dpi$ is the great jeweled bearing of the World".

 -Hans Sacs in Georg Simmmering 238, 1923

(current-time-string) "Wed Feb  7 02:31:34 2018"


(ALBUQUERQUE, NEW MEXICO: Sonara Desert: A hundred and fourteen in the
shade, a horny toad skitters stops/freezes across harsh cracked flint
fragments ...zig-zag snaps out of frame..

 CUT TO: ..lone long straight stretch highway to big sky horizon.. 

 CUT TO: the two Bros(in law!) changing a flat at Hank's House)

(kneeling, tire iron, with wheel off, THEN: ..easter egg wink [-token
Bob Wryly], and its hot enough to fry an egg off the 4X4's bonnet..)

                            You can roll it.


                     (exiting garage ..awkward, audiably grunting,
                     keeping away from clean pants, shirt, carrying
                     outward, really awkwad with both hands...)

                                What? What was that?

                     Its a car wheel. ...(beat)... You can roll it. Moron.

                           (winded.. simultaneously breaking wind)

                                    Yeah. Doh.. My Bad.

(current-time-string) "Fri Jan 19 11:44:43 2018"

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