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e^pi-pi^9/e^8-pi   = 9.999261181384595585383165527
e^3/2-1/e^pi       = 9.999554543330061620689847090
pi^9/e^8           = 9.999838797804880181883277457
7*pi/e+6/pi        = 9.999950765639196054597257443
pi^9/e^8+e^6/pi^13 = 9.999977735006192339843141943
pi^9/e^8+e^5/pi^12 = 9.999999371328340049973644320

    The crash of impact----ramming Osbourne.

      He recoils from the impact.

                   Holy fucking----you fucking morons!

e^5-pi^4-pi^3  = 19.9977913

e^pi-pi        = 19.9990999

e^6-pi^5-pi^4  =  0.0000176

\subsec{Base 3-ness}

"Thirdness is mediation, generality, order, interpretation, meaning,
purpose.  The third is the medium or bond which connects the absolute
first and last, and brings them into relationship. Every process
involves continuity, and continuity represents to perfection."

\ecit{BOCH 1974 80}

"Landru! Guide us!"

-- A Beta 3-oid, "The Return of the Archons", stardate 3157.4;
unix fortune (current-time-string) "Sun May 15 10:25:48 2005"

{x^2} + {y^2} = {n^2}, \where x, y,n \in {\pmb N}
{\rm then}\ 3\mid x {\rm or}\ 3\mid y \quad \clubsuit_3
ecit{dunk.15.1957, wernicke 3305}      % 3 dicembre 80
% (current-time-string) "Martedi Dicembre 30 04:50:27 2008"

``Do'nt try to outweird me {\it three-eyes}. 
I get stranger things than you for free
with my breakfast cereal.''

\hbox{Zaphod Beeblebox, unix fortune}
% 011:30 Guigno 21 97}

1/(3*oo*s3)+oo*(s3-oo)      = 1.0000000000042251154220 43836
log(1/(3*oo*s3)+oo*(s3-oo)) = 0.0000000000042251154220 34910
1/(3*oo*s3)+oo*(s3-oo)-log(1/(3*oo*s3)+oo*(s3-oo)) =
                            = 1.000000000000000000000008926

Constant processes are things invented by constant processors that
explain things which otherwise require harder thinking.

0.0000 = e^(1*2*3)-pi^4-pi^5

"The mold of a man's $\dpi$\ fortune is
in his own hands."

"The right to be let alone is the underlying
principle of the Constitution's
Bill of $\dpi$." 

"I have learned this at least by my experiment: if one advances
confidently in the direction of his dreams, and endeavors to live the
life he has imagined, he will meet with a success unexpected in common

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