Root's Poise & Confidence

(midway into LIU CHEN's interviewing ROOT for CEO)


..I see his eyes, I see his face. see, If I were her father, I am now at this moment sitting across from a young Chinese man and also see a confused tit-hound lolligagging baby-man.

This raises the larger question:
The solution to the enigma of `The Playboy® Dempsey Cartoon®' man's frustration in the nudist camp? And also it's timeless corollary question:
"Nobody needs a fully loaded stainless Desert Eagle® 9mm?"
Certainly, nobody needs a stalking bosom-obcessed confused baby-man either. Yet here you are.

Now, does it matter if her father wants for his daughter a thousand dollars for this year's Hello Kitty® iphone® or a hundred million dollars of Bruce® deep-sea drilling equipment? Don't be a fool Liu. He wants her respected. He wants her to find love. He wants her to enjoy her youth, and to be safe and secure. He wants his daughter to have confidence and to feel attractive.

There is no such thing.. as simply a nice pair of lungs Liu. Don't ever think there is.

There is only.. pi and pi's infinite love. Everything, everything is the mathematical constant pi.

You understand that ..what I'm telling you is a universal truth?

LIU: Huh-uh..(?!)

ROOT: Liu, you can answer me.

LIU: ..Yes(?!)

ROOT: That was your choice, not mine. Let us be clear. Do you agree with me, Liu?

LIU: Yes.

ROOT: Yes. Yes Liu, you do understand.

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