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Boston Dynamics latest TERRIFYING  warrior-bot: "HANDLE"

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St Teresa and her Sisters of Mercy are angry again:
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We Are Sorry There's Education
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Just Another Job Interview

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   *   .  *   .  *  M Y S T E R I O U S  I S L A N D S  . *   .  *   .  *
SPOCK: I've coded the logic analyzer frequency to filter it's `Mysterious Volcanic Islands' newly surfacing, these first leading two 7041 3068 fixed eager-eigen-eiger islands in the stream:

aa(1) = 1.004700
aa(2) = 1.000049
aa(3) = 1.000000499667041
aa(4) = 1.0000000049996667041630003068
aa(5) = 1.00000000004999966667041663000030685
aa(6) = 1.000000000000499999666667041666300000306855
aa(7) = 1.0000000000000049999996666667041666630000003068555
aa(8) = 1.00000000000000004999999966666667041666663000000030685555
aa(9) = 1.000000000000000000499999999666666667041666666300000000306855555
aa(X) = 1.000000000000000000004999999999666666666704166666663000000000306855555

SPOCK: Captain, signification in this emergent calderaie remain:
UNKNOWN.. who, why, wtf, ... all UNKNOWN. Our current probe run is
simply setting GP's PRECISION to higher and higher orders, while
logging these fixed-point islands into a sequence of interest. The one
analogy that comes to mind is McConaughey-Thorne's theory of surviving
the entry of a blackhole's event horizon if and only if these fixed
points emerge as symmetry duals necessary and sufficient for
conservation of apprehending whatever its info-content being
squished into fixed-points.. these valences or lucunae of infinities
must appear when we get there. Another one of those ..this
is where we wave our hands in the air(TIWWWOHITA)  and have "Everyone
on the bridge grab something and hold on(EOTBGSAHO)".. and do that
spectrum-blur `warp zillion' Wouncy Bouncy Uhura Voodoo Dance(WBUVD).

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twitter.com/e3pi @870+ tweets

Lucky Jim@coloradoSpy/@KRL obtains last week: Two black 
ORTLIEB bike panniers $50, Craigslist, Bainbridge Is.

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9113 OK (current-time-string) "Mon Feb 29 09:29:39 2016"

Onto 01e.pl for stream generator, static ref book otp, 
shadow-threshold poly to elementary atms, eqn length.

* * * *

OLLECH & WAJS SELECTRON COMPUTER: Back off, movement looks mechanically clean, runs
tatty-less than hour reserve, clear transparant Mobius(?) grease. 

Inside ss case back reads Ollech & Wajs, outside is diver, bubble, fish, 10 atmos. 
Watch case chrome gone, brassing at 3/4 cyl walls.

Red on white date wheel advances OK, bubble crystal nice, very nice- clean face.
with correct dead moon ugly lume. 

* * * *

(current-time-string) "Thu Feb  4 13:30:13 2016"

"We're going to die because we're stupid."


(current-time-string) "Mon Feb  1 12:38:25 2016"

Let's not forget emot's surfacing the 
particularly delightful 01e entry:

"It looks like Greg is getting to third base" 

               - Dr Goldfarb(The Game) in Fockers No.1

Last Dec 29, 13:05, two Seiko Perpetual Calendar's 8F's were synchronized to 
the exact 13:05 per time.is refreshed numerous times `til box was within 0.03 second,
so today, they remain so, one month later, exactly synchronized, while drifting 
together something like half a second ahead. Throughout this month, the two watch heads were
made fast to a BALLISTIC ORANGE nylon folded NATO strap, hanging from a cord around the 
neck under shirt, to maintain the most constant temperature possible in 
this winter's NWT, afforded.

The two titanium SEIKO's are: 8F33-0050 SN:1D0058, and 8F33-0050 SN:170674, telling
us they were made within 5 months of one another, December and Luglio, 2000 AD. 

Most accurate quartz affordable:  SEIKO 8Fxx movement,
with **  $\pm$ 20secs < -half mile, PER YEAR *** THREE MILES per DECADE **
 runs ten years off a single CR2412, correcting calendar sans local
Daylight Savings Time which must be done manually.

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All Springer Verlag titles "ten tears old" legally free:


(current-time-string) "Fri Oct 23 02:11:23 2015"

This morning's scorched fragment: 


``A more beautiful action of the spring might be obtained by
bringing the outer  turn of the spiral round, and pinning it
in over the centre of the collett, or by a flexible stud: as
no error, however, arose from the ($\exist$ntire)  flow of
  the spring, it was best pinned into a $\pmb{FIXED}$\ stud.''

--The Isochronism of Balance Springs,  
Pierce, Ambrose and Burnside, John, Chancellorsville, 1867

(current-time-string) "Tue Sep 29 20:21:36 2015"


        ``Getting Better with Time(tm)''

deliriously distressed Seiko "R2D2" -- of heartbeat
Nippon's relentless silent juggernaut ``Zurich Killer" 

               7S26-(015***) automatic movement 

90's titanium SKX-4** hard-hat diver acquisition,
with desirable featherweight Ti bracelet, clearly
abused from a seriously trauma angered adult  --of whom; 
himself-- most certainly was cruelly worked for 
a living. Outdoors among the ePO Observatory(tm) data logging 
rigid schedule, the watch will be further trench tested in our 
wretchedly endless months of cold, wet, and miserably 
persistant grey  NWT `regen und feldgrau'. 

With last week's `water resistant' acquisition to augment
yet another excessively paranoid layering to our 
neurotically overvalued kit's original SKB(tm) 
pre-Pelli seasoned and scarred Stormcases(tm): 

``Tin Cloth'' FILSON(tm) and 
SealLine(tm -Cascade Design(tm) Seattle) 
dry sacks -- 

This first R2D2's error ratio regulums and vintage 
lumes' lumined persistence tabulated, and proudly shown 
and we're confidently anticipating a generous 
celebrated reception among le locale regulars 
per the next 2016 NW EHAO SOLSTICE exhibition
(so sorry, ONLY by EHAO Yacht Club invite. NOTE: 
Serious PRE-APPROVED jobbers and press may ONLY apply 
through Boehner's Index Registration(BIR)[3]):


(current-time-string) "Lunedi Sep 28 07:28:09 2015"



Dear Professor,

Unfortunately, we immediately encounter a rather embarrassing careless

Edging onto the salient narrative you have obviously
self-immolated, according to the Paris Review(..., or was it 
Lapham's Quarterly?)'s Pynchon interview regarding his 
`Elements of Style'* and TUGBOAT's `02(?) 
summary of AMSTeX Best Practices.


One can't do mathematics for more than ten minutes without grappling,
in some way or other, with the slippery notion of equality. Slippery,
because the way in which objects are presented to us hardly ever,
perhaps never, immediately tells us -- without further commentary --
when two of them are to be considered equal.

Clearly, WLOG - you intend to say:


ONE can't do mathematics for more than ten minutes without grappling,
in some way or other, with the slippery notion of equality. Slippery,
because the way in which objects are presented to us hardly ever,
perhaps never, immediately tells us -- without further commentary --
when two of them are to be considered equal.

  * Example: see CL49's opening for that novitiate's rather long 
sophomoronic/inchoate paragraph spill, or the Ben Cohen's visage 
as a wigglin' iota to Francine McDormant in the Sonaran Desert/Maas 
Mesa's Complex Domain's roots of zeta roiling heat mirage, 
and Graham's account of the Moscow School's ``Lushin Disturbance'' 
whose ill-defined cat-whisker threat is so fiercely amplifide by 
today's leveraged techno `janky' and unbridled enthusiasms of these 
innumerate and dangerously reckless DIY `MAKER' upstart youth. 

Anyhoo, this immediate lax carelessness discourages any further 
reading as promising only more of your tiresome bromides. 

Professor, shoveling over the tuition that we do, 
may we  ask,  what part of "YAWN" you don't understand?


(current-time-string)"Wed Sep 23 20:43:09 2015"

"Pssst, look busy, the Boss is here"

  This week's  great House of Seiko's Three Graces: Solar, Auto,
and that 2006' game changer, a  modded ``Hefty Lefty'' aka 
"The Boss" Seiko `06 Kinetic: SKA291-5M62-OMAYO SN:6202**
with the two black ``Morlands'' hand bands - extremely rare:: 


(current-time-string) "Sat Sep 12 21:42:26 2015"

Celluloid IWA RS 331 12.5cm slide rule of AB, CD scales 
and ... transversals! 


(current-time-string) "Tue Apr 14 20:10:44 2015"

Best transcendental legal pwning of Pickett/Cohen's vicious Ln scale 
international patent is to simply make your length modulus 23.025 cm, 
and get the ruler, and ...and it never happened!

Loxy sunflower of discarded and abandoned polar circular sr:


(current-time-string) "Sun Apr  5 13:36:57 2015"

Spend a coupla-three dollars on eBay to marvel at and `know' 
better happy haptics of engine ruled celulloid and boxwood/mahogany
slide rules or you rather vacuously gestate upon sliderule.js's or 
even prefer a javascript nomogram:

Interactive Nomogram Creation Tool

developed at University of Palermo 
by T. J. `Bones' Bonafici, R. Commara, and A. `The Liar' Mareno

(current-time-string) "Fri Apr  3 12:52:05 2015"

Secret processes non-disclosure life-lesson and resulting 1972 systemic 
catastrophic hp 35  cliff-event in  K+E slide rule history well-crafted:


Hyperbolic slide rules scales introduced,
to Kueffel & Esser, that vintage bon homeme goodwill then  sinister 
lawyering corporate patent battle leading 
to 70's cliff event(e.g., today's Jura forboding quiet panic 
of Apple's new watch into gathering monster wave) of worldwide
SR demise at: 


may you also welcome:

The Evolution of a Slide Rule



The stain glass upper half of the west entrance oak door abaft the NE
anteroom below the locked contraversial Terry Thomas Library, with
those massive verdigris arabesque nouveau bronze hinges with 
the indirect limelight widdershinning stairwell augering down into the 
Boodle's famous lounge of their Surrey on Tynes house? Defrocked 
`Padre!' custodian Collins knows, but honestly, let it be these 
perennially deeply frustrated lords and inebriate noble 
reprobates' lost empire's problem.

We're informed there were only 250 of these meticulously 
leaded cursors delivered by a Calder & Hebble launch (restored in 1926) off
the famous Liverpool stevedore heist of `47 of that Shanghai 
tramp steamer's manifest of towering crates of that great asian 
collection from all Pacific theaters surfacing at 
Southeby's in 2009, and as of March 30th, 2015, I am proud to 
assert I did everything possible to locate, now pwn, and 
incorporate this magnificent faux
chink copy-cat into a retro-50's portal:


(current-time-string) "Sat Mar 14 07:08:50 2015"

=| |= =| |= =| |= =| |= =| |= =| |= =| |= =| |= =| |=

In Significant Coincidences For Pi Day:

Get the 0-9 Dial Mitutoyo caliper:

The height of an HP 10c, 11c, and:

    * * * long lives the Queen: 15c * * *

... etc shirt pocket RPN Voyager calculator is 
3.1415 inches.

Get that HP calculator to verify last night's dream:

There are 3.14 cubic inches in eight cubic centimeters.

And if you want to celebrate e day and pi day on
the second of July, 2018, know:

(pi^5+pi^4)^(1/(3+2+1))              = 2.7182818


e^(3*2)/(pi^(2*2)+pi^(1+2)) = 3.141592

simplifies to:

e^(3*2)/pi^(2*2)-e^(2*pi*i) = 3.141592
...how in the heck!?...


=| |= =| |= =| |= =| |= =| |= =| |= =| |= =| |= =| |=

(current-time-string) "Thu Feb 19 20:27:31 2015"

       e + cos(pi/9) + sin(pi/9) = 3.99999

       e^(pi/n) >= x^((pi/n)*(e/x)); for every n, x >= 0

(current-time-string) "Sat Nov 22 15:58:23 2014"

(current-time-string) "Mon Nov 10 00:32:21 2014" ..|'''.| '|| /\\ /| .|' ' .... || .... || || /|| || '' .|| || .| '' || || || .... || ' .|' || || || || || || .|...|| ''|....' '|..'|' .||. '|...' || || || || \\/ ,/-' '|...' _________________________________________________ 01eCalc Rev 0.01 9nv14-ds _________________________________________________ CH-EAI Official Sweepstakes Rules: NO PURCHASE REQUIRED TO CLAIM YOUR PRIZE To claim your prize without purchase, do the following: (a) Carefully cut out your computer-printed name and address from upper right hand corner of the Prize Claim Form. (b) Affix computer-printed name and address -- with glue or cellophane tape (no staples or paper clips) -- to a 3x5 inch index card. (c) Also cut out the "No" paragraph (lower left hand corner of Prize Claim Form) and affix it to the 3x5 card below your address label. (d) Then print on your 3x5 card, above your computer-printed name and address the words "CARTER & HEBBLE EAI SWEEPSTAKES" (You MUST use all capital Helvetica letters.) (e) Finally place 3x5 card (without bending) into a plain envelope [NOTE: do NOT use the the Official Prize Claim and CH EAI Entry Reply Envelope or you may be disqualified], and mail to: CH-EAI, Box 13208, Watertbury, NY 11595. Print this address correctly, and enclose your check or money order of the amount $14.95 for shipping and handling. Comply with above instructions carefully and completely or you may be disqualified from receiving your prize. ____________________________________________________________________________ (current-time-string) "Mon Oct 20 12:07:49 2014" (oo+pi/oo)^(pi/oo) = 17499.9992314981 (current-time-string) "Wed Oct 1 20:20:04 2014" Last login: Mercoledi Oct 1 15:47:54 EDT 2014 on tty1 You have new mail. Have a lot of fun... The goal of DARPA is to build better pi-traps. The goal of nature is not to build a better pi. Animated, Fargo's Jerry Lundegaard admonishes, "Oh Geez, it's the truth I tell ya, oh Geez, and when you stop believing in it, it doesn't go away! Wade Gustafson: We're not a bank Jerry! What were you thinking, for chrissake?! Jerry: Oh Geez, but Wade, we ... we can have a lot of fun $\in {Re}^{3}$, see: ee^ee+ee+oo+oo*pi/(ee+oo) = 19.0000185... pi*pi+ee+oo+oo*ee*(pi+oo) = 19.0000417... "How `bout it Wade?" Stan Grossman: I gotta tell ya, Wade, I'm leanin' to Jerry's viewpoint here. Jerry: You're darned tootin'! Wade Gustafson: Punks! Dammit! -cut- Gaer Grimsrud: I want Pancake House. (mouth-breathing, with smoldering `Kirby' bent cigarette pasted to lower lip) -cut- Jerry: Oh Geez. ds-1ot14 Bathwater Babies Question: Where's Jerry now? Answer: http://www.theautomaticearth.com/ debt-rattle-oct-1-2014-europe-is-crumbling-into-collapse/ "...and Napoli is not the only place that can lay claim to the title periphery of the eurozone's periphery. Spain and Greece have unemployment numbers just like Napoli, only for them it's in their entire countries. All have had youth unemployment at well over 50% for years now, a sort of real life version of throwing your babies away with the bathwater. And all have regions and cities where things are much worse still." /// ANZIO: (current-time-string) "Tue Sep 30 16:07:47 2014" 11 Sept 2014 @ 300 baud Fierce Tierce Te Deum Schlacht um Yrpes (31 Luglio -- 6 Novembre, 1917) ..with intent to communicate through torrential rain, cold and wet with holed stahlhelm's broken edge challenge, our sole surviving shellshocked courier Leutnant Gerhardt von Lochow frogwalks shuffling in knee-deep muck along the networked tunnels and trenches below this bursting shrapnel crazed man-in-the-middle no-man's-land of a fractal iterated cratered moist moonscape lumined by abrupt chiaroscuro Snowden enfilading aperiodic barrage blasts revealing the exhausted ruins of all our incessant questioning tinnitus refrain: "... R U NSA?! ... U R NSA?! ... R U NSA?! ..". "See Clearly(tm), Act Quickly(tm)" -NARUS(tm) cancerous trunked spaghetti-ied channels of the statzi's injected BIOS, INTeL's backdoors, NBST's rePwned RNG, CGI, AWS, APPL,...,XYZ, among all the dead and removed warrant canary NSL's, their gapped silenced signaling injected insecurities leaving only the O.N.e remaining viable html's lowest VLF tty: Giugno 1913 Mount Athos == The Onomatodoxology == ( `imyaslavie' ) Fleet Street, London's Worshipful's Guild of Aurythometrie's interception becoming a field guide cautionary tail: (pi^5+pi^4)^(1/(3+2+1)) = 2.7182818... into the Imyabortsy scheming and lisping monk Hilarious' Greek scorched vellum fragment intentionally corrupted translation by GCHQ's false flag op implicating the Hun: e^6/(pi^4+pi^3) = 3.14159... In the beginning was the word: pi, e, oo where e+1-oo = 3.141066163557512374753775381 pi-1+oo = 2.718808318491326099069155473 pi-e+oo = 1.000526490032280863708868002 e+1-pi = 0.5766891748692519968976440880 and with even curiouser onomatodoxed enplopment: (2.718)^(oo*s3)/(2.718...*oo*s3) 00000002718 1 and: pi/(oo*e)/s3-pi/(e^(oo*s3)) 0000000314 1 and not only is e = 2.7182816... being best possible, we see the word was with the word. /// //////////////////////////////////////////////// Some persistent tinnitus static: (oo +1)*(e*s2)-(pi/e)^(pi-e) = 5.000000004031 442939285109351 (oo+pi)*(e+s2)/(2*z3)+z3-z2-oo*z2 = 5.000000004031 117817833637716 *** 8+ln2*(1+3^oo)-pi^2-e*ln3/(2*pi*(2+z2)) 00000000000072505594 0 (e^pi*oo*e-6)/(2*e^e)+2*e^e/(e^pi*oo*e-6) 00000000000090171074 2 e^e*11*(6*z3-1)+e^pi*3-(3-e^2)/pi^3-pi 00000000000179663 1102 (e-z3)^(2/oo)-(z3-oo)/e-(pi/3-oo)/(2*e^9) 00000000000302064910 4 (s3*oo*2*pi+e)/(8+(pi*oo)-z3/2-oo/e) 00000000000368967976 1 (oo*z2-4)/(4*pi*z3)+z3+e*2/(oo^2*9*pi)-oo 00000000000584797854 1 (z2+3+e)/(2*z3*z2)+z3^lnpi+z3-2*e*(1-oo) 00000000000822278920 2 1+z3^2*pi+oo*(2-z3)-oo^2*9-1/oo^2 00000000001616808890 0 pi*oo*(s3*2-1)+e+z3/2+oo/e 00000000003320712623 8 e^pi*(6*oo-1)+oo*(3+ln9-z3*pi^2)-e^e 0000000000440299276 38 (27*(oo^4-oo^6)+1)/(3*oo^2) 00000000010139095091 3 468+oo+24*e^2-7*e^e+oo^2+pi-27*e^3 00000000021277189352 1 (oo/pi)^(pi^2)-oo*(3*oo-2*s3) 00000000032511613653 1 z3*(1/oo-oo/(4*pi*e^pi*e))/e^2+e 00000000027775827979 3 (oo/pi)^(pi^2)-oo*(3*oo-2*s3) 00000000032511613653 1 3*oo+e^3+e*10-e^pi*(oo^3*2+1/(oo*e^6)) 00000000034009959 40 27+oo+z2-oo^4*e^2-e^3*(6-z3*z2-e)-z3 0000000003438332 1 (e*lnpi*36)/(112+(2/pi)^(pi*e)) 00000000035296165101 1 *** Some questions: (e/pi)^(s2-1)-(e/3)^(1/z2) 00000000118448474389 0 (e/pi)^(s2-1)*(3/e)^(1/z2) 00000000125766515154 1 (e/pi)^(2-s2)-(e/3)^(s2/z2) 00000000163403061438 0 (e/pi)^(2-s2)*(3/e)^(s2/z2) 00000000177860711470 1 (e/pi)^z2-(e/3)^(s2+1) 00000000393637289484 0 (e/pi)^z2*(3/e)^(s2+1) 00000000499446769555 1 (e/pi)^(3*s3)-s2/3 00000071367690392831 0 (e/pi)^(3*s3)/s2/3 11111112793263705590 0 (e/pi)^(3*s3)*s2/3 22222225586527411181 0 *** pi*(e^(2+e+pi)+e^e-z2)-z3-e 00000000041877268 8179 (z3*3)^(e-oo)/(15+(e/pi)^(pi+oo)) 00000000047386997092 1 (oo/(3*pi*e^pi)-(z2-oo)/e^6)/(e*pi) 00000000056458539573 0 37*e^3-e^pi-(oo*pi)^2*e-z2*(z2*12-13) 0000000006830149350 70 e*oo-e^3+pi*(z2*e^(2+e)-2-e*oo*2) 000000000738521948 544 pi*(21+pi*(5/3-e*(z3+oo*2)))-z3 0000000008947172 18 oo*(27+e^3-pi)+e*(pi^2*6-1)-4*e^e 000000000959470 123 e^2/3+z2*(oo/3+4)/e TFP* 00000000117668544 5 pi^(pi/z3)-pi-z3-oo 0000000013416203244 15 e^2+pi^2*(2+oo/6)/e TFP* 0000000035300563290 15 pi+e+e^pi-pi^3/(36*e^pi*z3*e^4) 00000000417046578 29 4*ln3^2*pi-92^(pi/92) 000000004757856 14 e^2*(2+oo)/(24*lnpi*ln2) 000000005140893 1 1+(e/2)^(e/z3)-ln3^3/ln2*oo*e 000000006537984114 0 pi^6-e^2+2*e+oo-oo^4*3*e^3*pi 000000006652841661 939 (e*3-7-2*oo)/(2*pi*e^(pi+6)) 00000000706058 0 372+(oo/3)^(e*oo)-12*pi^3 0000000073162949910610 (3*z3)^(e-oo)-(e/pi)^(pi+oo) 0000000073846876925 15 oo*(z3+7*e*z2+1)+e^3+e-pi 00000001001157997 39 (3*oo*e^4-3+e)/(9*pi^2) 0000000110672197 1 ... where: 3.1415926... = pi 2.7182818... = e 1.732....... = s3 surds: 1.414....... = s2 0.577....... = oo Euler's `roni zeta(2)..... = z2 zeta(3)..... = z3 ....